Can You Bring Crystals On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Have you ever wondered if you can bring crystals with you traveling? I know many people who love crystals and travel with them everywhere. So, can you bring crystals on a plane?

You can bring crystals on a plane. However, there are some things to be mindful of when packing your crystals for travel. The main concern with bringing crystals on a plane is whether they will break from the vibrations and impact during transportation.

Here are a few tips on traveling with your crystals without them getting destroyed or stolen. You can even bring crystals when traveling by train, car, or boat. Read on to know how to travel with your crystals by plane safely and how to pack them.

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Can You Bring Crystals On A Plane?

Are you planning to travel with crystals? You can take your crystals with you when catching your flight. You must ensure that the crystals are packed properly because they can damage or break from the impact and vibrations during your flight.

Also, remember that the TSA will not always allow the transportation of crystals, and in some states/countries, it is illegal or dangerous to travel with crystals and rocks. Nonetheless, these people are only doing their jobs for safety reasons.

How To Pack Your Crystals For Traveling By Plane

While many people have reported that their crystals stayed intact after being dropped during flights, it is better to be safe than sorry. Another concern with traveling with crystals is theft. Although most airlines allow you to carry on your crystals, some thieves may try and take them if they see them in your bag or luggage.

Therefore, keeping your crystals inside a Ziplock bag when traveling by plane, train, car, or boat is best. The more secure, the better! If you would like to bring your crystals with you on a plane, here is how to pack them:

1. Place your crystals into a Ziplock bag

Place the Ziplock bag in another bag that closes securely so no one can get their hands on your crystals. Place your crystals next to something heavy, like an electronic device or book, so they will not shift around during travel.

Once you have packed your crystals and are ready to head out the door, make sure that you have all of your crystals inside the Ziplock bag. Ensure it is closed securely. You surely do not want to lose any of your crystals while traveling!

2. Purchase Crystal Travel Shields

Crystal travel shields will protect the crystals from vibrations and impact during travel. These are great for people worried about dropping their crystals or having them stolen by thieves. They are sold in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials, so you can find one that best suits your needs!

3. Pack Your Crystals In A Crystal Pouch

This is an excellent method for people who do not want to take any chances with their crystals and want to bring them along without worrying about them getting damaged or stolen while traveling. Putting your crystals in an energetically protective bag, pouch or box will protect them from all the vibrations and impact during travel.

4. Place Your Crystal Under Your Mattress At Night

Suppose you are worried about it getting stolen. You can place your crystals under the mattress at night. Make sure to cleanse your crystals before doing this, so they do not pick up negative energy from the bed.

TSA Rules For Traveling With Crystals

You will need to be aware of the TSA’s rules and regulations to ensure your trip goes smoothly. You must comply with TSA rules.

First, ensure that your crystals are properly packaged so they will not be damaged in transit.

Secondly, be aware of the size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage.

Finally, declare your crystals at the security checkpoint and be prepared to answer any TSA agents’ questions.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that oversees security in airports and on airline flights. TSA rules and regulations apply when traveling with crystals, as with other objects.

To ensure your trip goes smoothly, it is best to familiarize yourself with these guidelines before you travel.

It can be argued that there are certain places where it would be dangerous or even illegal to carry around crystal quartz, amethyst, or any other type of crystal. For example, traveling on a cruise ship may be against the rules for security reasons.

Or, if you are traveling on a plane, it may be dangerous to have crystals in your bag because they could get damaged or lost during the flight. Therefore, if you are planning on traveling and want to bring crystals, please read through these tips before making any final decisions about what is best for your situation.

Tip #1 – Pack Your Crystals According To Location And Purpose Going And How.

For example, if you’re going on a holiday to a hot country – it is best to pack your crystals in sea salt (this is because the salt will help to balance out any excess heat that may be present).

On the other hand, if you are planning on doing lots of physical activities while away from home, then diatomaceous earth would probably be better (this is because the DE will provide extra energy and strength for the body).

Tip #2 – Know What Type Of Crystal You Need (And Why)

It is also essential to know why you are taking crystals with you. For example, when you go overseas for a holiday, the primary purpose will probably be to relax and have fun.

Therefore, it is best to pack stones known for their calming or relaxing properties (such as Rose Quartz or Amethyst).

On the other hand, if you are going on a business trip, you will probably want to take a stone known for its ability to help with focus and concentration (such as Citrine or Black Tourmaline).

Tip #3 – Follow The TSA Rules

The final thing that I recommend is making sure that your crystals conform to the TSA rules. As long as they are in a zippable case, there should be no problems.

However, if the TSA thinks that your crystals are dangerous, then they have the right to remove them from your bag – so make sure they are not something that could be used as a weapon (such as a metal blade or something). Also, if you are planning on traveling with crystals, I recommend some other tips.

Tip #4 – Make Sure You Have Enough Room In Your Bags

If you are planning on bringing crystals, make sure you have enough room for them. If not, it is best to leave them at home so that you do not have any problems while traveling.

Would Traveling With Crystals Look Suspicious?

If you are considering traveling with crystals, you might wonder if they look suspicious. However, as long as you do not carry many crystals, you do not need to worry. After all, crystals can be used for various purposes, including energy work, healing, and divination.

Many people find that having a few crystals can be very helpful, especially when traveling to unfamiliar or stressful places.

How To Proceed When TSA Stops You

Traveling with crystals can be a great way to bring extra positive energy into your life.

However, it is really important to be aware that the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) may stop you if they think you carry too many crystals. We know how frustrating it can be. Here is what you can do if that happens:

  1. Do not be alarmed. TSA agents are just doing their job and probably do not know much about crystals.
  2. Be polite and respectful when answering questions. Even if the agent seems confrontational, remaining calm and collected while answering questions is okay.
  3. If asked to explain your crystal, offer them a description of its purpose. For example, you could say, “This is a healing crystal.” It helps with stress and energizes me when I’m feeling tired.” You could also say, “This is a crystal ball. It is made of quartz, used to see the future.”
  4. If you are asked to show them how your crystal works, do so willingly. This should not be taken as an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in crystals or suggest that they do not need to see it in action.
  5. For example, if they ask, “Can I see how this works?” then respond by saying, “Sure, just hold the crystals in your hand and feel the energy.”
  6. If asked what crystals are used for, explain that they are used for various things, including healing, energizing, balancing, increasing luck, and more.

You could also say, “They help with all sorts of different things depending on the crystal you use. Some are good for protection from negative energy, and others are better at increasing positive energy.”


You can bring your crystals on a plane if you follow the TSA rules and ensure that the crystals are packed properly to avoid damage, breakage, and theft. When taking your crystals with you, it is best to take the correct crystals.

For example, take Rose Quartz or Amethyst if you are going on vacation to relax. If you are going on a business trip, you will probably want to take a stone known for its ability to assist with focus and concentration, like Citrine or Black Tourmaline.