Can Airport Scanners Detect Pregnancy?

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Going through airport security is a tedious and tense moment everyone has to go through before they enjoy their flight. Most people begin to wonder how much agents can tell from a quick scan at the airport. For example, can airport scanners detect pregnancy?

Airport scanners don’t show if a woman is pregnant or not. Although these machines are powerful, they can only search for concealed objects on the surface of the body. Airport scanners emit waves that go through clothes but bounce off the human body.

How Can An Airport Scanner Tell If You’re Pregnant?

An airport scanner can’t tell if you’re pregnant or not. For that to happen, these machines should be so invasive they wouldn’t be fit for everyday use. Because of that, airport scanners can’t detect pregnancies.

Airport scanners look so ominous and big that they seem all-powerful, but they don’t do half the things most people think. These scanners look for concealed objects people may try to get to an airplane undetected.

It may sound contradictory, but concealed objects are surface-level problems. Detecting anything deeper than that is not possible using these scanners, and that’s a good thing. Otherwise, we’d be talking about invasive machines that’d be too dangerous to use.

Are Airport Scanners Safe For Pregnant Women?

Absolutely! Airport scanners are safe for everyone, including pregnant women. There’s nothing to worry about when you’re going through airport security. Nevertheless, if that procedure makes you nervous, you can opt out of an airport scan.

An airport scanner can’t see what’s going on with your body, let alone affect it. The scanner will check for items concealed under your clothes using waves that bounce off your body. These waves then go back to the machine for processing.

We can use your phone as an example to make a quick and clear comparison. According to TSA, the cellphone you carry emits more radiation than an airport scanner. A device emitting radiation sounds scary, but most everyday appliances emit so little of it that it’s harmless for humans.

Should You Opt Out Of An Airport Scan When Pregnant?

There’s no need to opt-out of a body scan because they pose no risks for anyone involved. Pregnant women will suffer no consequences when going through one. You can choose to do so if they make you nervous.

Although airport scanners pose no risks, a small percentage of people choose not to use them for personal reasons. Because of that, airport security allows you to opt-out if you’re willing to go through a pat down.

Even if there are no medical reasons for pregnant women to opt-out of an airport scanner, you could choose to do so if they make you nervous. Being calm and relaxed is important, especially if you’re about to board a plane.

How Can Pregnant Women Opt Out Of An Aiport Scan?

To opt-out of going through an airport scanner, you must notify airport security at the checkpoint. At that point, an agent will approach you and explain the pat-down process, which includes skipping the scanner altogether.

Certain people aren’t allowed to opt out of an airport scan in extremely rare scenarios. Most of the time, airport security will have a good reason for refusing to opt-out. For instance, passengers from certain countries are not allowed to opt out of an airport scan.

Nevertheless, pregnant women are seldom bothered by airport security, and if you opt out of an airport scan, agents will be happy to oblige. When in doubt, you can ask an agent about your options to be sure of what will happen.

What Happens When A Pregnant Woman Refuses An Airport Scan?

Anyone can refuse an airport scan without giving a reason. Pregnant women can choose to skip it if these machines make them feel uncomfortable. At that point, airport security will approach you for a manual pat down.

When opting out from an airport scanner, airport security will manually pat you down. That means they will pat different areas of your body, looking for concealed objects. You can choose this procedure in a private room in certain airports.

Sometimes you’ll have to go through a pat down, even if you have gone through an airport scanner. A pat down could happen because of random procedures or any other reason that the airport staff will explain to you.

Can You Skip A Manual Pat Down When Pregnant?

You have to go through airport security to get on a plane. That means either going through an airport scanner or a manual pat down. If you refuse both of them, you won’t be allowed to board a plane.

Planning accordingly before making the trip to the airport would be a good idea. If you’re pregnant and airport scanners make you nervous, you have the right to skip that part. Remember that you can’t opt out of the entire process but airport scanners alone.

A manual pat down will be mandatory at that point if you want to get on a plane. This procedure is lengthier than going through the scanner. Because of that, you may have to get to the airport earlier than expected.

It’s always a good idea to be at the airport one or two hours before your flight. You should add an extra ten minutes to that time if you plan to opt out of an airport scan, just in case.

Does Airport Security Harm Pregnancy?

Airport security is safe for pregnant women every step of the way. That includes airport scanners and anything else you can think of. If the standard procedure makes you nervous, there are other options you can consider.

For example, you can’t opt out of going through airport security, but you can choose to avoid airport scanners. At that point, an agent will manually pat you down. Nevertheless, there’s no cause for concern in either scenario.

At the same time, you can talk to your physician to clear any doubts you may have about the boarding process. You can also speak to them to see if you’re fit for flying when pregnant. Doing so will provide you with extra peace of mind, and that’s always a good thing to have before getting on a plane.

Is It Safe To Fly While Pregnant?

In most cases, it’s safe for pregnant women to board a plane before the 36-week pregnancy mark. At the same time, all airport scanners are safe for pregnant women, no matter the term of pregnancy. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult a physician to be sure.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note there may be times when pregnant women will be advised against boarding a plane, even if they’re nowhere near the 36-week mark. Pregnancies are delicate, and pregnant women could face specific health issues.

The duration of the flight should also be taken into consideration when deciding whether it’s safe to fly or not. Sometimes, the flight will be too long for a pregnant woman, and at that point, it would be better to skip it.

Make sure you know your airline’s policy regarding pregnant women. It’s a good idea to check with them before buying a ticket. More often than not, airlines have no issues with pregnant women flying before the 36-week mark.