Are There Monkeys Or Baboons In Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a tropical country with various habitats, including jungles and wetlands. The habitats of Vietnam are ideal for primates, including baboons and monkeys. Tourists traveling to Vietnam, especially those who have traveled in Southeast Asia, may be curious whether there are monkeys and baboons in Vietnam and if these animals can be dangerous.

Vietnam is home to 11 individual species of monkeys, including some old-world monkeys. There are no baboons native to Vietnam. Monkeys are common and prevalent in Vietnam, but some species are endangered. Monkeys can be a problem for tourists if they are not avoided.

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Are There Monkeys Or Baboons In Vietnam?

Vietnam is among the most biodiverse countries in the world and is home to thousands of animal species, including several species of primates.

There are monkeys in Vietnam, but there are no native baboons. Several species of monkeys are found in Vietnam, occupying all regions of the country, but there are no endemic baboons in the country. Baboons can be found in Vietnam only in wildlife sanctuaries.

A Northern pig tailed macaque Macaca leonina hiding among the dark foliage in cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam
Yay A Northern pig-tailed macaque (Macaca leonina) hiding among the dark foliage in cuc Phuong National Park in Vietnam

Monkeys are very present in Vietnam and are found everywhere. They occupy the jungles and rural areas of Vietnam and are also known to frequent built-up areas of the country, including the large cities of Vietnam.

Baboons are very rare in Southeast Asia, even though they are related to several monkey species found in the region. Baboons are a species of primate known as Old World Monkeys, but there are only six species of baboon internationally, while there are hundreds of different monkey species.

None of the six baboon species are found natively in Vietnam, but there are several species of endemic monkeys in this country.

What Monkeys Species Are In Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to several species of monkeys, most of which are endemic to the country, meaning they permanently occupy it. Different species of monkeys are found in various regions of Vietnam, but there are monkeys everywhere you go.

The species of monkey in Vietnam include:

  • The Francois’ Langur
  • The Hatinh Langur
  • The Southern White-Cheeked Gibbon
  • The White-Cheeked Gibbon
  • The Gray-Shanked Douc
  • The Red-Shanked Douc
  • The Black-Shanked-Douc
  • The Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey
  • The Pig-Tailed Macaque
  • The Crab-Eating Macaque
  • The Stump-Tailed Macaque
Red shanked douc Pygathrix nemaeus at Cuc Phoung National Park in Ninh Binh Vietnam
Yay Red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) at Cuc Phoung National Park in Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Other species of primates are found in Vietnam, but these species are the only primates in that are considered monkeys.

These animals are present in different regions of Vietnam depending on territory, habitat, food sources, and proximity to humans.

Are Monkeys Common In Vietnam?

There are several native species of monkeys in Vietnam, and many of them live in huge areas within the region. This leads many to wonder how common monkeys are in Vietnam and how often they are seen here.

Monkeys are everywhere in Vietnam. These primates are very intelligent and breed well, which means that there is a vast population of them in this country, and several species tend to dwell close to humans, providing them with abundant food sources.

Seeing monkeys is very common in Vietnam, regardless of where you are in the country. Monkeys tend to move around throughout the day, so you will surely see a troop of them pass through where you are frequently.

Monkeys pass through cities, rural towns, and even jungle areas daily. Wherever you are visiting in Vietnam, monkeys will be a common sight.

How Many Monkeys Are There In Vietnam?

Monkeys are everywhere in Vietnam, and every traveler who visits for the first time is always shocked to see how many monkeys there are here. This leads many to wonder if the exact number of monkeys in Vietnam is known.

The precise number of monkeys in Vietnam is impossible to determine, as the number constantly fluctuates. There are 11 species of monkeys in this country, all of which are prolific breeders.

Some species of monkeys in Vietnam are more endangered than others, and there are only a few of these species remaining in the world, but there are several species of monkeys with very large populations.

Monkeys in Vietnam are constantly moving. They breed well, and the habitats of Vietnam are so dense it is impossible to keep track of and count every individual primate in the country, making it impossible to determine exactly how many monkeys there are in Vietnam.

Are Monkeys Dangerous In Vietnam?

Monkeys and other primates are generally considered cute and curious, but anyone with experience with monkeys knows they can be very dangerous. Is the same true for the monkeys in Vietnam?

Most of the monkeys in Vietnam are relatively dangerous, but the reality is that some species can be very aggressive, and they can be hazardous to humans.

Primates have very large teeth; they are strong, agile, and intelligent. Monkeys usually only pose a threat to people if they are trying to steal food from humans or if they consider humans to be a threat.

Some large males can feel threatened by humans, and female primates are likely to protect their young at almost any cost.

This means that if humans antagonize monkeys, or if monkeys are hungry enough, they can be very dangerous to people. Monkeys in Vietnam come into close contact with people, and if they are not handled well, they can be very dangerous.

Are Monkeys A Problem In Vietnam?

Vietnam has a high population of monkeys, and many of the largest monkey troops are regularly found in cities, towns, and other areas populated by people, as they are drawn by the food humans can provide.

The unfortunate reality is that while monkeys can be cute, they are still powerful wild animals, and some are very large and aggressive. Monkeys tend to take what they want, and if people try to prevent them from taking food, the monkeys are likely to get aggressive.

Monkeys also tend to steal items and can be scary in certain situations.

For these reasons, monkeys can be a problem in Vietnam. Large troops of monkeys are tough to control, and if they decide to steal food or other items, they can become very dangerous for any humans in the vicinity.

Aggressive troops of monkeys can be a problem in largely populated areas in Vietnam, and tourists are significantly affected by this issue, as they usually do not know how to handle monkeys or how to behave around them.

Are Monkeys Protected In Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to 11 individual species of monkeys, and there are large populations of monkeys in the country, but are any Vietnamese monkeys protected?

While there are large troops of monkeys in Vietnam, not all species of monkeys in this country are thriving. A few species of monkeys in Vietnam are highly endangered and protected.

A baby monkey in chains as pets which is a common cruel practice in North Vietnam
Yay A baby monkey in chains as pets which is a common cruel practice in North Vietnam

The Hatinh Langur, the Black Crested Gibbon, the Black-Shanked Douc, and the Gray-Shanked Douc are all protected endangered species of monkeys in Vietnam.

These monkeys are found in very few numbers, and their species is under threat for several reasons, including habitat destruction, hunting, and stress.

Some of the other monkey species in Vietnam have relatively low populations, but only these four species are protected.

Several conservation efforts have been launched in Vietnam since the early 2000s to increase the numbers of these species and help them recover and thrive in their habitats.

Can Tourists See Monkeys In Vietnam?

Monkeys are commonplace in Vietnam and part of daily life for every local in the country, but do tourists see monkeys in Vietnam?

Tourists can easily see monkeys in Vietnam. Some cities in Vietnam have regular monkey visits. If tourists particularly want to enjoy observing the various private species in this country, specific wildlife tours for tourists showcase monkeys in their natural habitats.

Walking tours, guided jungle tours, and even visits to wildlife sanctuaries are excellent ways for tourists to see monkeys, but if they are in the country for long enough, tourists are very likely to see monkeys in Vietnam, regardless of where they visit.