Are There Nude Beaches In Colombia?

credit: Peter Parker

Colombia is a country that is a diverse country with many different aspects enriching its cultural heritage, from protected rainforests to white sandy beaches and the Andes Mountains running through the heart of this exciting country. For naturists, the question of whether there are nude beaches in Colombia is still a hushed subject.

Colombia is still very conservative in the sense of nudity, trying to preserve customs, catholic values, and social stability. Although there are no official nude beaches in Colombia, there is a beach in Tayrona Park that Colombians and tourists alike visit to enjoy nude sunbathing.

Are There Nude Beaches In Colombia?

When it comes to pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture, Colombia has a lot to offer. While this South American country is celebrated for its stunning coastline and diverse natural beauty, some travelers seek a unique experience, the allure of nude beaches.

Colombia may not be the first destination that comes to mind for naturists. Still, it has hidden gems where clothing-optional sunbathing and swimming can be enjoyed in harmony with nature.

Bacos Del Saco Beach in Tayrona Natural National Park is a popular destination for those who know about it. The scenery is something out of a Blue Lagoon movie, where the ocean’s pristine white sands and aqua-blue waters contrast magnificently with the verdant mountains and jungles that border its shores.

Don’t get me wrong when I say it’s a popular destination; it’s not one of those beaches that brings hundreds of naturists walking around. It’s popular with those who know about the beach. However, it’s still secluded enough to find a quiet spot for you to enjoy getting closer to nature without prying eyes.

How To Get To The Nude Beach In Tayrona Park?

The clothing-optional beach in Tayrona Park is a gem often skipped due to its remoteness. The park has many beaches along its coastal shores, which attract people from all over.

The park’s biodiversity allows you to enjoy frolicking in the sand, absorbing some vitamin D from the gorgeous Colombian sun. Here, you can also enjoy its lush jungles, offering a different world of hidden secrets, with the forests alive with the sounds of animals.

It’s like being a cast member in the Jurassic Park movie without the dinosaurs.

Hiking To Tayrona Nude Beach

Getting to Boca del Saco is a hike and lends to the reason why its remoteness is the preferred beach for nudists.

There are several entrances to Tayrona Park. El Zaino is the best entrance to start to reach the nude beach. From here, it’s another 4km hike to Canaveral Point, where the real hiking starts. You can choose to hike this 4km or save your energy and get a shuttle to the beginning of the trail.

From Canaveral Point, you hike through jungles, past settlements, and pristine beaches before arriving at Arrecifes, the halfway point. Continuing on the trail, you will pass several beaches until you reach the most touristy beach in the park, which is Cabo San Juan.

From Cabo San Juan, you have a 15-minute hike to reach the country’s most untouched and spectacular beach, where naturist enthusiasts come to get closer to nature while enjoying the freedom of peeling off their clothes.

Taking A Boat Ride

There is an alternative to this long hike where you can take a boat ride from Taganga, a suburb in Santa Marta.

The speed boat ride is a 50-minute trip around Tayrona Park’s coast to Cabo San Juan’s beaches. However, the journey can be costly if you’re on a budget, and rough waters can make it a very uncomfortable ride, not to mention dangerous.

Try The Ferry To Cabo San Juan

Another option if you want a more relaxing way to get there is to take a ferry that departs hourly and takes about 1hour 30minutes to get to the touristy beach of Cabo San Juan

From Cabo San Juan, you take the trail and hike for 15 minutes to Bacos del Saco for a natural experience.

Tips For When You Hike To The Naturists Beach

Hiking to the nude beach in Tayrona National Park can be an exciting adventure. While enjoying the natural beauty and freedom the nude beach offers is essential, respecting the environment and fellow beachgoers is equally crucial.

Remember that Tayrona National Park is not just about the nude beach; it’s also known for its stunning landscapes and cultural significance. Take the time to appreciate the whole park and its unique offerings while being a responsible and respectful visitor.

Plan Ahead

Research the park’s regulations and check if the nude beach is open to the public. Tayrona National Park may have specific rules and hours for access.

Pack Essentials

Bring essentials like sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a reusable water bottle. Comfortable hiking shoes are essential, as the trails can be rugged.


Since you’re heading to a nude beach, pack a small bag with only the necessary items, like a sarong or swimwear, for when you’re on the beach itself. Most of the hikes will be done in regular hiking attire. Bring some layered clothing if you plan to stay the night.

Respect The Environment

Tayrona National Park is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna. Stay on designated trails, don’t disturb wildlife, and carry out all trash. Leave no trace. A point to remember is that the park does not allow any plastic bags.

Food And Water

Bring snacks and enough water for the hike, as there may not be food vendors along the trail, and buying water in the park can be costly.

Hiking Time

Be mindful of the time it takes to reach the nude beach. The hike’s length can vary depending on your starting point within the park. Plan accordingly to ensure you have enough daylight if you do not plan to spend the night in the park.

El Zaino entrance is the closest and can take you about 3 hours to reach the naturist beach.

Weather Conditions

Check the weather forecast before you go. Tayrona National Park can experience heavy rains, so be prepared with rain gear if needed.

Safety First

Inform someone about your plans, and consider hiking with a group. Cell reception is limited in the park.

Nude Beach Etiquette

Once you arrive at the nude beach, respect the personal space and comfort of others. Nudity is common, but always follow nude beach etiquette and ask for consent before taking photos. The beach is not usually crowded, so you can find a private spot to peel off the layers.

Leave No Trace

This cannot be stressed enough. Take all your belongings and trash with you when leaving the nude beach and the park. Protect this beautiful natural environment for future visitors and protect the wildlife from plastics and garbage.

Can You Camp On The Nude Beach

The allure of camping overnight on the beach and listening to the sounds of waves lapping the shores while a warm campfire roars can set the background for a romantic getaway. Unfortunately, due to the beach’s remoteness, it is not permitted to camp overnight on Bacos Del Saco.

However, there are different options you can consider that are a short hike away from the naturist beach, giving ample time for you to enjoy the pristine beach while also enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean.

Cabo San Juan is a short 15-minute hike back. You can enjoy the facilities of a fully functional restaurant and camping area with amenities there. Book your spot at the hammock hut by renting your place when entering the El Zaino entrance to avoid disappointment later.

You can also make use of the camping facility in the Cabo San Juan area for the night. There are many more lodging gems within the park, but be sure to plan your trip as these are all a couple-hour hike away from the nude beach.