Are There Skateparks In Vietnam?


Skate enthusiasts traveling to Vietnam often wonder if they can pack their skateboards or if they should leave them at home. Can you skate in Vietnam? Are there skateparks in Vietnam? Will you get in trouble for skateboarding on the streets of Vietnam? These questions and more will be answered today.

Yes, there are skateparks in Vietnam. There aren’t as many as in the west, but they exist. To curb illegal skateboarding, the Vietnamese government has conceded to help fund a couple of skateparks where locals and tourists can express themselves freely.

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Are There Skateparks In Vietnam?

There are several skateparks dotted across Vietnam. These skateparks are not very large and offer much to be desired. Skateboarding is still seen as a recreational hobby for a tiny portion of the Vietnamese population. Thus, the local governments have not yet seen fit to spend much money developing the hobby.

Top Skateparks In Vietnam

For travelers who want to avoid crossing the Vietnamese police and are afraid they might get in trouble for skating outside of skateparks, we have compiled a list of some of Vietnam’s top skateparks. Let’s look at the top Skateparks in Vietnam that every traveler should consider next time they visit Vietnam.

Anchor Skate Plaza

Anchor Skate Plaza is located in Nha Trang. Nha Trang is known for its magnificent beaches, amusement parks, mud baths, fantastic golf courses, and the legendary Po Ngar Temple complex. Adventurers will also find a myriad of hotels, restaurants, and a rich culture around local cuisine.

Anchor Skate Plaza is an outdoor skatepark that offers skaters smooth concrete to practice their hobby. Anchor Skate Plaza is located in the tourist district on the corner of Be Thu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. They don’t have an onsite shop that sells skateboards and accessories, so skaters looking to visit Anchor Skate plaza will have to bring their own equipment.

Hanoi Skatepark

Boo Skate Park Hanoi Vietnam Boo Skate Park Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi Skatepark is located in the heart of Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi. Vietnam’s officials have gone to great lengths to preserve Hanoi’s rich history. They have protected colonial architecture, monuments, and the area known as “the Old Quarter” to educate tourists.

Travelers will find beautiful modern developments integrated seamlessly into the older parts of the city. They can also experience parks, lakes, and over 600 temples throughout the region.

Hanoi Skatepark was first opened in July 2022 and offered a safe haven for skating enthusiasts to practice and improve their skating. Garnering international attention from the International Skateboard Federation, Hanoi Skatepark is a modern, professional skatepark that serves as Vietnam’s Flagship skatepark. Hanoi Skatepark is the gold standard that all future developments should strive to attain.

An Phu Skatepark

An Phu Skatepark Vietnam An Phu Skatepark Vietnam

An Phu Skatepark, located in Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon, is the beating heart of Vietnam’s economy and serves that the connection point for Vietnam’s southern region. The city’s dynamic layout brings together old and new Vietnam in a magical way that draws travelers worldwide.

An Phu Skatepark boats an impressive array of skating structures. This outdoor skatepark allows skaters to test their mettle on quarterpipes, stairs, rails, curbs, and a drained pool. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Skaters from all experience levels are welcome here, from beginner to expert. Everyone will find a good time to be had at An Phu Skatepark.

Golden Cafe Halfpipe

Golden Café Halfpipe is also located in Ho Chi Minh City. Skaters will find this gem of a skatepark on Nguyen Van Huong street. This brand-new skatepark boasts an impressive vertical ramp large enough to accommodate BMX. Any outdoor skater will love spending time here with the local skaters.

Any skater traveling to Ho Chi Minh City will find themselves spoiled for choice when looking for a great skatepark within city limits.

Can You Skateboard Anywhere In Vietnam?

We can all agree that skateboarding is like totally rad, man, but are the old folks cranky enough to write laws about skating in the streets? Yes, they are. The Vietnamese government has written laws preventing people from skating in public. Let’s review how these laws impact both local and international skaters.

The Law

According to the 2nd clause of article 8 of the Vietnamese Road Traffic Law, using a skateboard on public roads violates the law. They reason that people who skateboard could potentially put other skaters at risk, cause accidents, cause traffic jams, or hurt pedestrians while skating on public roads or sidewalks.

The Penalty

According to Point B in the 2nd clause of article 11, Vietnamese police can issue a fine between 100,000 VND ($4) and 200,000 VND ($8), depending on the infraction. A warning will then be issued. If skaters failed to heed the officer’s notice, they could be arrested and face further charges of disturbing the peace.

The Point

Just because skaters are notoriously tricky to catch doesn’t mean the police should be provoked. If you decide to visit Vietnam, your best chance of keeping your visa and enjoying your holiday would be to see a local skatepark where skating is sanctioned.

Developing The Skateboard Industry In Vietnam

The love of skateboarding has grown significantly in Vietnam over the past decade. The Vietnamese government has no vested interest in expanding the hobby for their local citizens.

Therefore, nurturing the sport falls on individuals and private entities. They need to help fund and develop skateparks, skate shops, and the local manufacturing of skating accessories, as well as foster international relationships with exporters to help increase the availability of skating equipment for prospective skaters in Vietnam.

In 2019, skateboarding was named a competitive sport for the 30th Southeast Asian Games, hosted by the Philippines. Vietnam registered a team to compete. Their team was cheered as the first generation of skaters, so skating in Vietnam is still in its infant stage.

As the hobby grows into a recognized sport, more people will become interested in skating. The Vietnamese government will start investing in skating if enough people are interested. How many people explicitly is unknown at this time.

Skateboarding As A Lifestyle For Vietnamese People

For the Vietnamese who have discovered the joy of skateboarding, skateboarding is more than just a hobby. Skateboarding has become a lifestyle from music to fashion, from jargon to art. Skateboarding has transformed some people’s lives since it was introduced to Vietnam in the early 2010s.

Other benefits of skateboarding include physical exercise that helps keep young people in shape, motivates them to work hard at what they love, and helps boost the local economy as more skateboarding-related products are imported and manufactured.

Those invested in Vietnamese skateboarding are hopeful that the industry will keep expanding in the future and hope that one day Vietnam will become a shining beacon to the worldwide skating community.

The Future Of Roller Sports In Vietnam

The Skating Federation of Vietnam has officially recognized rollerblading as a competitive sport and has assembled teams to compete internationally. Rollerblading is similar to figure skating and thus more widely accepted as a sport in Vietnam over skateboarding.

A spokesperson for the Federation said that roller sports are suitable for the physical development of Vietnamese people and national facilities. Renewed interest in roller sports from the Vietnamese government gives skateboarders hope that they will one day recognize the potential of skateboarding as an official sport.

The future of roller sports and skateboarding in Vietnam is bright and full of potential. Given enough time and space, Vietnam’s skateboarding community and industry could grow large enough to rival the west.