Are There Nude Beaches In Thailand

credit: Peter Parker

Many people enjoy exploring the cultural beauty of Thailand’s mountains, temples, and historic architecture. Its beaches are top-rated, but does Thailand have nude beaches, too? Let’s delve into the fine print to discover the mysteries behind the existence of nude beaches in Thailand!

There are no official nudist beaches in Thailand because public nudity is illegal. Those who undress on public beaches risk paying hefty fines or spending up to five years in prison for public obscenity. Naturists should opt for one of the many naturist resorts, like Dragonfly Naturist Resort.

Do Nude Beaches Exist In Thailand?

Thailand has no official nudist beaches, but it does have naturist resorts. Locals or tourists who undress at beaches in Thailand do so knowing or not knowing that it is illegal.

Public nudity in Thailand is illegal according to the Law of Obscenity, which falls under section code 282 – 287 of Thailand’s criminal code.  

The law of obscenity does not explicitly mention public nudity. However, locals understand the general sentiment that public nudity counts as an indecent act or indecent exposure. Anyone who exposes sensitive areas of their bodies or performs indecent acts in a space visible to others is subject to punishment.

Thailand’s firm stance on public nudity reflects its social and cultural norms relating to Buddhism. It’s the dominant religion in Thailand, and it emphasizes modesty and respect for the body. The law also works to keep the peace and maintain morality by minimizing cases of sexual harassment.

Specific religious practices – like the Songkran Festival (Thai New Year), have a partial pardon for nudity. The ordination ceremony of Buddhist monks also contains partial nudity. Authorities still remain strict on social media nudity laws, even though they tolerate them during the Songkran Festival.

Deputy commander of the Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) in Thailand, Colonel Siriwat Deepor, warned people to refrain from posting partially nude material. Photos, video clips, or live streaming with partial nudity violates the Computer Act, the law of obscenity, and section 388, which reflects public obscenity.

What Is The Penalty In Thailand For Public Nudity?

The punishment for nudity in Thailand depends on the section code by which someone gets convicted and the authorities involved. It can range from a slight tap on the wrist to five years in prison and 100,000 Baht ($2800 USD). Here’s the seriousness of each law regarding public nudity:

  • Section 388 (public obscenity) – 500 Baht ($14 USD).
  • Section 282 – 287 (Law of Obscenity) – 1,000 Baht ($28 USD), one month in prison, or both.
  • Computer Act – 100,000 baht ($2,800 USD) or five years in prison.
  • The Law of Public Order and Cleanliness – 2,000 Baht ($56 USD).

The Computer Act, which relates to someone posting social media content, is a grave charge that indicates authorities view the posted material as pornographic material.

The law of public order and cleanliness aims to regulate people’s behavior in public spaces and venues. It punishes acts of public disturbance, nuisance, and annoyance. The Thai government introduced it in 1960 but consolidated it in 1992.

Which Places In Thailand Are Suitable For Naturists?

Thailand may not have official nudist beaches, but many popular naturist resorts are available throughout the country.

Chan Naturist Resort, Pattaya

Chan Resort is a cozy, adult-only naturist resort for locals or international tourists. It was the first establishment in Thailand to offer a naturist experience, which makes it the oldest standing among some of the newer editions.

Visitors can enjoy a genuine sense of freedom thanks to its serene location, clean air, and slow-paced atmosphere. They believe a healthy amount of sun, tasty food, and enough soothing relaxation will contribute to an upbeat spirit!  

Rooms & Amenities

The rooms at Chan Resort have plenty of amenities to make a stay comfortable and worth every penny. They include practical and luxury items like:

  • Wifi
  • Towel
  • Water heater
  • Hair dryer
  • Private bathroom            
  • Soap, shampoo
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Coffee, tea, Ovaltine 24/7
  • Air conditioner


Chan Resort belongs to the Thailand Naturist Association, which has its own set of rules regarding naturist establishments. Their rules aim to prevent any form of harassment by providing a list of things for visitors to follow. Those interested can find out more here.  

Dragonfly Naturist Resort, Pattaya

Dragonfly Resort is one of the newest and largest naturist resorts in the whole of Asia! It sits in the serene countryside ten minutes outside the busy city of Pattaya. Visitors have the option to find directions on their webpage, or they can arrange for a local pickup.

The establishment has plenty of fantastic amenities to make a stay enjoyable and memorable. There’s an outdoor pool, sun deck, bar, and restaurant. After a long day of exploring Thailand’s cultural and exciting sights, tourists can use the professional masseuse at the resort.

Exercise fanatics can enjoy the top-notch gym facilities to keep in shape, and those looking for entertainment can enjoy the billiards house. After a thrilling game of billiards or a good workout session, visitors can hit the two outdoor baths or heated swimming pool to unwind those muscles!

The resort is within walking distance of several bars, Japanese-style restaurants, and other local restaurants. Those with their own vehicles will find off-street parking, or hotel guests can request a shuttle.  

Rooms & Amenities

Since Dragonfly Resort is much newer than Chan Resort – 2021 new, in fact – the rooms are more spacious and there is more variety. It has a more modern appeal than Chan Resort, whose rooms offer a traditional experience.

Dragonfly Resort has four room types: Mini suite Room, Deluxe Room Patio, Deluxe 1st Floor, and Delux 2nd Floor.

  • Mini Suite Room – The resort has three of these rooms. They all offer a good amount of space and different furniture that make for a comfortable stay. They have private balconies with an eating area, and the inside couches can transform into a bed for a third person. 
  • Deluxe Room Patio – It’s ideal for those who want to be a few steps from the pool and have their own private patio. This room type has amenities like a refrigerator, lockbox, 40-inch color TV, air conditioning, and free Wifi.

The King-size bed makes for an excellent night’s sleep, and the extra closet space makes storing belongings easy.

  • Delux 1st Floor – This room offers a magnificent view of the surrounding forest areas and a private patio. It also has air conditioning, a 40-inch TV, free Wifi, a refrigerator, and a lovely king-size bed for maximizing relaxation!
  • Delux 2nd Floor – Located on the establishment’s second floor, guests enjoy the birds-eye view of the resort and the forested areas. It does not have a private patio like a Deluxe 1st Floor room, but it does have all the same amenities.

Rules, Services, and General FAQ

Dragonfly Naturist Resort has similar rules to other resorts, intending to make every guest’s stay enjoyable. Those who want to know more about the rules or have additional questions about services, payable fees, transport, or photography can find the answers here.