Closeup underwater of red Piranha

Are There Piranhas In Thailand?

Piranhas are intense fish, and they have an international reputation for being ruthless killers, but the truth is that these fish are not usually considered harmful to humans and are more threatening to other fish. … Read more

People at Damnoen saduak floating market, Bangkok Thailand

Do They Speak English In Thailand?

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Black Kite (Milvus migrans) in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Are There Eagles In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a particularly interesting country with a very diverse range of climates and habitats. The diverse nature of Vietnam is the perfect breeding ground for a wide range of animals, including many birds of … Read more

A blacktip reefshark at Palong divesite Thailand

Are There Dangerous Animals In Thailand?

When people think about Thailand, some of the first things that come to mind are the beaches, the delicious local food, and the beautiful temples, but what about the animals? With many jungles filled with … Read more

Vacation in Bangkok

What To Wear In Thailand (And What Not)

People don’t always consider dress codes or etiquette when planning a trip to Thailand. This article focuses on what should and shouldn’t be worn in Thailand. In addition, the weather in Thailand is hot and … Read more

winter scene in asian mountain village

Does Thailand Have Winter?

Thailand is a wildly popular traveling destination, as it is among the most beautiful locations in the world and among the easiest places to travel to. However, the season that you travel to Thailand in … Read more

stressed thai man and woman using laptop in cafe in Thailand

Does Thailand Have Internet Restrictions?

When visiting a new country like Thailand for the first time, it is important to know the rules to avoid trouble with the Law. Knowing Thailand’s strict internet restrictions are significant as some rules, like … Read more

Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Do They Celebrate Christmas In Vietnam?

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young beautiful indochinese tiger

Are There Tigers In Vietnam?

If you ever needed a reason to visit Asia, let it be to see tigers in the wild. While their populations dwindle, there are several populations in and around India. But what about further south … Read more