Are There Nude Beaches In Vietnam?

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Do you want to visit a nude beach while in Vietnam? Vietnam is a country known for its pristine waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. Some may wish to enjoy Vietnam’s nature at its best by visiting a nude beach or park. But are there any nude beaches in Vietnam?

There is only one place you can go for nude bathing on Vietnam’s mainland. That is the open-air middle bank of the Red River in Hanoi, next to the Long Bien Bridge. You can also take a nude bath at one of the waterfalls on the smaller islands surrounding Vietnam, but there are no dedicated nude beaches in Vietnam.

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Are There Many Nude Beaches In Vietnam?

There aren’t many nude beaches in Vietnam. In fact, there are no dedicated nude beaches in the country. The only place where people can go for a nude bath and some exercise is next to the Long Bien Bridge on the banks of the Red River.

It’s also possible that there are some tourist villas and resorts where you can visit the beach while nude, but those aren’t publicly displayed. Overall, Vietnam’s culture is quite conservative compared to the west, so it shouldn’t surprise you that there aren’t many nude beaches.

Where Are Nude Beaches In Vietnam?

There aren’t any dedicated nude “beaches” in Vietnam. Instead, most locals head to the middle banks of the Red River for a nude swim and exercise. Suppose you’re traveling to the smaller islands surrounding Vietnam. In that case, you can also swim nude in some of the pools and waterfalls.

However, it is better to do that in private, as the swimming holes aren’t dedicated to nude swimming. You may also be in the company of people who aren’t comfortable with nudity.

You aren’t allowed to undress when visiting any public beach in Vietnam. In addition, many beaches have signs that say, “no skinny-dipping allowed.”

Is It Safe To Swim In Vietnam’s Red River?

The Red River in Vietnam runs from China, through Vietnam, into the China sea east of Hanoi. Upon first glance, you’ll see that the Red River is littered with plastic and trash, which might make you concerned about the safety of taking a skinny dip in this location.

While skeptical foreigners might prefer to stay clear of the polluted riverbanks, the locals have no problems swimming in the river. They say that they feel healthier after swimming in the Red River and that no one has reported skin rashes or itching.

However, the river has not officially been declared safe for swimming, so it may be safer for foreigners to avoid it. If you decide to take a dip in the Red River, don’t drink any of the water and take a shower with clean water when you return home.

Can You Take Your Bikini Top Off At Any Beach In Vietnam?

Since Vietnamese people are on the more conservative side, female tourists aren’t allowed to remove their bikini tops at the beach. Vietnamese women mostly wear one-piece swimsuits. So, while bikinis are allowed, it’s a good idea to remain considerate of others and not expose too much skin.

Men can swim without shirts but are advised to wear swimming trunks instead of speedo-style swimwear. Some beaches, like those at tourist villas and resorts, are more accepting of nudity and tanning without a bikini top.

However, confirm that it is allowed before removing your swimming top at any beach in Vietnam.

Is Nudity Allowed In Vietnam?

There are often strict laws prohibiting nudity and nude imagery in Vietnam. Porn is strictly prohibited, and movies and TV-show with nudity are censored. Since Vietnam is a communist state, there is no debate about changing the laws surrounding nudity within the country.

This is why you should abide by the laws prohibiting nudity at beaches and public pools. Aside from the actual laws prohibiting nudity, Vietnamese people are relatively conservative in how they dress. For women, baring your shoulders or thighs is seen as disrespectful.

Dress according to their standards and practices when visiting the country to avoid making the locals feel uncomfortable.

Do Vietnamese People Dress Conservatively?

As mentioned, Vietnamese people tend to dress very conservatively. You’ll likely not see Vietnamese women wearing bikinis or flashy costumes at the beach, which is against their usual dressing style. Most women wear clothes covering their shoulders and knees during the day.

Younger women may dress “sexier” when going to clubs and parties. Still, they’ll also dress more conservatively when going to school and visiting their parents or family. Vietnam is a conservative culture, so going nude at a public beach or swimming pool is prohibited and seriously frowned upon.

Are There Mixed Nude Beaches In Vietnam?

Although men and women use the middle banks of the Red River for nude swimming and exercise, they don’t mix while doing so. Instead, men and women meet at different spots on the riverbanks and stick to their locations for their nude bathing.

There aren’t any public locations where you can bathe nude while in mixed company. If you visit some of the smaller islands and go nude bathing at the waterfalls, you can do so with people of the opposite sex, provided everyone is comfortable with the situation.

The tourist resorts may also allow mixed nude bathing. But again, this isn’t publicly confirmed, so you should confirm it before attempting so.

Where Can Men Bathe Nude In Vietnam?

The only place men can bathe and exercise nude in Vietnam is on the middle riverbank Red River in Hanoi. Here, local and foreign men gather next to the Long Bien Bridge, where they strip, swim, and exercise naked.

One unique thing about bathing nude in Vietnam is that it is open-air since it’s on the riverbanks. Unlike other Asian countries with public bathhouses in closed buildings, Hanoi’s nude bathing takes place outside, where anyone on the bridge can catch a glimpse.

Where Can Women Bathe Nude In Vietnam?

Women can also bathe nude in the Red River, but their meeting place isn’t at the same spot as the men’s. In fact, there are several different locations along the riverbanks where people meet and swim, so you just need to ask around and find where the women meet and swim nude.

There aren’t any lifeguards or patrol officers along the Red River’s nude swimming spots, so you enter the river and swim in it at your own risk. As mentioned, the cleanliness of the water is also debatable, so don’t go nude swimming in Vietnam if you are scared of polluted water.

Can Tourists Bathe Nude In Vietnam?

Tourists are welcome to join the locals for a nude bathe in the Red River, provided they can muster up the courage to swim in the cold water in the open air. You have less privacy when bathing nude in Vietnam than in other Asian countries because it is open air.

Any passersby can see you, and you don’t have a locker or somewhere secure to leave your clothes and belongings while taking a nude dip. However, suppose these elements don’t bother you. In that case, you are welcome to enjoy the crisp freeing experience of nude bathing in Hanoi’s Red River.

Is Nudity Frowned Upon In Vietnam?

As you may already know, nudity is mainly frowned upon in Vietnam. However, the locals who practice nudity on the riverbanks in Hanoi hope that their fellow Vietnamese will become more tolerant of the practice in the future.