Can You Bring A Juul On A Plane? (through TSA)

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We all know that smoking cigarettes on airplanes is highly illegal and can result in severe fines or even prison sentences. However, modern problems require solutions, leaving many questioning whether it is legal to carry or use an electronic cigarette known as a Juul on a plane.

You are allowed to bring a Juul on any flight within American territory. However, the Juul will be thoroughly inspected by TSA agents and may still be confiscated. Your Juul, its spare batteries, and other components may not be packed into checked baggage and must be carried with you

Is Bringing A Juul On A Plane Legal?

According to current TSA guidelines, bringing your Juul, its lithium batteries, and other components on any domestic or international flight is legal. 

You do not have to sneak your electronic cigarette onto any flight anymore, as you are permitted to carry it with you. However, it is not legal to pack your Juul into your checked baggage as this may pose a critical security risk when the plane is in the air. 

However, as with everything in modern air travel, a few restrictions apply and should be followed to avoid confiscation. It should be noted that Juul pods and Juul pens are treated differently regarding the TSA rules, which will be discussed throughout this article. 

What Do TSA Rules Say About Juuls?

The TSA has authority over everything packed into hand luggage and checked baggage. Their website does not specifically account for Juul’s, although it does have clear stipulations for e-cigarettes. 

The TSA regulations regarding electronic cigarette or vaping devices state that you are strongly prohibited from bringing any device to your checked baggage. This includes pods, batteries, and other associated paraphernalia.

The TSA guidelines do not allow you to carry Juul’s in your checked baggage on domestic or international flights. However, you are legally permitted to carry your device on your person when flying. 

It is important to remember that occasionally TSA agents will request that you check your hand luggage into general checked baggage if there is not enough hand luggage space on your flight. This will present you with issues, and your Juul may be confiscated before it reaches the plane. 

However, suppose your hand luggage is placed into general checked baggage. In that case, you can remove your Juul and keep it on your person, removing the possibility of it being confiscated by airport security. 

While always keeping your electronic smoking device on your person may be inconvenient, these rules are implemented for passenger and crew safety as the Juul could malfunction, leading to a catastrophic mid-air fire. 

Does The 3-1-1 Rule Apply To Juul Pods?

The 3-1-1 rule is the nightmare of American airline travelers as it has resulted in many personal items, such as Juul’s, being removed and destroyed from people’s carry-on luggage. 

However, the rule is vital in the fight against terrorism and for general passenger safety and has successfully prevented any horrific attacks from occurring since its introduction. 

The 3-1-1 rule states that all gels, liquids, and creams must be placed in a 3.4 oz or smaller plastic bag. The transparent zip-lock bag must be 1 quart or smaller in size, and each traveler is allowed one of these bags in their carry-on luggage. 

Following these guidelines would mean that Juul pods should be allowed through airport security as they are generally purchased in 0.02 oz sizes. However, the pods must be packed in separate transparent zip lock bags, which must be smaller than a quart. 

Additionally, to avoid any chances of your Juul being confiscated by airport security, you must remove the Juul’s pod from the vaping device before you board. Recently, TSA agents have been confiscating half-used Juul Pods as they are known to leak during flight due to severe pressure fluctuations. 

Half-used Juul pods should either be disposed of or packed into one of your other transparent zip lock toiletry bags before attempting to clear airport security. It is legally permitted to carry as many Juul pods as you can in your transparent bag.

Moreover, you are allowed to bring Juul pods in your checked baggage; however, the actual Juul pen must be carried with you on board, or it will be confiscated and destroyed. 

Can You Bring A Portable Juul Charger On A Plane? 

While the TSA is lenient regarding Juul’s and other electronic smoking devices, its guidelines are stringent regarding lithium batteries, battery charges, and power banks. 

The TSA guidelines clearly state that any loose or spare lithium-ion batteries are not allowed to be packed into checked baggage. However, portable Juul charges can be brought into your hand luggage if their capacity is less than 3 watt-hours. 

If you prefer to charge your Juul with more powerful power banks or battery charges, you must bring them in your hand luggage. Packing them into checked baggage is strictly forbidden as these batteries are known to occasionally spontaneously combust, resulting in catastrophic midair fires. 

Are You Allowed To Use Juul’s On A Plane?

While you can bring your Juul with you on the plane, it is strictly forbidden to use your electronic smoking device anytime during the flight. 

Using your Juul during any domestic or international flight is a serious offense, similar to smoking a normal cigarette in the air. It is known that TSA has completely outlawed any form of smoking while you are on board an aircraft.

Woman Vaping on JUUL
Yay Woman Vaping on JUUL

Smoking during domestic or international flights will result in criminal prosecution or jail time. In addition, you will be banned from using that specific airline in the future and thrown off the flight before it has even taken off. 

Furthermore, smoking in such confined and heavily populated areas is socially irresponsible and should be avoided. If you have an urge to smoke, you should do so before boarding the plane or after the flight has landed. 

Most people are non-smokers, and you should be aware of this before you board the flight, as you must consider the safety, comfort, and security of all the plane’s passengers and not just yours. 

Occasionally, certain travelers think they can get away with using their Juul under a blanket or in the plane’s restroom. However, if you are caught, which is often the case, you will face severe punishment and retribution in the form of a fine or further criminal charges. 

Carrying your Juul with you from destination to destination is allowed, although you must carry it on your person or pack it in your hand luggage. Any other attempt at transportation is not permitted and will result in confiscation.