Can You Bring A Longboard On A Plane?

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In today’s world, many people have various sporting pastimes, and many like to enjoy their sports when on holiday; skateboarding and surfing are two such sports pastimes, and both have a longboard. Can these longboards be brought on board a plane?

Fortunately for sporting enthusiasts, airlines have become a lot more accommodating of sports equipment, and many airlines do now allow both types of longboards on a plane. Longboard skateboards will often be allowed in the cabin, while the surf longboard variety will need to fly cargo.

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Can You Bring A Longboard On A Plane?

Both surf longboards and skateboard longboards are generally allowed on a plane. To reduce confusion, let us first look at what is meant by the term longboard. The word can bring to mind two different items.

The term longboard will generally be used to describe either a type of surfboard or a type of skateboard.

What Is A Surf Longboard?

man surf longboard 1

A surf longboard is a long surfboard. These are longer than the average surfboard and can measure anything from 8 to 1 foot in length. These longboards are considerably large and will weigh anything from 8lbs to 15lbs. More traditional wooden longboards may weigh as much as 180lbs.

Surf longboards are a lot more stable than shorter surfboards and are often used by beginners to get the hang of their balance before moving onto a shorter surfboard. Some experienced surfers may still opt for the surf longboard, as it provides a more relaxed wave ride.

The longboard surfboard is a good board for surfers wanting to get in a long surf session, as it is easier to paddle out on a longboard and a lot less tiring.

What Is A Skateboard Longboard?

woman on skate longboard
Yay Woman on skate longboard

Much as the name suggests, a skateboard longboard is a longer decked version of a skateboard, which will also generally have a longer wheelbase and softer wheels.

The skateboard version of a longboard is great for beginners and is the preferred board for general cruising and transportation. The additional length and softer wheels make it more stable and easier to maneuver.

Skateboard longboards will weigh 8lbs -11lbs and have a length of 33″ to 59″.

Can You Take A Longboard As Hand Luggage?

surf long board handluggage
Pro-Lite / Flickr Surf long board as luggage

This will depend on which type of longboard is in question. If it’s a skateboard, some airlines will allow a longboard in the cabin as hand luggage, provided it complies with the airline’s hand luggage specifications. However, note that it will count towards one’s overall hand luggage allowance.

The surfboard longboard will unfortunately not be able to travel in the cabin as hand luggage due to its size. These longboards will need to travel in the cargo hold, although here, too, they will need to meet the airline’s specifications.

Not all airlines will offer a cargo option for a surf longboard either, so it is best to contact the relevant airline directly before booking to find out their limitations.

What Factors Will Influence Travel With A Longboard?

Each airline will have its version of luggage requirements for traveling with either type of longboard. We will look at what these requirements are and how they influence the transport of a longboard by plane.

  • The airline
  • The size of the plane
  • The size of the longboard
  • The packaging of the longboard
  • The destination

The Airline

Each airline will have its regulations concerning the transportation of sporting equipment. This will vary depending on the airline and the type of sports equipment.

Most budget airlines may not be accommodating due to less space, and a longboard of either kind would probably need to travel as cargo.

Budget airlines are also less likely to accommodate a surf longboard due to its size, and if they allow it as luggage, it will likely incur an additional luggage fee based on weight.

That said, even larger airlines charge additional luggage fees for oversized items, so it is good to shop around and find an airline that best accommodates your needs.

The Size Of The Plane

Not all airplanes are the same. Some are a lot smaller than others and will have less space both in the cabin and in the hold. The smaller the plane, the less accommodating that airline will be for transporting sporting goods.

While a skateboard longboard is not considered large, it may not be allowed in the cabin as carry-on luggage if it cannot fit into the overhead luggage compartments. In the case where it cannot fit in the cabin, it is more likely that it may be required to travel in the hold.

Surf longboards, being considerably large, will not travel as carry-on luggage and will need to be in the hold – however, this may not be possible on smaller aircraft. If it is, it will likely come at an additional fee.

The Size Of The Longboard

The following measurements are generalizations, but will cover the luggage requirements of most airlines. As a guide, check the airline carry-on allowance; if your longboard complies, you can be reasonably safe. Most carry-on allowances provide a weight of 40lbs and a combined dimension of 45″.

A skateboard longboard must generally be under 22″ linear length to be allowed as a carry-on. Different airlines differ, so check their requirements. But for most main airlines, provided it can fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat, the skateboard longboard can go in the cabin.

The weight limit for cabin luggage will generally fall in the region of 22lbs, so provided your longboard is within that, which is likely for the skateboard variety, it will be allowed.

If you’re worried about the size and fit of your longboard, a top tip would be to remove the trucks. It’s also recommended to lie your longboard wheels up to avoid them rolling during the flight.

Surf longboards, however, are much too large for carry-on, but provided they are under around 115″ in length, they will be allowed as checked baggage. Some airlines will charge an additional fee, and others will only charge extra if the surf longboards take one over the baggage allowance.

The Packaging Of The Longboard

Skateboard longboards may sometimes be accepted in the cabin with no bag required, however, if your longboard needs to travel as checked luggage, it will have to be packed or bagged, or airlines will not accept it.

Proper bagging is also true for surf longboards as these can only travel as checked luggage, and for the safety of the board, a well-padded bag is recommended.

The Destination

Local US airlines are mostly quite relaxed about sporting equipment and won’t likely make a fuss, provided your longboard fulfills the airline requirements. This is not always the case with international carriers, so check on their policies, so there are no surprises on arrival and again on departure.

Different countries view sporting goods differently, so always check with your carrier.

Is It Easy To Travel With A Longboard?

As long as the airline luggage requirements are checked, and the longboard in question complies with the requirements, it is very easy to travel with a longboard.

The skateboard variety can generally be stowed in the cabin nearby, while the surfboard variety can be checked in along with other check-in baggage.