Are There Tigers In Thailand?

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Thailand is a remarkable country to visit. A significant aspect of Thailand tourism is the wonderful experiences that can be had in nature here and the abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery to be experienced. Among the most asked questions regarding Thai wildlife is if there are tigers to see in Thailand.

There are tigers in Thailand. Southeast Asia, including Thailand, is home to the Indochinese tiger. This tiger is smaller than other Asian tigers, but it is still a beautiful and ferocious animal. There are around 200 wild Indochinese tigers in Thailand, but they are difficult to find in the wild.

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Are There Tigers In Thailand?

Thailand sees more than 10 million tourists every year, and among the most significant attractions to the region is the wildlife that is native to this beautiful nation.

There are tigers in Thailand, and they form a critical aspect of the local ecosystem. Thailand is known to have one of the largest populations of tigers in Southeast Asia, and the big cats here are a major part of wildlife tourism in Thailand.

Tigers are reclusive in every nation where they are found, and the same is true for tigers in Thailand. These big cats are difficult to find, but when they are seen, it is an experience that no one can easily forget.

Thailand is home to millions of wonderful animals, but the tigers here are among the most sought-after and the most beautiful of all the native animal species in the region.

What Species Of Tiger Is Found In Thailand?

Thailand is home to a wide range of native animals, but there is only one species of tiger found in the country.

The tigers of Thailand are the Indochinese Tigers, and they are only found in Southeast Asia. The Indochinese Tiger is primarily found in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The largest population of the species is found in Thailand, and the population has begun to increase in recent years, which is good news for this beautiful jungle cat.

The Indochinese Tiger is a smaller species of tiger when compared to Bengal and Siberian tigers, but this creature is just as majestic.

These tigers are beautiful yet fierce. They are known to have a home range of up to 100km2 in some instances and are primarily independent creatures.

Indochinese tigers are known to eat a wide range of prey animals, including boar, badgers, porcupines, pangolins, monkeys, deer, cattle, serows, and even elephant calves.

How Many Tigers Are There In Thailand?

The Indochinese tiger that is native to Thailand is a protected species, as there are only very few of these tigers remaining in the wild.

There are known to be fewer than 200 wild Indochinese tigers in Thailand, which is still the largest population of these tigers anywhere in the world.

There are so few tigers in the region simply because they are prized for their pelts, which means they are frequently poached, and these animals do not breed in high numbers.

Indochinese tigers are territorial and have very large areas that they protect. A single male Indochinese tiger can have a territory spanning up to 100 km2 and will not allow another male to occupy the same area.

White tiger at Dusit Zoo in Khao Din Park Bangkok Thailand
Yay White tiger at Dusit Zoo in Khao Din Park, Bangkok, Thailand

This means that these tigers require massive areas for themselves and, therefore, cannot sustain a high population.

This means that the population of these cats will always be low, and the active poaching of these cats is only damaging to their population numbers.

However, there is good news regarding these tigers, as the overall population is slowly increasing, and there are now more Indochinese tigers in Thailand than there have been in the past ten years or so.

Are Tigers Commonly Seen In Thailand?

The native Thailand tigers are naturally independent and reclusive animals. This means that tiger sightings are not very common, especially in the wild, and most experiences with tigers in Thailand happen in captivity.

However, with that said, the people that live in the same dense areas of Thailand that are occupied by tigers do regularly see these big cats in the wild.

These sightings are not highly common, and they only happen with small groups of people that live outside of large, inhabited areas and cities.

Tiger sightings do happen in Thailand, and they can be terrifying if they happen unexpectedly.

Are Tigers Protected In Thailand?

Tigers are a protected species in every country where they are native inhabitants. Tigers are naturally reclusive and solitary animals, and they do not breed in large numbers. The same is true for the Indochinese tigers of Thailand, and this means that the tigers here are protected.

large tiger sculpture with religious attributes in a tiger cave in Krabi Thailand
Yay Large tiger sculpture with religious attributes in a tiger cave in Krabi, Thailand

It is illegal to hunt Indochinese tigers in Thailand, and the species is heavily protected.

Illegal poaching is still common in Thailand, and these cats are prized for their beautiful striped pelts and certain body parts that are used for traditional medicines.

Poaching combined with a small tiger population that does not grow quickly means that the population of tigers in Thailand has been in trouble for a long time. The number of tigers here is increasing, but this species of big cat is likely to remain protected forever.

Are Tigers A Problem In Thailand?

Tigers are fierce creatures, and they can be very dangerous to people and livestock. Indochinese tigers are smaller than some other tiger species, but they are still very large wild cats that are formidable predators.

This means that Indochinese tigers in Thailand can be a real problem for people. These cats are not usually a problem for tourists or for people visiting the country, but they can be a real problem for cattle and livestock farmers.

Tigers are also known to kill people if they are provoked, and they can be very dangerous to people. Farmers fear tigers as they hunt their livestock, and they can be dangerous to people who tend to the livestock.

Indochinese tigers can be a problem for o people, but so long as you stay out of their way and never venture into the jungle on your own, you are very unlikely to be harmed by a local tiger in Thailand.

Can Tourists See Tigers In Thailand?

Teen girl playing with tiger cub
Yay Teen girl playing with tiger cub

If you are traveling in Thailand and seeing a tiger is something that you are interested in, the best way to do so is to visit tiger sanctuaries in Thailand or engage in a professional wildlife tour.

It is very difficult to intentionally find a wild Indochinese tiger in Thailand, but if you go along on a wildlife tour, you may be able to spot one of these incredible creatures in the wild.

There are places in Thailand where it’s possible to come close to tigers, and even pet them such as in the image above. I would recommend against supporting these places, as the tigers are drugged and sedated to make them so docile.