Can You Bring Condoms On A Plane? (through TSA)

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If you are sexually active and traveling, you would likely want to carry your condoms. It’s always better to have the kind you use, especially if you are going to destinations where they might not have the same brand. But can you bring condoms on the plane?

Passengers can carry condoms on a plane in checked baggage and carry-on bags. There are no restrictions on taking condoms on a flight. The foil packaging may set off metal detectors, but airport security will not do anything about it because condoms are not an issue.

Can You Carry Condoms On A Plane?

The TSA allows passengers to carry condoms on a plane because they are not dangerous. If you plan on taking condoms in your carry-on, you will not have issues at airport security; however, the foil packaging might set off the metal detectors.

It is not common for that to occur, but if it does, you don’t have to worry, as the security staff will not create a problem for you. Once they realize what it is, they will let you pass effortlessly. You can pack as many condoms as you want in your hand luggage.

You can also take condoms in your personal bag, such as your purse, backpack, or laptop bag. If you typically carry a couple of condoms in your wallet, you can leave them there. There will be no issues with it.

Are Lubricated Condoms Allowed On A Plane?

Lubricated condoms have a thin layer of lube liquid around them. Unlike an actual liquid product, lubricated condoms still fall under the category of solid items, so they are allowed without restrictions on a plane in hand luggage and checked baggage.

Can You Bring Flavored Condoms On A Plane?

Flavored condoms are just like regular condoms. They are considered solid items, so unlike lube or other liquid and powder items, there are no restrictions on them. You can pack a whole box of flavored or regular condoms without issues.

If you pack an entire box of condoms, security staff may want to open it up to see clearly and ensure that there are only condoms inside and nothing else that is suspicious or could pose as dangerous.

Can You Pack Condoms In Checked Luggage?

Passengers can carry condoms in checked luggage, and there are no restrictions. You can pack as many as you require or prefer. Remember that once you get to your destination and open your baggage, you might notice the packages are slightly puffed up.

That happens in flight with altitude pressure. If you notice a few have burst, you may want to toss them for hygiene reasons or ensure that nothing sharp has poked through and caused holes in your condoms.

Do Condoms Need Separate Screening At Airport Security?

Condoms need not be removed from your carry-on bag for separate screening. The only reason you might notice that sometimes happen to people is that the condoms’ foil packaging sets off metal detectors.

If that happens, security will want to remove the items and check if anything is suspicious. If they open your bags and notice condoms, it will not be an issue, and they will let it go. You can also ask them to privately check if you feel embarrassed about others seeing your condoms.

Can You Carry Birth Control Pills On A Plane?

While men primarily carry condoms as birth control, women usually have pills for the same reason. Birth control pills are allowed on planes in checked and hand luggage. If you are carrying a couple of months’ worth, take a copy of your prescription.

Not all airlines or countries require prescriptions for birth control pills, but rather be safe and have it handy. If you only pack one set, you should be fine carrying it in your carry-on or purse. Avoid packing it in checked luggage in case of lost or stolen luggage.

It is possible for birth control foil packaging to set off the metal detectors like condoms, and the same process applies; once the security personnel sees it is medication, they will let it go and allow you to pass through without any problems.

Security might ask you what it is if they want to be thorough. If you need privacy, you can request them to take you aside. It is unlikely that they will go that far once they realize you have tablets in your bag.

Is Lube Allowed On A Plane?

Lube for sexual activity is allowed on planes in hand luggage and checked baggage. You can bring as many as you prefer in either bag; however, the TSA rules for liquid will apply. Lube is considered liquid and cannot exceed 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

It will also need to be placed in a clear, plastic, resealable Ziploc bag with your other liquid toiletry items in your carry-on bag. That is due to the TSA 3-1-1 rule for liquid items. Pack lube in checked baggage if it is larger than 3.4 oz or 100 ml.

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Are Adult Toys Allowed On A Plane?

Many passengers are concerned about carrying adult toys on planes. The US and their airlines allow passengers to travel with adult toys in their carry-on bags and checked baggage. Most adult toys will be permitted without an issue.

Some adult toys might trigger a warning of dangerous items, and if the TSA personnel at checkpoints are concerned, they will not allow them through. Things that seem more dangerous, like ropes and cuffs or other impact toys, are more likely to get confiscated.

Electronic items like vibrators should be packed in carry-on bags but be ready to be stopped at security checkpoints if they trigger the danger senses. Even if your items do, TSA personnel will most likely let you go without issues if it isn’t something you can hurt others with.

Most nations are permissive to adult toys but remember that there are some countries where adult toys are strictly forbidden, like many Muslim countries in the Middle East.

You want to research before flying abroad to ensure that you don’t carry those items and get stopped, fined, or have your things taken away.