Is There a Subway Metro In Vietnam?

credit: Louis Anderson

Is there a subway metro in Vietnam? With 98 million people, Vietnam’s traffic situation can be a disaster. So, if you’re traveling to the country and want the fastest way to get around, consider taking the metro. But does Vietnam have a subway metro?

Yes, Vietnam’s first subway metro opened in Hanoi city in November 2021. The metro line can carry almost 30,000 passengers per hour, and there are 12 stations along the Hanoi metro line. However, while there was great anticipation for the first subway metro in Vietnam, not enough people were using it.

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Does Vietnam Have A Subway Metro?

Vietnam has one subway metro line in Hanoi city. This subway metro line covers 8 miles (13 kilometers), with 12 stations. The subway metro can travel up to 49.7 miles per hour (80 km/h), meaning it will take less than half an hour to ride the entire subway metro line.

Since Vietnam’s subway metro is such a new construct in the country, you can expect the newest technology on the subway. This subway metro was designed and produced in China, as the Vietnamese government felt that China’s transportation system was among the best in the world.

When Did Vietnam Get Subway Metro?

Vietnam’s first subway metro line opened in November 2021 in Hanoi, making it a very new metro line. More subway metros in other cities are expected in the coming years. The government plans to open the subway metro line in Ho Chi Minh City by the end of 2023.

The hope is that all of the big cities in Vietnam will eventually have a subway metro line to reduce traffic congestion and help reduce the air pollution caused by motor car exhaust emissions.

For now, though, the only city with a working subway metro line is Hanoi, which is used as a test model to see how people react to the subway metro.

How Popular Is Vietnam’s Subway Metro?

Vietnam’s first subway metro opening did not go as well as expected. For the first 14 days after opening, citizens could use the subway metro line for free. At this time, the subway metro was quite full, carrying around 15 000 passengers a day.

However, the subway metro saw fewer passengers soon after the free trial period ended. Reports from the first days after ticket sales opened stated that the subway metro was only used at 8% capacity.

Interior cabin metro line 2A in Hanoi
Tttrung / wikimedia Interior of cabin – metro line 2A in Hanoi

Many people feared getting sick from taking the subway metro as they would be in a crowded area for a period. Fortunately, since the pandemic has subsided somewhat, more people have started taking the subway metro in Hanoi. The metro still isn’t as busy as it can be, so tourists should have no problem getting tickets.

Where In Vietnam Can You Take The Subway Metro?

The only subway metro line in Vietnam at the moment is in Hanoi, where you can take the metro line to reach almost anywhere in the city. The subway metro line in Hanoi has 12 stations and stretches for 8 miles (13 kilometers). There are subway metro stations at the following places in Hanoi, Vietnam:

  • Cat Lin
  • La Thanh
  • Thai Ha
  • Lang
  • Thuong Dinh
  • Vanh Dai 3
  • Phung Khoang
  • Van Quan
  • Ha Dong
  • La Khe
  • Van Khe
  • Yen Nghia
Hanoi Metro Line 2A details
wikipedia Hanoi Metro Line 2A details

Passengers can board or get off the subway metro at any of these stations. From the station, passengers are in the center of the district, where they can easily travel to work or school and back home.

How Much Does Subway Metro Cost In Vietnam?

There are different passes a person can buy when taking the subway metro in Vietnam. For example, a single trip ticket from Cat Lin to Ha Dong costs $ 0.35 (8669 dongs). A daily pass for the same line costs about $1.21 (30 000 dongs), and a monthly pass will run around $8 (200 000 dongs).

Most commuters opt for a monthly pass, as it saves them the time to buy a new pass each day. The monthly pass is also the most affordable option because you have unlimited trips.

The subway metro line is an affordable means of transportation for Vietnamese people, which is why many people use it.

When Will Vietnam’s Subway Metro Expand?

Considering the growing success of the subway metro line in Hanoi, the Vietnamese government and the transportation department are working hard to secure the funds and space to build subway metro lines in other cities.

The first city that will receive a subway metro line is Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam. This is one of the country’s largest cities in the south and has the most expats. If all goes well, the subway metro line in Ho Chi Minh will open before the end of 2023.

Reports state that Japan is responsible for assembling the new subway metro after conflicts with China resulted in delays in Hanoi’s subway metro line opening.

How Can You Use Vietnam’s Subway Metro?

Using Vietnam’s metro line is as easy as purchasing a ticket at the ticket station and boarding the subway. Each of the 12 urban stations in Hanoi has ticket stations where you can buy a single-use, daily or monthly pass.

Keep your ticket with you to scan at the subway and board the metro. Usually, the times of the next subway metro trips are displayed at each station. If you have a single-trip pass, you’ll book a ticket for a specific time.

People with daily or weekly passes don’t need to book specific trips in advance and can use their ticket to board whenever they need to use the subway metro.

Is Vietnam’s Subway Metro Safe?

Vietnam’s subway metro is a safe and secure travel option. Since the subway metro in Hanoi is so new, it has the newest technology and safety features installed. There is also security on the metro and at every station to ensure the safety of passengers.

Taking the subway metro is safer than using your own car or motorcycle because the chances of getting in an accident where you can get injured are far less. Hanoi’s subway metro hasn’t reported any accidents or injuries yet.

However, passengers are advised to keep their belongings safe and not let anything out of their site to prevent theft.

Why Did Vietnam Get A Subway Metro Line?

Vietnam has been working on getting a subway metro line for many years. Because of Vietnam’s population, traffic jams often occur, and the roads are busy and unsafe. Therefore, the Vietnamese government has introduced a subway metro line to reduce the traffic jams in the city.

Another reason why Vietnam has a subway metro is to reduce the air pollution caused by all private vehicles. Northern Vietnam has some of the world’s worst air quality, reaching number one on the list of cities with the most air pollution several times.

By introducing more public transport methods, the Vietnamese government hopes to reduce the country’s carbon footprint and improve air quality.

Why Did It Take So Long For Vietnam To Get Subway Metro?

The project of getting a subway metro line in Vietnam was delayed for more than 10 years because of financial reasons and then the pandemic. The delay for the subway metro in Hanoi has caused other cities to also experience delays for their subway metro lines.

Fortunately, now that Hanoi’s subway metro is up and running, other cities are getting their projects started to also get subway metro lines across the country.