Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day In Vietnam?

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Are you wondering if they celebrate Mother’s Day in Vietnam? Vietnam is a beautiful country with many interesting and exceptional holidays and traditions. Vietnamese people love to celebrate their heritage and culture. But do they celebrate “western” holidays, like Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Vietnam, though it doesn’t fall at the same time as “western” Mother’s Day. Instead, Vietnamese Mother’s Day occurs in August, when the Vietnamese people celebrate their living and dead relatives by making offerings and bringing gifts. People often wear roses to celebrate their mothers during this time.

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Is Mother’s Day Celebrated In Vietnam?

The “western” Mother’s Day as we know it isn’t extensively celebrated in Vietnam because they have a different celebration dedicated solely to parents and specifically mothers. Vietnamese Mother’s Day stems from a Buddhist tradition of celebrating filial piety.

Living and dead parents are celebrated and honored on Vietnamese Mother’s Day. Buddhist monks usually pray on this day for the deceased parents and help the mother of a Buddhist devotee. Vietnamese Mother’s Day is a major festival, and you will see people celebrating it throughout the country.

When Is Mother’s Day Celebrated In Vietnam?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in May in many countries, just like in many other countries. Vietnamese Mother’s Day, on the other hand, coincides with the seventh month in the lunar calendar, which falls in August. In 2022, Vietnamese Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 15th.

Vietnamese Mother’s Day isn’t a one-day celebration like its western counterpart. Instead, this festival is celebrated throughout the month of August. People usually gather on the weekend of the lunar moon in August, when they take time to visit the Pagodas and bring offerings to their ancestors.

How Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day In Vietnam?

Vietnamese Mother’s Day is a multi-faced celebration wherein the Vietnamese people celebrate and honor not only their living parents but also those who have died. Vietnamese people burn incense to honor their deceased parents and make food offerings.

During the seventh lunar month, it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors return home. Therefore, the incense burning is to invite them in, while the food offerings are to sustain and bring peace to the deceased ancestors and help them find peace in the afterlife.

Families usually gather together on the lunar moon weekend or any weekend during the seventh lunar month. They wear roses to honor their mothers and visit their local pagodas to give thanks to them. White, pink, and red roses are commonly worn during this time.

White roses symbolize that one’s mother has passed, while pink and red roses honor living mothers. When Vietnamese people visit the pagodas, they bring offerings for the dead and praise their living relatives.

Is Mother’s Day A Good Time To Visit Vietnam?

Since Vietnamese Mother’s Day falls in August, you may wonder if this is a good time to visit Vietnam. Well, August is one of the busiest months in Vietnam since it is the summer holiday period in many countries.

Vietnam sees many tourists during this time, and things get notoriously expensive during this time. When visiting Vietnam during Vietnamese Mother’s Day, expect to pay more for flights, hotels, and entertainment. The weather is hot and humid, and you may experience some of Vietnam’s famous monsoons.

So, if you want to experience what Vietnamese Mother’s Day is like, you should book your flights and hotels well in advance. This is an excellent time to visit Vietnam if you want to experience one of its traditional festivals while enjoying the summer weather Vietnam has to offer.

What Is Mother’s Day Called In Vietnamese?

Vietnamese Mother’s Day is also referred to as “Mua Vu Lan,” which stems from the Buddhist tradition of filial piety. Mua Vu Lan is known as a spirit holiday in Vietnam. It is said that you can bring peace to lost soles and ancestors by bringing them offerings and prayer during this time.

So, Vietnamese Mother’s Day is more than just a day for celebrating and thanking your mother for all she has done. Instead, this holiday combines the western idea of being grateful to your mother with the Buddhist tradition to form a new, unique celebration for all parents.

How Do You Say Happy Mother’s Day In Vietnamese?

Suppose you want to wish someone a happy Mother’s Day to someone in Vietnamese. In this case, you can say “chúc mừng ngày của mẹ.” This translates to “Happy Mother’s Day,” though the phrase isn’t often used during Vietnamese Mother’s Day celebrations. Still, you can use it to wish someone a happy Mother’s Day in May.

Do Mothers Get Gifts On Mother’s Day In Vietnam?

Mothers may receive gifts on Mother’s Day or the seventh lunar month in Vietnam. Still, there aren’t specific gifts that they are traditionally given. Instead, most Vietnamese families will come together and enjoy feasts of food and drinks while burning incense and offering food to the deceased.

Vietnamese children may give their mothers small gifts or tokens to show their appreciation, but the gift-giving culture is smaller in Vietnam than in Western countries. Instead, children will often make something for their mothers, while adults may treat their parents to some of their favorite foods.

What Is The Buddhist Tradition Surrounding Mother’s Day?

As mentioned, the Mua Vu Lan has a strong Buddhist connection. Buddhism is one of the leading faiths in Vietnam, which is why this festival is extensively celebrated throughout the country. The Mua Vu Lan celebration has an interesting history.

One of Buddha’s disciples, Muc Kien Lien, was meditating when he saw his mother in hell. He noticed that she had nothing to eat but fire. So he tried to give her a bowl of rice, but it burned to ash before she could eat it.

After meditating, Muc Kien Lien visited Buddha and asked for his guidance. Buddha instructed him to assemble a group of monks to pray for his mother. According to the legend, this allowed Muc Kien Lien to fulfill his duties as a pious son and take care of his mother.

Since then, the celebration of Mua Vu Lan allows others to do the same and to ensure their ancestors have a peaceful journey in the afterlife.

Do Vietnamese Celebrate Ancestors On Mother’s Day?

As you can see, the Vietnamese people celebrate their ancestors during Vietnamese Mother’s Day. This is a celebration to honor the living and deceased relatives and to show filial piety to all your parents, including those no longer living.

Celebration of the ancestors is a big part of the Vietnamese tradition, so it’s no surprise that it also factors into their Mother’s Day celebration. Honoring your deceased parents shows that you are an honorable person, which is a key factor in the Buddhist faith.

Why Do People Wear Roses On Mother’s Day In Vietnam?

Wearing roses during Vietnamese Mother’s Day is a sign that you honor your mother. You can wear a pink or red rose if your mother is still alive. If your mother has passed away, you can wear a white rose. The roses are a physical sign of honoring your mother.

People often wear roses on their clothing when visiting the pagodas to show their gratitude towards their parents, specifically their mothers. This is a common tradition in the Vietnamese culture, so you’ll see people selling white, red, and pink roses in all the markets across Vietnam during August.