Can You Bring Chips On A Plane?

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Buying snacks like potato chips on the plane can work out pretty expensive, and if they give them free, it won’t always be chips or the kind you might like. Packing your own is always best, so you have a little something to nibble on. But can you bring chips on a plane?

Chips are allowed on a plane with no quantity restrictions, whether potato, corn, or any vegetable type. Chips are permitted in checked luggage and carry-on bags. Passengers can take chips to eat on the plane, but they should be in a sealed bag or a container with a secured lid.

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Can You Take Chips On A Plane?

You don’t need to crave your favorite snacks on the plane or at destinations that don’t sell them because you can take chips with you and enjoy every bite on your journey. The TSA permits chips on a plane with no restrictions.

Passengers can carry an unlimited number of chips and other dry snacks on the plane and even eat them on a flight. Be mindful of snacks with potent smells like cheese-flavored chips that could bother other passengers.

All types of chips are allowed on the plane, including potato, corn, puff, and tortilla chips. If you are health conscious, you can pack vegetable chips such as beetroot, kale, carrot, etc. It also doesn’t matter whether the chips are baked or fried.

Can You Pack Chips In Checked Luggage?

Chips are not only permitted in checked luggage, but there are no restrictions on how much you can take. You could fill up an entire bag with only chips, and you will still be allowed to take it with no issues.

You only want to note that checked luggage tends to get roughly handled by baggage staff when they load and unload the plane. The bags are packed tightly and sometimes thrown on top of each other.

If your checked suitcases are not hard-shelled, your packets of chips could get crushed. If you plan to carry a few packs or more chips in your checked baggage, get a hard-shelled one, and don’t squash too many items in your bag.

Can You Carry Chips In A Carry-On?

If you want to take your snacks on the plane, whether to eat on the flight, during a layover or because you don’t have space in your checked bag, you will be permitted to pack chips in your carry-on bag.

There is limitation or restriction to carrying chips on an airplane. You are also allowed to take a pre-opened chip package, but it must be sealed when passing through airport security. Putting the chips in a resealable Ziploc bag or container with a secure lid will work.

Chips like pringles that come in a resealable container are excellent options to travel with. You could also carry a sealing clip to ensure your opened packet of chips can be properly closed after being opened.

Whether you need to take open chips through airport security or open the bag on a plane, try to keep it sealed to avoid spills or smells that could bother other passengers.

Even though chips are permitted in carry-on bags, security staff might ask you to remove the chips from your bag for additional screening. Unless you do something illegal, it will not be a problem, and they will allow you through.

Can You Take Dip For Chips On A Plane?

If you are a fan of dips with chips, you will be allowed to carry them in your checked luggage and carry-on bags. Take note that if your dip needs to be temperature controlled, you will need to pack it in a cooler.

You should also note that the TSA treats dips under the liquid category for hand luggage. That means the amount of each dip cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml, but you can take more than one.

Guacamole, salsa, cheese dips, etc., are all allowed on a plane, but they must meet the size and quantity requirements if you take them in your carry-on. You can pack larger dips in your checked luggage.

Can You Take Pretzel Chips On A Plane?

You can bring pretzel chips if you want a healthy snack instead of regular chips. Pretzels are allowed in checked luggage and carry-on bags. There is no limit to how many pretzel chips you can carry in your checked baggage.

There are no limitations on how many pretzels you can take in your carry-on; however, remember to keep any open bags sealed when passing through airport security checkpoints. You might also need to remove it for additional screening.

Pretzel chips are an excellent way to beat motion sickness because of the saltiness without the guilt of the unhealthiness of fried chips. If you want a treat, you can carry chocolate-covered pretzels – also allowed on a plane.

Can A Packet Of Chips Burst On A Plane?

It is no secret that the airplane’s altitude causes pressure on sealed food and non-food items. You will often find that a packet of chips tends to expand in a flight and feel like it will burst. It is unlikely that will happen, but carry extra Ziploc bags to be prepared.

If your bag of chips bursts put it all into your Ziploc bags or a resealable container with a lid. If your packet has just significantly expanded, take care when opening it. You don’t want the chips to fly all over the plane.

Can You Take Chips On An International Flight?

Chips are allowed on a plane within the US on domestic flights and internationally. It will be best to check ahead with other countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. if chips not sealed in original packaging are allowed.

When bringing chips, pretzels, or dips into the United States on an International flight, remember to declare it at customs because all agricultural and food items must be declared. Not doing so can result in fines, additional tax charges, and confiscation of items.