Can You Bring A Gun On A Plane?

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Increases in security threats for commercial flights have resulted in stricter measures regarding potentially dangerous items being permitted on aircraft. Guns are included in this category and are subject to strict regulations when flying with your firearms.

It is surprisingly easy to bring a gun on a plane, even when travelling internationally. The American TSA has laid out a very clear list of requirements regarding how guns are transported. If you follow the very detailed and prescriptive rules you won’t have any problems carrying your gun on a plane.

Can You Bring A Gun On A Plane?

It is completely legal to carry a gun onto a plane as long as the passenger meets the following requirements.

  1. It is checked in with the rest of the baggage carried in the hold.
  2. It is unloaded.
  3. It is kept in a gun case which can be locked, or a hard-sided container as checked-in baggage only.

What Happens If TSA Finds A Gun In Your Bag?

If these requirements are not observed, there are three actions that the TSA will take.

  1. The first thing that may occur is that the passenger will immediately be detained while local law enforcement is notified.
  2. The second action is to confiscate the firearm, silencer, and other related equipment.
  3. The TSA is able to fine the contravening passenger based on what prohibited item has been identified.

The fines are listed in the table below.

Item found

Minimum Fine

Maximum Fine

Unloaded firearms



Loaded firearms



Unloaded firearms with accessible ammunition



Silencers, mufflers, frames, or receivers



It is important to note that the TSA does not distinguish between categories of guns, and a handgun will be subject to the same penalties as an AK47.

There are also more penalties for carrying a gun in other parts of the airport, and the following actions can be referred to the local police for possible up.

  1. Carrying a concealed firearm.
  2. Carrying a loaded firearm in public.
  3. Potentially, brandishing a weapon if you drew the firearm inside the airport.

Can You Bring A Gun Through TSA?

The TSA allows passengers to transport guns as long as the following is complied with.

  1. The gun is correctly packaged in a hard-sided locked case which is completely secure.
  2. The ammunition is packed separately from the gun
  3. The gun is not loaded.

The TSA advises that the passenger must retain the key (or combination lock code) to the lock of the gun case.

This rule may change if a TSA official requests the key to open the firearm container.

Non-functioning replicas or toy firearms cannot be transported in carry-on luggage and must be checked in.

Rifle scopes can be carried in carry-on and checked baggage.

Can You Bring A Gun Through Airport Security?

Passengers have to declare their guns or ammunition at the airline ticket office.

If a passenger tries to pass through airport security with an unloaded gun but has ready access to the gun’s ammunition, it will be treated as a loaded weapon. In this instance, the same civil penalties or fines a loaded firearm will incur shall be applied.

Can You Bring A Gun In Your Carry On?

No firearm parts, including magazines, clips, bolts, and firing pins, may be carried in the passenger’s carry-on.

All items of this nature can be transported in baggage which has been checked in.

It means that the only firearm-related equipment which can be carried through airport security is a rifle scope.

Can You Bring A Gun Into A Checked Bag?

It is permitted to carry a gun in a checked bag as long as the following is complied with.

  1. The gun is declared at the airline ticket counter.
  2. The gun is correctly packaged in a hard-sided locked case which is completely secure.
  3. The hard-sided locked case is kept in checked baggage only.
  4. The ammunition is packed separately from the gun
  5. The gun is not loaded.

Can You Bring A Gun Into America?

Under most circumstances, no foreign Individual may bring a firearm into the United States.

This rule has three exceptions.

  1. If the passenger has a valid hunting license or permit.
  2. The gun is brought into the United States for a lawful sporting activity.
  3. The passenger is a law enforcement operative for a country friendly to the United States and is on official law enforcement business.

Can You Bring A Gun Into Canada?

The Canadian border controls regulate the importing and exporting of guns very strictly.

To import a non-restricted firearm into Canada, foreign visitors must complete the “Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form,” and the weapons must be declared to Customs officials.

There are three categories of weapons defined by the Canadian government.

Non-Restricted Firearms

This category includes hunting rifles and shotguns used for hunting or sporting activities. A gun in this category can be transported through Canada to Alaska.

Restricted Firearms

Weapons in this category include:

  1. Handguns
  2. Pepper Spray
  3. Mace

This category of weapon can only be imported into Canada if an Authorization to Transport (ATT) permit has been issued in advance by a Provincial Chief Firearms Officer. The passenger will be issued a temporary permit which expires after sixty days.

Prohibited Firearms

Weapons in this category are:

  1. Assault-type weapons
  2. Fully automatic guns and guns
  3. Converted automatic guns
  4. Handguns with a barrel length of over 4 inches
  5. Switchblades
  6. Butterfly knives

If the passenger has a criminal record (including a DUI or possession of marijuana), they will not be permitted to use a gun in Canada.

Can You Bring A Gun Into The UK?

Visitors to the UK who intend to use a gun during their visit must apply for a visitor’s firearm or shotgun permit at least six weeks before the commencement of the trip.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles (other than .22 rimfire) and most handguns/pistols are not permitted to be brought into the UK.

If a forbidden gun type is to be used for a sporting event, such as the Olympics, specific authority must be granted by Her Majesty’s Government.

When they receive a visitor’s permit application, the police will determine whether a particular firearm will be allowed into Great Britain.

Can You Bring A Gun Into Europe?

Only European citizens are eligible for gun permits which allow them to own and carry in Europe.

Within Europe, each country has its regulations; however, only a few countries will allow gun ownership for citizens.

Non-citizens and visitors do not qualify for gun ownership or carry permits.

Can You Bring A Gun Into Australia?

Guns may be brought into Australia for competitive sports shooting events or safari hunting only.

Permits must be applied for and approved six weeks before the travel commences.

Two permits are required to carry and use firearms in Australia.

  1. An international visitors firearms permit (to allow the passengers to possess, carry and use firearms during their stay).
  2. A gun import permit allows firearms to be brought into Australia.