Is It Safe For A Woman To Travel Alone In Puerto Rico?

credit: Peter Parker

As a woman, traveling alone in Puerto Rico is a fun and exciting adventure! The country’s tropical climate, diverse culture, and sandy beaches make it ideal for women to let their hair down! However, safety is essential, so let’s find out if Puerto Rico is safe for solo women travelers.

It is safe for a woman to travel alone in Puerto Rico. However, they should still remain vigilant about their surroundings, unattended drinks, and walking alone at night. Hotels, B&Bs, hostels, and vacation rentals are all safe accommodation options. Locals are generally friendly and helpful. 

Are Solo Women Travelers Safe In Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is safe for women who would like to go on a solo traveling experience. One of the primary reasons is that it falls under unincorporated US territory, making it a domestic destination for American citizens.

They can visit Puerto Rico with a valid government-issued identification, like a driver’s license or state ID card. A visa or passport is irrelevant. Furthermore, US citizens have the same consumer privileges and emergency services at their disposal as the mainland United States.

Solo women travelers who are not US citizens will also find Puerto Rico a safe and pleasant solo experience. The country’s diverse culture boasts many locals interested in getting to know new faces.

They enjoy talking about the festivals, sharing stories, recommending local cuisine, and giving directions!

Most Puerto Ricans can converse using a basic level of English, while some are fluent. People are more fluent closer to the bigger cities and less so when traveling further into the rural areas. Travelers who need directions might ask younger residents because they usually speak English.

On August 15, 2023, Statista reported on the property crime statistics in Puerto Rico. The report shows that crime rates are significantly lower in 2022 compared to 2019. These crimes include breaking & entering, illegal appropriation, vehicle theft, and robberies.

Statista also tracked homicide rates in Puerto Rico from 2014 – 2022, which shows lower rates since 2014.

What Can Solo Women Travelers Do To Be Safer In Puerto Rico?

It doesn’t matter where a solo woman traveler goes; she would be wise to adhere to logic and refrain from discarding reason. For instance, walking alone in a strange neighborhood at night is statistically more dangerous. Likely, most women will not even do that in their own neighborhood.

  • Avoid wandering alone – Women who want to walk alone at night will be safer if they walk where people can see them. Remember that some intoxicated people are without reason, and some become violent. Otherwise, it’s wiser for them to use a reputable taxi service or Uber to reach their destination.
  • Keep belongings close – Belongings should always be close, especially in crowded areas like malls, streets, and festivals.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash – Large sums of cash are unnecessary in Puerto Rico. Most places accept debit or credit transactions.
  • Trust instinct & intuition – When women notice something strange or unusual – like the same car or person, no matter their destination, they should leave the area immediately.
  • Stay in contact with someone – A solo woman traveler can tell someone their destination and when they plan to return. This kind of information is helpful for when someone gets lost, and people notice they are not back yet.
  • Avoid leaving drinks unattended – Keeping an eye on drinks can prevent someone from falling victim to a malicious drug-related crime.
  • Don’t display expensive electronics – Walking around with the latest iPhone or a laptop is a surefire way to get it stolen. Actions that cut out temptation for others will prove most efficient.
  • Carry a mobile – A mobile makes it possible to reach anyone in case of emergencies.
  • Learn some Spanish – Spanish is the most spoken language in Puerto Rico. Learning a small list of essential phrases before a visit will make it much more comfortable and enjoyable.

What Accommodation Is Safe For Solo Women Travelers?

There are many superb accommodation options that match the quality, budget, and comfortability of every solo woman traveler who’d like to explore Puerto Rico’s mystery. Hotels, bed and breakfasts (B&Bs), hostels, and vacation rentals are all great options.


The strengths of hotels lie in their wonderful range of services and amenities. Finding rooms with air conditioning, WiFi, private bathrooms, a minibar, and more is possible.

Some hotels have facilities that are ideal for the tropical climate in Puerto Rico, like swimming pools and gyms. The fancier hotels may also have bars, restaurants, and casinos for those feeling lucky!

Hotels are a safe option for solo women travelers because they specialize in security, comfort, and convenience. There’s always electricity, water, and internet, but remember, it’s also true that hotels are pricier and less personal than other accommodations.

Another critical factor that makes hotels safe is their professional staff, who can help if there is an issue or emergency. Hotels have cameras, security guards, and locks that keep constant surveillance.

Bed And Breakfasts (B&Bs)

B&Bs fit solo women travelers, because they are rooms in a private home or a small building and typically have a shared bathroom and a common area. The more travelers expose themselves to others on a trip, the better the chances that someone will react if something goes amiss.

As with most B&Bs, they include a nutritious breakfast with the price of the accommodation. They are ideal for women who want a more cozy, intimate, and authentic experience. However, they also have less privacy and fewer amenities since most areas are communal or shared.

B&Bs are safe for solo women travelers because the hosts tend to be more acquainted with their guests. It’s common for them to have friendly conversations and give recommendations and tips about local places.  

The interior decorating of B&Bs has an unrivaled personal touch, meaning women can experience a cozier and more personal environment. Rooms feel homemade and typically smaller, helping travelers feel more secure in control of their surroundings.


Hostels offer women travelers dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds and shared bathrooms. They typically have lounges for relaxation, laundry facilities, and kitchens to prepare meals.

They’re fantastic options for those who want to travel on a budget while still meeting fellow travelers and engaging in a social environment. However, more people also means less privacy and cleanliness and slightly less security.  

Hostels are safe and have the potential to top all other accommodation types because of their social opportunities that can help them meet other travelers and make new friends.

Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are ideal for solo women travelers who want a bigger living space, privacy, and the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want! They are available as entire houses or apartments and typically have living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and sometimes balconies or terraces.

However, a larger living space means vacation rentals are also pricier. It may have fewer amenities than hotels, and it’s pretty isolated compared to the other accommodation options.

They are safe because they allow women to maximize their privacy and comfort. Their high level of flexibility means women choose a personalized location and schedule. Amenities like a living room, kitchen, and bedroom can also make a trip more enjoyable.