Can You Bring Clorox/Wet Wipes On A Plane?

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Planes can often be a breeding ground for germs, and wet wipes are a convenient way to sanitize and clean up any mess without worrying about packing liquid items. Most people want to know if Clorox and other wet wipes are allowed on planes.

Clorox, baby, and other wet wipes are permitted on planes in checked luggage and hand luggage. There are no restrictions on quantity, and you can use them on the plane. Wet wipes are soaked in liquid but not considered a liquid item and, therefore, are not subject to any regulations.

Can You Take Wet Wipes On A Plane?

The TSA permits all types of wet wipes on a plane. Clorox, Lysol, alcohol, feminine, and wet wipes are allowed in checked and hand luggage on a plane. The TSA has no restrictions on the number of wet wipes you can carry on a flight.

Wet wipes are soaked in various types of liquid, depending on their purpose, but the wipes themselves are considered solid because they do not have a standing liquid that can run out. They are therefore permitted without restrictions.

Can You Take Baby Wet Wipes On A Plane?

Baby wipes are pretty essential if you are traveling with a baby on a plane. You will need it for changing their diapers, cleaning spit-ups, and generally wiping up messes they might make with baby food.

The TSA has no issue with baby wipes in checked or hand luggage, even if you do not have a baby. Some people use baby wipes as they are less harsh than other wipes – specifically for wiping on the skin.

You can put as many packs of baby wipes as you need in your checked luggage to use at your destination or pack them in your carry-on or purse on the plane and through your journey.

Can You Take Makeup Wipes On A Plane?

Makeup wipes are safe to take on a plane in checked luggage and carry-on bags. Makeup wipes are necessary for people who use makeup regularly, and having them on vacations is super convenient for easy cleanups.

They also come in handy on the plane if you need to clean up your makeup or freshen up before landing at your destination. Makeup wipes are sometimes helpful if you get ready at the airport. The TSA will allow your makeup wipes to pass through security without problems.

Can You Use Wet Wipes On A Plane?

Various wet wipes are used for several reasons. One of the primary reasons people keep wet wipes in carry-on bags is to use them to clean up the seats, fold-out table, handles, and area where you will be seated.

Young girl wiping the armpit with wet wipes
Yay Young girl wiping the armpit with wet wipes

You can use wet wipes on the plane for sanitizing and even share them with fellow passengers if you want (of course, only unused ones!). They are especially handy for wiping up kids’ hands and faces.

Can You Carry Sanitizer Spray On A Plane?

If you carry wet wipes for sanitation, you should know that the TSA also permits sanitizer spray on a plane in checked and hand luggage. There are no restrictions on the quantity of sanitizer spray in checked bags.

If you take sanitizer spray in your carry-on bag, it does count as liquid and cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100ml. It must be placed in your quart-sized clear, resealable bag for liquid carry-on items. The same applies to hand sanitizer gels.

Aerosol sanitizer sprays are only allowed if you can spray them on the skin, and the 3.4 oz liquid rule would apply. Flammable, toxic aerosol sprays are prohibited from both checked and hand luggage. Liquid sanitizer sprays and wet wipes are the safest options.