Can You Bring A Guitar On A Plane?

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Guitars and other musical instruments can be challenging to travel with. There is no convenient way to travel with a guitar, but if you have to fly with one, can you bring a guitar onto a plane? There are multiple answers here, but it is an important answer to find for all traveling guitarists.

You can bring any guitar on a plane if the airline’s policy permits it. Guitars are not restricted items, according to the TSA. Guitars can be carried as carry-on or checked luggage but are safer in the aircraft cabin and should be stored in overhead compartments if possible.

Can You Bring A Guitar On A Plane?

Any guitarist who needs to fly with their instrument is permitted to do so if they adhere to the regulations and rules instituted by the TSA, airport security, and the individual airline that is used.

Traveling with a guitar is not as challenging as you may expect, and these instruments are permitted onboard airplanes.

There are several ways to take a guitar onto a plane, and every airline has its own method. As long as you follow the airline rules and give the airline notice, you should be able to bring your guitar along on your flight without any problems.

All guitars are subject to physical inspection before being permitted onto a plane. This includes inspecting the instrument and the bag or case in which the instrument is transported. Any violation of rules, laws, restrictions, or regulations will result in the instrument being confiscated.

Can You Bring Guitars Through TSA Checkpoints?

According to TSA regulations, guitars and other musical instruments are not prohibited on planes. Still, according to the TSA website, all guitars will undergo a physical inspection before being permitted on the aircraft as carry-on or checked luggage.

It is important to inform the TSA agent inspecting your guitar if the instrument requires any special handling or care along the way. The agent will inform you of the best way to keep your guitar well-looked after and tell you what you should know regarding the rules pertaining to your instrument.

Your guitar should not cause any trouble at TSA checkpoints. Guitars and other such instruments are not prohibited. Unless the instrument is deemed dangerous, used in a dangerous way, or carries prohibited substances or items, it will go through the checkpoint without problems.

Can You Bring A Guitar Through Airport Security?

Bringing a guitar through airport security varies from airport to airport and the type of flight you are catching. Some airports have no restrictions regarding musical instruments, while others may strictly prohibit them.

It is always important to clear your instrument with the airports that you are traveling with beforehand to determine if your instrument will be permitted or not.

Airport security is often an independent agency separate from the TSA, so the regulation regarding musical instruments may differ.

However, so long as you submit your instrument for physical inspection and you are not carrying anything illicit within the instrument or its bag or case, you should not have any trouble getting your guitar through airport security.

Can You Bring A Guitar As A Carry-On?

You can bring your guitar on an airplane as carry-on luggage. However, there are some considerations to make when doing this.

A guitar is only permitted as a regular carry-on if the instrument is lighter than the permitted carry-on weight and if the instrument and its case or bag can fit easily within the overhead compartment.

This is important for the safety of the instrument as well as the passengers on the plane. Bringing the guitar as a carry-on becomes more complicated if the guitar cannot fit in the overhead compartments.

However, most guitars can fit in these compartments, and many airlines do permit guitars to be transported in this way. There are other options, including gate-checking the guitar and asking the cabin crew if the guitar can be stored within the crew cat closet.

All of these options are good for instruments, but guitars must always be transported on a plane within a hard-shell case if possible. This will ensure that bringing the guitar onboard is as easy as possible, as there are more strict rules regarding soft gig bags for guitars.

Can You Bring A Guitar In Checked Luggage?

Guitars can sometimes be very large items to bring on a plane, but they are always permitted in checked luggage. You may be required to pay a luggage fee in some instances if your guitar case is particularly large, but you are permitted to bring a guitar as checked luggage, provided your airline permits it.

Every airline has its own musical instrument policy; some may require you to carry your guitar or checked luggage. This is simply due to the size and cumbersome nature of this instrument when packed away in a large flight case.

There is no surety that any guitar will be safe in checked luggage, and it is recommended that a guitar should be carried as carry-on luggage if possible, but most airlines do allow guitars as checked luggage.

The airlines that do not permit musical instruments onboard will usually state this when you are booking the ticket.

Is It Safe To Bring A Guitar On A Plane?

Guitars can be fragile instruments, even if stored in travel or hard-shell flight cases. These instruments can be easily damaged by being dropped or bumped too hard, and they are also susceptible to harm from heat, cold, and drastic temperature or climate changes.

This means that it is always best to carry a guitar on the plane with you, if possible. A guitar that is checked with the rest of the checked luggage is likely to sustain some form of harm, be it from being dropped or handled roughly or from the extreme temperatures within the cargo hold of the plane.

Guitars are usually safe on aircraft, but there is a much lower risk of harm if you gate-check the instrument, bring it into the cabin, or request special handling care for the instrument.