Bicycle in box at Faro airport Portugal

Can You Bring A Bicycle On A Plane?

Traveling is a stressful experience, but traveling with big extra special baggage, like a surfboard or bicycle, can add to a person’s already existing travel anxiety. With the right preparation, traveling with a bicycle does … Read more

Wheelchair at airport

Do Airlines Allow Wheelchairs?

Many people need wheelchairs to move around, whether it is a temporary situation or a permanent situation. It can be a struggle sometimes; unfortunately, most places are not accessible enough. So, when it comes to … Read more

illustration woman scanner

Can Airport Scanners See Through Clothes?

If you’re like me, you’ve definitely wondered what airport scanners couldn’t see. Well, wonder no more! So, without further ado, let’s get started! I’ll discuss what airport scanners can’t see through and why that might … Read more

blood clot formation 3D Medical illustration

Can Airport Scanners Detect Blood Clots?

The sole purpose of airport scanners is to reduce the risks of passengers carrying prohibited items onto an aircraft. They are not diagnostic tools, and the operators are not medical personnel. But can airport scanners … Read more

woman in red scanner

Can Airport Scanners See Tumors?

Airport security authorities have installed full-body security scanners in most large airports. While the early versions of these caused privacy issues and some conspiracy theorists believed that they caused tumors, the truth is that the … Read more

businessman in handcuffs

Can You Bring Handcuffs On A Plane?

The items allowed on a plane are extensive and only preclude those objects the authorities believe could be used to disrupt the flight or injure a passenger. The TSA has settled whether handcuffs are allowed. … Read more

Dry colorful play dough

Can You Bring Playdough (Play-Doh) On A Plane?

Flying with kids. These three words are enough to send shivers down any parent’s spine! Keeping kids occupied on airplanes is essential to guarantee a more peaceful flight. Play-Doh is a fantastic activity to entertain … Read more

all you need is chocolate

Can You Bring Chocolate On A Plane?

Chocolate is delicious and a lovely treat if one has to stay seated in a plane for an hour or more. It is impossible to go without sweet treats when traveling, so does TSA allow … Read more


Can You Bring Cigars On A Plane?

If you’re a cigar lover, you may wonder if you can bring your cigars when traveling by plane. The upside is that you can travel with cigars on a plane, but you need to know … Read more