Are There Parrots In Colombia?

credit: Peter Parker

Parrots are beautiful birds. There are dozens of parrot species internationally, all of which are unique and have specialized features. These creatures are mainly found in South America and Africa, but if you visit Colombia, are you likely to see these birds?

There are parrots in Colombia. There are 56 documented species of parrots in Colombia, including various New World and African parrots, parrotlets, and parakeets. These birds can be found everywhere in the country, but some are considered endangered due to habitat loss.

Are There Parrots In Colombia?

Colombia is home to hundreds of various bird species. Birds can be found everywhere in this country, and there are several species endemic to Colombia that are found nowhere else in the world. However, if you are visiting Colombia, you may find yourself wondering if there are parrots to be seen in this country.

There are parrots in Colombia. There are 56 documented species of parrots in Colombia, including New World parrots, parrotlets, and parakeets. All of the various parrot species in Colombia are found in very widespread regions, but many prefer living in the rainforests of the country, especially in the portions of the Amazon that fall within Colombia.

Parrots form a vital aspect of the Colombian ecosystem, and they have become an integral part of the culture of the country. These birds are beautiful, and tourists and locals alike can enjoy seeing parrots almost everywhere in Colombia.

The sheer number of parrots present in Colombia can make it difficult to keep track of these birds, but if you are a birder or if you enjoy seeing parrots in their natural habitat, you will never experience parrot populations or parrot sightings anywhere like those in Colombia.

Which Parrots Are Found In Colombia?

Colombia is home to dozens of species of parrots. This wide and diverse population of parrots is unlike almost anywhere else in the world. These birds are everywhere in Colombia, and each species has its own role in the Colombian ecosystem. If you are interested in seeing the parrots in Colombia, you may wonder which species you are most likely to see.

There are currently 56 active species of parrots in Colombia. These birds include true New World and African parrots, parakeets, and parrotlets. All of these species are found throughout Colombia, but some have larger populations in small regions.

The species of parrots found in Colombia include the following:

  • Lilac-tailed parrotlet
  • Scarlet-shouldered parrotlet
  • Blue-fronted parrotlet
  • Sapphire-rumped parrotlet
  • Spot-winged parrotlet
  • Barred Parakeet
  • Rufous-fronted parakeet
  • Tui parakeet
  • Canary-winged parakeet
  • Orange-chinned parakeet
  • Cobalt-winged parakeet
  • Rusty-faced parrot
  • Indigo-winged parrot
  • Brown-hooded parrot
  • Rose-faced parrot
  • Saffron-headed parrot
  • Orange-cheeked parrot
  • Dusky parrot
  • Red-billed parrot
  • Speckle-faced parrot
  • Blue-headed parrot
  • Bronze-winged parrot
  • Short-tailed parrot
  • Festive parrot
  • Red-lored parrot
  • Yellow-crowned parrot
  • Mealy parrot
  • Orange-winged parrot
  • Scaly-naped parrot
  • Dusky-billed parrotlet
  • Riparian parrotlet
  • Spectacled parrotlet
  • Pacific parrotlet
  • Green-rumped parrotlet
  • Turquoise-winged parrotlet
  • Black-headed parrot
  • White-bellied parrot
  • Red-fan parrot
  • Painted parakeet
  • Sinu parakeet
  • Perija parakeet
  • Santa Marta parakeet
  • Maroon-tailed parakeet
  • Upper Magdalena parakeet
  • Brown-breasted parakeet
  • Brown-throated parakeet
  • Dusky-headed parakeet
  • Red-bellied macaw
  • Blue-and-yellow macaw
  • Chestnut-fronted macaw
  • Military macaw
  • Great green macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Red-and-green macaw
  • Golden-plumed parakeet
  • Yellow-eared parrot
  • Blue-crowned Parakeet
  • Scarlet-fronted parakeet
  • White-eyed parakeet

Most of the many parrot species in Colombia are found in the forests and portions of the Amazon within the country, but there are several species that have made their homes in urban areas and even within large cities in the region.

