Can You Bring A Toothbrush On A Plane?

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Some flights can be long, and sleeping on the plane can cause bad breath. Carrying a toothbrush can be beneficial to freshen up between naps or before you land, but are toothbrushes allowed on a plane?

A toothbrush is allowed on a plane in checked and hand luggage. Electric toothbrushes with installed lithium batteries are permitted in checked luggage, but placing all electronic items in carry-on bags is recommended. Plugs and cords must be placed in hand baggage, and always pack removable batteries separately.

Can You Carry A Toothbrush On A Plane?

Unless you travel for a day trip, you shouldn’t travel without a toothbrush. It is an essential item for oral hygiene and is not a dangerous object, so it is permitted on a plane in checked baggage and hand luggage.

You can pack your toothbrush or multiple toothbrushes in your checked bag or hand luggage. There are no restrictions, no specific guidelines on carrying them, and they do not have to be placed in the liquid quart-sized bag for carry-ons.

Can You Take An Electric Toothbrush On A Plane?

An electric toothbrush is also allowed on planes in carry-on and checked baggage. There is no restriction, so you can take multiple electronic toothbrushes. It is not recommended to pack your electric toothbrush in checked bags.

Electronic items are valuable and can be stolen from your suitcases or lost with checked bags despite being allowed. Some checked luggage also gets severely damaged, and you don’t want anything to happen to your expensive electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes with installed batteries are permitted in checked luggage, but if there is a removable lithium battery, separate it and pack the battery in your hand luggage.

Ensure that the toothbrush is packed securely and does not switch on in your bag. TSA agents may want to do secondary screening when passing through security checkpoints if you have your electronic toothbrush in your carry-on.

Can You Use A Toothbrush On A Plane?

Passengers can use a toothbrush on a plane, and brushing your teeth is a good idea if you sleep on the plane. Being close to other passengers with bad breath is not fun, and besides, you want to maintain oral hygiene on your travels.

If you travel first or in business class, you may get a small package that includes a kit with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Some airlines also provide this complementary kit for economy passengers.

Can you Pack Toothpaste For A Flight?

Toothpaste is permitted on planes in checked baggage and carry-on bags. There are no restrictions for taking toothpaste in your checked luggage, but there are guidelines for carry-on bags.

Toothpaste is treated as liquid, so it must not exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml in hand luggage. It must also be placed in your quart-sized bag for carry-on liquids. If you purchase duty-free toothpaste after passing through security, it will be allowed in the airplane cabin.

Can you Take Dental Floss On A Plane?

Dental floss, floss picks, and toothpicks are permitted on planes. You can pack them in checked or hand luggage without restrictions. You can also floss on the plane but ensure you do that in the lavatory.

Avoid using toothpicks in your seat because if it falls or gets lost, they can hurt you or another passenger, which might not turn out so well.

Can You Take Mouthwash On A Plane?

The TSA permits mouthwash for flights, but because it is a liquid, you cannot take more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml of mouthwash in your carry-on bag. It must also be placed in the quart-sized bag for liquid items.

If you have more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml of mouthwash, pack and divide it into travel-size bottles for your hand luggage or pack it into your checked baggage without restriction.