villager plays with dogs

Do They Eat Dog Meat In Thailand?

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Eating noodles with chopsticks in Thailand

Do They Use Chopsticks In Thailand?

Travelers often find themselves wondering if Thailand follows its Asian neighbors when it comes to utensil utilization. Do people living in Thailand use chopsticks, or is that just another stereotype with no foundation? We aim … Read more

Ayutthaya Thailand

What Languages Do They Speak In Thailand?

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Are There Any Synagogues In Vietnam?

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people in movie theater

Are There Movie Theaters In Vietnam?

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Boo Skate Park Hanoi Vietnam

Are There Skateparks In Vietnam?

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Vietnam rice terraced farm

Are There Still French Plantations In Vietnam?

The French were colonists and sought to colonize many countries throughout South America, Africa, and Asia, which included Vietnam. Therefore, one of the best ways they could exploit Vietnam was by making rubber plantations, as … Read more

Hanoi Metro line 2A train entering Vanh Dai 3 (Ring Road 3) station

Is There a Subway Metro In Vietnam?

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Example of a lizard in Vietnam

Are There Lizards In Vietnam?

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