Parrots in Colombia are part of the scenery, and they can be seen almost everywhere in the country, but there are some species that are vulnerable, and the continuous destruction of natural habitats in Colombia due to human interventions has placed several parrot species at risk.

With that said, there are many species that still thrive in Colombia, with very large populations throughout the country. If you want to see parrots in the wild, Colombia is among the best places in the world to visit.

Are There Parrots Only Found In Colombia?

Colombia is home to a large variety of parrots, but many of these birds are found throughout South America. The rainforests and rural areas of Colombia are the perfect habitat for parrots, but are there any of these birds that are unique to Colombia?

Colombia has five species of endemic parrots. This means that these birds are not present in any other countries and only occur within small areas of Colombia and nowhere else in the world.

The five endemic parrot species in Colombia are the Rufous-fronted parakeet, the Indigo-winged parrot, the Santa Marta parakeet, the Brown-breasted parakeet, and the Yellow-eared parrot.

All of these species are either vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. These birds are among the most at-risk of all the parrots in Colombia, as they are the birds that are the least adaptable and least likely to move out of their own habitat.

All of the other parrot species in Colombia are able to relocate easily, as they can easily thrive in almost any sub-ecosystem within the country, but the endemic species only live in specific areas, and if these areas become damaged or removed, the birds die off quickly.

This means that the parrots that are only found in Colombia are the birds that need the most protection, and if they are not looked after, we may lose these species altogether.

Are Parrots Endangered In Colombia?

Colombia has one of the most diverse and vibrant parrot populations in the world, but as in all South American countries, much of the natural habitat of the country is damaged due to human intervention. This leads many birders to wonder if the parrots in Colombia are endangered.

There are several species of parrots in Colombia that are near threatened, vulnerable, and endangered, and some that are critically endangered.

The critically endangered parrots in Colombia are the Sinu parakeet and the Indigo-winged parrot. The endangered species include the Yellow-eared parrot, the Perija parakeet, the Santa Marta parakeet, and the Great green macaw.

The vulnerable parrot species in Colombia include the Scarlet-shouldered parrotlet, the Spot-winged parrotlet, the Rufous-fronted parakeet, the Rusty-faced parrot, the Upper Magdalena parrot, the Brown-breasted parakeet, the Military macaw, and the Golden-plumed parakeet.

The Saffron-headed parrot, the Orange-cheeked parrot, the Festive parrot, the Mealy parrot, and the Scarlet-fronted parakeet are all classified as near-threatened in Colombia.

All of these species are in danger due to the destruction or diminishing of their natural habitats in Colombia. Much of that damage is due to human intervention, such as logging, deforestation, cultivation of livestock, oil drilling, and even mining.

Where Are The Parrots In Colombia?

There are some reports that there are only parrots present in Colombia in the Amazon rainforest, and many visitors to Colombia are unaware of the prevalence of these bords throughout the country.

The truth is that despite the reports, there are parrots present everywhere in Colombia. These birds have made their homes in every habitat of the country, including urban areas and large cities. Not every species of parrot is present everywhere in Colombia, but there is at least one species of parrot in every region of the country.

Some parrots are only present in the Amazon, some are only found in the mountains, and others only in the grasslands of Colombia, but there are parrots everywhere throughout this beautiful nation.

Where Can Tourists See Parrots In Colombia?

If you are visiting Colombia and have a particular interest in seeing the local parrots, where can you go to see them? Are there specific places to see the most parrots in Colombia?

There are species of parrots everywhere in Colombia, and you can see them wherever you are in the country. However, if you want to see specific species of parrots or if you want to see the largest varieties of parrots, it is best to take a trip to the Amazon, the forested regions, and the coastal regions of the country.

These areas are home to the most species of parrots and the highest populations of these birds. These are also the locations where the rare and at-risk parrots can be seen, which is always special for birders.