Are There Nude Beaches In Thailand?

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Thailand is world-renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful coastline. Tourists from around the world flock to Thailand to enjoy the white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and enchanting views. If you’re someone who loves going topless, you may be wondering if there are any nudist beaches in Thailand?

There are plenty of safe, private beaches in Thailand where you can sunbathe nude and go skinny-dipping. Thailand is quite a conservative society, but in more touristy places like Phuket, Koh Samui, and Ko Phangan, the rules around dressing modestly are more relaxed, especially for foreigners.

Are There Any Nude Beaches In Thailand?

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist and Muslim country, so the Thai people are rather conservative in general. Being a nudist or naturist is not popular amongst the locals.

It’s frowned upon for people to hug and kiss in public, and you must dress modestly when visiting royal places and temples, keeping your shoulders and knees covered. Public nudity is not generally tolerated in Thailand.

These things considered, it’s difficult to imagine that there are any beaches where you can tan and swim nude in Thailand.

Naturists and topless tanners will be relieved to know that there are, in fact, many nude beaches and even nude resorts in Thailand!

Leela Beach and wooden promenade in koh Phangan Thailand
Yay Leela Beach and wooden promenade in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Because Thailand is one of the top tourist destinations globally, there are almost always large numbers of westerners in holiday destinations like Phuket, Koh Samui, and Ko Phangan.

Tourism is a key part of Thailand’s economy, so many Thai people turn a blind eye to westerners’ strange habits.

While nudity, revealing clothing, and public displays of affection are frowned upon in more rural regions of Thailand, the rules are far more relaxed in touristy places.

It’s common to see tourists on Thai beaches tanning or swimming topless. It’s more uncommon for people to spend time on the beach completely naked, especially on very popular beaches.

Nude Beaches In Thailand

Mai Khao beach at Phuket island Thailand
Yay Mai Khao beach at Phuket island, Thailand

You are welcome to go nude on any of the following beaches in Thailand:

  • Mai Khao Beach on the northwest coast of Phuket is one of the top-rated nude beaches in Thailand. You can enjoy all 11kms of this pristine white sand beach. It is rarely crowded because of its size, so you can swim and sunbathe in peace.
  • Freedom Beach is on the west coast of Phuket. It’s a private beach that is only accessible via a boat ride from Patong, and you have to pay a $6 (200 Baht) entrance fee. The beach is a 300m-long crescent of white sand, and the water is clear and calm – perfect for snorkeling topless!
  • Kata Beach is on the southwest coast of Phuket. It is a 1km-long stretch of beach that is very popular. Although it can be busy and crowded, you can sunbathe or swim topless. Just be considerate to others on the beach because there are often families with children that spend the day here.
  • Nui Beach – this beach is at the southern tip of Phuket. It is a nice and secluded beach that is never too crowded. That’s why it is considered one of the top nude beaches in Thailand. Do not confuse it with Ya Nui, which is a family-friendly beach!
  • Karon Beach is on the west coast of Phuket. It is a popular beach for tourists, and it is home to the Wat Suwan Khiri Ket temple. The beach is about 3 miles long, and the northern end is the quietest, making it most suitable for nude bathing. Do not go to the temple nude or even in a bathing suit, as it is very disrespectful.
  • Ao Sane Beach – this secluded beach is only accessible via the Nai Harm Resort. You can sunbathe under the palm trees on the gorgeous golden sand. The beach is 200m long, and there are three separate coves to enjoy.
  • Big Buddha, or Bang Rak Beach, is on the west coast of Koh Phra. It is a 10-km stretch of golden sand and turquoise water. It is common to see tourists sunbathing topless. In the more private parts of the beach, some even take off their bottoms. However, if you do this, you need to be on the lookout for any staff from the nearby resorts passing by. If they see you totally naked, you can get into trouble. Do not go near the giant statue of Buddha without your clothes on!
  • Cosy Island Beach in Phuket is an almost official nude beach. Because it is so remote, you can skinny-dip and sunbathe nude in peace. To get to this beach, you have to take a 10-minute drive and then a 15-minute boat ride to reach the island.
  • Patong Beach is the busiest beach in Phuket because it is near the constantly buzzing Bangla Road, with all its shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. If you are not shy to go topless in front of hundreds of people, Patong Beach is for you! However, this is not a beach where you would be allowed to skinny-dip or go fully naked.
  • Leela Beach on the island of Koh Phangan has a section on the northern end which is suitable for nude sunbathers.
Nui Beach in Koh Lanta Thailand
Yay Nui Beach in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Nude Resorts In Thailand

There are two resorts in Thailand that are specially for people who enjoy being on holiday in their birthday suits. These nudist or naturist resorts are ideal for uninhibited nude fun in the sun!

  • Peace Blue Nai Harn Naturist Resort is near Rawai and Naiharn Beach in the southernmost area of Phuket Island. It was opened in 2016 as Thailand’s first naturist resort. It is affiliated with the Naturist Association of Thailand and the Australian Naturist Federation. The resort’s amenities are fantastic, and the nearby beaches are nudist friendly.
  • Oriental Beach Village Naturist Resort is on the island of Ko Kho Khao, north of Phuket, in the Takua Pa district of Phang-nga. It is a luxury nudist resort. The beaches near the resort are breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for exploring in the nude.


Thailand may traditionally be a conservative country, but this does not mean there aren’t ample opportunities for naturists and nudists to enjoy the gorgeous beaches clothes-free.