Can You Bring A Flashlight On A Plane? (through TSA)

credit: Yay

Everyone owns a flashlight of some kind, and these devices are incredibly useful in a wider range of situations. For this reason, many people keep a flashlight on them at all times and find themselves wanting to travel with flashlights too. This leads many people to wonder if you can bring a flashlight on a plane without any trouble.

All flashlights can be brought on a plane, so long as they are not tactical flashlights and they do not have any prohibited features such as laser pointers. Flashlights that are less than seven inches long are permitted as carry-on. Flashlights longer than seven inches much be in checked luggage.

Can You Bring Any Flashlight On A Plane?

Flashlights have become daily equipment for many people. Flashlights no longer need to be large, heavy tools, but there are many models that are small enough to fit on a regular keychain or within a bag very easily.

The wide range of flashlights that are so easy to carry means that many people have one with them all the time and wish to keep their flashlight on their person while traveling as well. The good here news is that you can bring a flashlight onto a plane, so long as the flashlight is not a tactical model, it does not have any dangerous features, it has no laser pointer, and it has no hidden weapons.

There is always a way to bring any type of flashlight onto a plane legally without any trouble, as flashlights are not prohibited devices for any airline. Small, personal flashlights used for everyday carry gear are especially safe, as there is nothing that would prevent a flashlight from boarding a plane.

The only real trouble that you may experience when attempting to fly with a flashlight is the battery that the flashlight uses. Whether the flashlight has removable batteries or it has a built-in internal battery must be below capacity to be taken on a plane.

If the flashlight battery is less than 100Wh, there will be no issue, but if the battery is more than 100Wh, you will only be allowed to carry two batteries if this capacity per passenger, which means only two flashlights with these batteries per passenger.

Lithium-ion batteries do not fare well in cold environments, so it is best to keep your flashlight with you when flying, provided the flashlight is no longer than seven inches.

Any flashlight longer than seven inches must be transported in checked luggage according to TSA regulations. This is a non-negotiable regulation, so if your flashlight is longer than seven inches, be sure that it has a removable battery that you can take with you as carry-on luggage to prevent the battery from being harmed by the cold in the cargo compartment.

Can You Bring A Flashlight Through TSA Checkpoints?

Flashlights themselves are not prohibited by any TSA regulations. The TSA regulations state that flashlights can be brought onto a plane as carry-on and as checked luggage, so there should be no problem getting a flashlight through a TSA checkpoint.

However, with that said, the final decision is always made by the TSA agent on the ground, so if your flashlight is deemed to be dangerous by this personnel, it may be prohibited from boarding the flight.

Any flashlight that is considered a tactical flashlight can be used as a weapon, and any flashlight that has features such as laser pointers, sharp points, or any weapons equipped on it may be confiscated by the TSA during checkpoints.

Regular flashlights that are not likely to be weapons should pass through any TSA checkpoint, even if they are first inspected, to be sure that nothing is hidden within them.

Will Flashlights Make It Through Airport Security?

Airport security and TSA security are different entities, and every airport has its own safety regulations. Some international airports are more strict than others, and there are some airport security services that may quickly prohibit certain flashlights from boarding a plane.

Any flashlight that appears as if it could be harmful or dangerous in any way is likely to be confiscated by airport security. Never travel with a tactical flashlight, never travel with especially large flashlights, and never travel with flashlights that have dangerous features.

This will ensure that your flashlight always makes it through airport security without hassles.

Can You Bring A Flashlight As Carry-On Luggage?

Flashlights are often kept close at hand while traveling, and many wonder if flashlights are permitted as carry-on luggage while flying.

All flashlights that are not tactical and less than seven inches in total length are permitted as carry-on luggage. You can bring your everyday carry flashlight with you onto a plane as a carry-on without trouble, so long as the flashlight is safe.

This is the best way to carry flashlights on planes anyway, as the checked luggage compartment is likely to experience conditions that can easily damage flashlights and the batteries that they use.

Should You Pack Your Flashlight In Checked Luggage?

Everyone is permitted to bring a flashlight as a carry-on or checked luggage when flying, but this is not always the best option.

If your flashlight falls within the specifications for those permitted as carry-on luggage, it is always best to bring it onto the plane with you.

However, if your flashlight is too big or if you would rather not keep it with you, it is allowed to be transported in checked luggage on an aircraft.

Be sure to remove the battery from the flashlight if you can, as the cold and low pressure in the cargo compartment may cause the battery in the flashlight to rupture.

Flashlights in checked luggage may cause x-ray machines to flag your luggage, but so long as everything is above board upon inspection, you should have no trouble traveling with a flashlight in checked luggage.

You should pack your flashlight as checked luggage if you are concerned that it may be confiscated or if it is a particularly large flashlight, but any regular or EDC-style flashlight should be packed in your flight carry-on if possible.