Can You Bring Champagne On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Champagne is the golden bubbly liquid synonymous with celebrations, toasts and speeches, achievements, and general merriment. This sparkling liquid is not reserved for these auspicious moments. For many, it is their drink of choice, no matter the occasion. But what if one such “occasion” takes place on a plane? You’ve seen people being served and consuming champagne during a flight, so can you bring your own bottle of champagne on a plane?

Champagne may be brought aboard a fight in checked luggage but not as carry-on luggage. The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) has to be below 70%. Champagne in checked bags does not run the risk of exploding and will not break, provided it has been packed securely and correctly.

Can You Bring Champagne As Carry-On?

A passenger may not take champagne as a carry-on item due to the restrictions regarding liquids. As per TSA regulations, the carry-on limit for liquids is 3.4 fl. Oz. Keep in mind that a standard bottle of champagne is 25.36 fl. Oz and the most miniature bottle of champagne (piccolo) is 6.34 fl. Oz.

Can You Bring Champagne In Your Checked Luggage?

Champagne is allowed in a passenger’s checked luggage. Checked luggage will be moved and handled more than carry-on, so it is in the passenger’s best interest to ensure that it is packed securely. Luxe Adventure Traveler posted an article about the best way to pack your precious liquids for a flight.

What Are The TSA’s Limitations Regarding Alcohol Content When Flying?

While you are not prohibited from having champagne in your checked luggage, the TSA does have restrictions concerning alcohol content. There are no limitations if your champagne is 24% ABV or less. However, alcohol between 24%-70% ABV is limited to 1.3 gallons per passenger. Anything above 70% is strictly prohibited.

Can You Bring Champagne On A Domestic Flight?

The rules for traveling with champagne on a domestic flight are standard as per The TSA guidelines for traveling with alcohol. A passenger may take champagne in their checked luggage but not in their carry-on.

Can You Bring Champagne On An International Flight?

Some countries ban alcohol for religious reasons, but allowances are usually made for international tourists and non-citizens. There are countries such as Somalia and Yemen where the possession of alcohol is strictly banned. Depending on your destination, you should check to ensure you won’t break any laws.

Can You Bring Champagne On A Plane For Consumption In A Smaller Container?

Even if you attempt to meet the liquid limitations by decanting your champagne into a suitable-sized container, you won’t be allowed to carry it on board. TSA stipulates that all alcohol needs to be in its original unopened retail packaging when taken on board. In this case, the same applies to the champagne in your checked luggage.

Will Champagne Explode From The Air Pressure On A Flight?

Cabins and cargo hold on airplanes are pressurized, so you do not need to worry about it affecting your bottle of bubbly. The cargo area is also temperature controlled, so you won’t have to worry about it being too cold and compromising your bottle and luggage. If passengers have any concerns about their bottles, bring them to the airline staff’s attention when checking their luggage.

Will All The Movement Cause The Bottle To Burst From The Pressure Within?

It’s a scientific fact that shaking a bottle of unopened champagne will not increase any kind of pressure inside the bottle. It will not matter if you’ve had a turbulent flight or your baggage has been moved around a lot. Your champagne will not explode in your suitcase.

What Is The Correct Way To Pack Champagne In Your Checked Luggage?

Correctly packing your bubbly will further ensure that no harm comes to your bottle and the items surrounding it in your suitcase. You can purchase a wine sleeve to fit snugly over your bottle. Some such sleeves are inflatable or made of a sturdy bubble wrap-type material. Also, be sure to pack your bottle alongside soft items that don’t threaten to break or puncture the bottle or sleeve.

Do All American Airlines Allow You To Bring Champagne On A Flight?

Airlines within the United States allow for champagne and alcohol (within the TSA regulations) to be brought in checked luggage. If you are uncertain about the rules with a lesser-known airline, it’s best to check with them.

Does It Make A Difference If The Champagne Is Non-Alcoholic?

When it comes to air travel, a liquid is a liquid. Even if you want to take a piccolo of non-alcoholic sparkling wine or champagne in your carry-on luggage, it won’t make a difference. The carry-on restrictions apply to any and all liquids.

Do Airlines Serve Champagne During A Flight?

Many airlines have quite a selection of alcoholic beverages to choose from. A flight attendant must be asked to serve the liquid. This includes champagne. It will, of course, be served by the glass. It is also known that passengers who have brought their own alcohol on board (that meets TSA rules) are not allowed to serve themselves.

Do You Have To Declare Your Champagne?

If you are traveling with champagne in your checked luggage, which was not purchased duty-free, you may be required to declare it when you arrive at your destination. Not everyone declares all these items in their luggage to avoid charges. But if you are found to have these items, you may be fined.

Do You Have To Pay For The Alcohol In Your Checked Luggage?

When traveling abroad, passengers will more than likely have to pay Customs for their alcohol by the liter. Most countries make concessions for one liter. Anything more that is not duty-free is to be declared and charged accordingly. The cost itself will depend entirely on the country or state you are traveling to.

What Does Duty-Free Mean When Flying With Alcohol?

Duty-free items refer to those items bought during international travel that do not have VAT, other taxes, or the cost of import sales. Such items are usually found at the airport and sometimes even sold on board a flight. Champagne or alcohol can be one such item. Buying it duty-free will mean that you would have to repack it into your luggage before checking it in.

What Happens To Alcohol That Is Confiscated At The Airport?

All alcohol, beverages, and food items that have been confiscated or “intercepted” at the airport are destroyed. This will apply if the TSA rules have been ignored. The value of the champagne or alcohol in question will be of no significance and will either go down the drain or up in flames.

How Soon After Getting Off The Plane Can You Drink Your Champagne?

Depending on the laws of the country or state you are visiting, you could potentially pop your bottle of bubbly once you have exited the airport (unless you are in the driver’s seat, of course). Champagne does not need to be left to stand or acclimatize after a flight. It is, however, recommended that it be chilled to the correct temperature before consumption to ensure peak enjoyability.