Can You Bring A Hairdryer On A Plane? (through TSA)

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No one wants a bad hair day, especially if you are on a long flight. There are many regulations on what people can and can’t take on a plane. So before packing for a trip, it’s important to know if taking a hairdryer on the plane is allowed.

You can bring a hairdryer on a plane in your carry-on and checked bags. There are no restrictions on taking a hairdryer on a plane regardless of if the flight is domestic or international. While it is allowed to take one on the plane, the only restriction on a hairdryer is you are not allowed to use it on the flight.

Can You Take A Hairdryer On A Plane?

Let’s be honest, most people don’t do well without a hairdryer nearby, but the question of whether it is allowed on a plane when they travel might be worrying.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for the safety and security of people at airports all across the United States. They have rules and regulations about what is allowed on planes. They scan the luggage when people travel domestically or internationally from a US airport.

The TSA has a list of items allowed or not allowed on the plane. Some items are allowed in a checked bag but not a carry-on and vice versa. People don’t need to be concerned about bringing their hairdryer on the plane as it is allowed in checked bags or carry-on.

Do All Airlines Allow Hairdryers On A Plane?

So TSA allows passengers to take their hairdryers on planes but does this rule apply to all airlines in the US? According to the TSA, the same rules apply regardless of the airline people choose. The rule applies to all airlines that fly locally or internationally.

Can You Use A Hairdryer While In Flight?

Unfortunately, that is where the rules are stricter. While passengers can take their hairdryers on the plane in their carry-on, they cannot use them at any point during the flight, even if there are sockets available.

It is impractical to think anyone would wash their hair in mid-flight, but even if their hair looked a mess from sleeping, they would need to wait until they had landed before fixing their hair. The hairdryer needs to stay in the carry-on bag at all times.

Can You Bring Battery-Operated Hairdryers On A Plane?

While most people use electric hairdryers, there are travel hairdryers on the market that work with lithium or alkaline batteries. The rules around battery-operated hairdryers are not the same as the electrically powered devices. The TSA works with the FAA on aviation safety and potential hazards regarding battery-operated items.

Passengers can bring battery-operated hairdryers on the plane in carry-on bags or with batteries installed in the device in the checked bags. The TSA rules state that any loose lithium-ion, lithium metal, or alkaline batteries may only be carried in carry-on bags that always remain with the passenger.

It helps to prevent fires and contain them should one break out during a flight as it will be easily detected. The same rule applies to any spare batteries for the battery-operated hairdryers. There are no restrictions on the amount of batteries passengers can take in the carry-on bags; only the size of each is specified.

The restrictions on the size of the batteries that passengers can have in their carry-on bags include non-rechargeable lithium metal batteries with no more than 2 grams of lithium per battery. Rechargeable batteries have a limit of 100-watt hours per battery.

With airline approval, passengers can carry one spare battery in their carry-on bag not exceeding 300-watt hours or two batteries not exceeding 160-watt hours each. For checked bags, passengers can carry 100-watt hour batteries installed in their battery-operated hairdryer, but no loose spare batteries are allowed in checked bags.

How Should You Safely Pack A Hairdryer For A Flight?

If a passenger chooses to take their electrical or battery-operated hairdryer and spare batteries on their flight, they need to ensure to pack it safely. Here are a few easy and helpful tips;

  • For battery-operated hairdryers, ensuring the device won’t turn on during flight in the checked or carry-on bags is vital. Using tape to lock it into the ‘off’ position and in a protective pouch is effective.
  • Electrical hairdryers in the checked or carry-on bags must be placed securely in a plastic bag.
  • TSA suggests covering the terminals with tape or using a battery case for extra batteries in the carry-on bags.

Can You Take Hair Styling Products On A Flight?

Like the rules and restrictions on hairdryers, there are rules and restrictions on hair products. According to TSA rules, passengers can carry their hair care products in their carry-on bags. There are a few rules regarding liquid and aerosol products.

Liquids, including creams, gels, and aerosols like hairspray and heat protectors, need to stick to TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule. The rule states that each passenger can take one zip-locked liquids bag per person, and each product container must be 3.4 ounces or fewer and stored in a one-quart size bag.

How Will These Items Be Checked At Airport Security?

When passengers take hair care and styling products with them on a trip, these bags need to be scanned, so it’s best to use clear plastic zip-lock bags. They will be required to place their liquids in a bin for screening.

For this reason, they should carry them in an easy-to-reach carry-on bag. They will also be patted down regardless of if passengers have their hair up or down. It might seem extreme, but TSA has had issues in recent years with passengers carrying contraband in their hair products or their hair.

The TSA and FAA need to keep a close eye on what each passenger brings to the airport to take on flights, especially international flights. One passenger was caught carrying prohibited drugs in her top knot. That’s why complying with the rules and regulations is crucial for safe traveling.