Two Vietnamese men traveler taking selfie in foreign city

Why Are There So Many Nguyễn In Vietnam?

Vietnam’s population stands at just over 98 million people, and the country boasts one of the unique and fascinating cultural landscapes. Among the many distinguishing features that make Vietnam special is the frequency of the … Read more

Blacktip Reef Shark

Are There (Great White) Sharks In Vietnam?

Sharks are the most feared apex predators of the ocean, but they do not kill as many humans as Hollywood movies make you believe. Nevertheless, tourists traveling to Asian countries should become familiar with the … Read more

Large dragonfly resting on a leaf Vietnam

Are There A Lot Of Bugs In Vietnam?

Vietnam has become more popular as a tourist destination in the last decade, and with beautiful places like the Mekong Delta, it’s easy to see why. However, insects can put a damper on any holiday, … Read more

Panorama Of Cat Ba National Park In Vietnam

Are There Jungles In Vietnam?

Vietnam has been through many wars in the past, but despite that, it is still a stunning tourist destination. It has a lively culture and many animals and insects, some still new to scientists. Tourists … Read more

Dầu Tiếng 1951 - Michelin Rubber Plantation

Are There Still French In Vietnam?

Throughout its eventful history, Vietnam is most known for the Vietnam War of the 60s and 70s, fought between the Americans and the communist Viet Cong. However, France had established a presence in Vietnam decades … Read more

Children catching fireflies

Are There Fireflies In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a popular country to visit in Asia, with thousands of people going there every year. There are hundreds of different species of animals and other wildlife in this country but are the humble … Read more

Pines Forest In Ban Ang Village Moc Chau Vietnam

Are There Pine Trees In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a lovely country to visit, filled with culture and welcoming people. There is also a large amount of flora and fauna that will interest many people, but does Vietnam have Pine trees that … Read more


Are There Any Synagogues In Vietnam?

Do you want to visit a synagogue in Vietnam? Vietnam is a country with many religions and cultures blended together. Many expats live in Vietnam, meaning that there are more religions than those practiced by … Read more