Can You Bring Edible Mushrooms On A Plane?

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Passengers are not always aware of what they may or may not pack in their carry-on or bagged luggage when undertaking a flight somewhere. Between food, personal belongings, and medicine, the lines become blurry. Airport security and customs officials have the final say about what items go through. So, are edible mushrooms permitted on a plane?

Passengers are permitted to bring edible mushrooms in carry-on bags or checked bags on a plane traveling inside the continental United States. International passengers flying with edible mushrooms into the US must declare them on US Custom forms so that officials can inspect the mushrooms in line with agricultural safety policies.

Can You Bring Fresh Mushrooms On A Plane?

According to TSA’s website, passengers can bring solid food items such as fresh fruit and vegetables in their carry-on or bagged luggage on a domestic flight within the US. Remember, all the items in your luggage are scanned, and the final decision rests with the TSA official when letting items through.

The US Department of Agriculture lists mushrooms as “generally authorized non-propagative plant products” that don’t need to meet USDA requirements when entering the US. Mushrooms are generally admissible from all countries.

Can You Bring Dried Mushrooms On A Plane?

Dried mushrooms can be brought onto a plane via carry-on or checked bags. When transporting dry mushrooms in your carry-on bag, ensure that your carry-on is uncluttered to make the screening process easy and quick.

A TSA officer may instruct you to separate the dried mushroom from other items in your carry-on, as it may interfere with the X-ray machine’s imaging.

Can You Bring Canned Mushrooms On A Plane?

You can bring canned mushrooms on a plane. When transported in checked bags, there will be no issues. However, the TSA notes that some items may appear strange on an x-ray, and even if the item isn’t on the prohibited list, security concerns may lead to additional screening.

Additional screening can result in the item not making it past the checkpoint. It’s highly recommended that you pack any canned foods in your checked bags instead of carry-on bags.

Can You Bring Frozen Mushrooms On A Plane?

You can bring frozen foods (meat, vegetables, seafood) and non-liquid food items in checked bags and carry-on bags. An important thing to remember when transporting frozen edible mushrooms is that it needs to be packed with ice packs or ice in a container or cooler.

Ice and ice packs should be frozen when screened. Partially melted ice, when found in the bottom of the container, will not be permitted onto the plane.

Can You Bring Magic Mushrooms On A Plane?

Mushrooms that contain psilocybin are referred to as magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are grouped as a Schedule 1 substance and banned under the Controlled Substances Act. There has been an effort to decriminalize psilocybin in the US of late, with the following states and cities decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms:

  • Seattle
  • Washington DC.
  • Denver
  • Santa Cruz
  • Oakland
  • Somerville
  • Northampton
  • Oregon
  • Cambridge

Despite certain state laws decriminalizing magic mushrooms and a growing movement advocating for their removal as a Schedule 1 substance, the use, possession, and sale of psilocybin mushrooms are still illegal under federal law.

TSA officials are focused on the security of the passengers and the airlines by scanning bags and persons for potential threats. TSA isn’t tasked to look for illegal drugs. However, if any drugs are found during the security screening process, they must report any law violations to federal, state, or local authorities.

Can You Bring Mushrooms On A Plane From Puerto Rico?

Suppose you are traveling from Puerto Rico to the mainland US. After a USDA inspector has inspected them at the airport and deemed them without disease or pests, you are allowed to have them in your luggage as you make your way to the US.

Can You Bring Mushrooms On A Plane From The US Virgin Islands?

The USDA has mushrooms on the list of agricultural items allowed into the mainland for people traveling from the US Virgin Islands. Before boarding, a US Customs and Border Protection officer inspects them to ensure they are free of disease and pests.

Can You Bring Edible Mushrooms On An International Flight?

If you’re planning to take edible mushrooms with you on an international flight to a foreign country, it’s best to research what the country’s stance is regarding edible mushrooms.

Most countries have different laws regarding what types of foods it allows to enter their borders. International passengers need to make their way through Customs; who’s the authority responsible for the following items getting in and out of a country:

  • Goods
  • Foods
  • Animals
  • Personal Effects
  • Hazardous Items
  • Transports

When you declare edible mushrooms on a customs form, it gives the Customs officials or the Border Patrol officers the chance to inspect the mushrooms before either clearing them as safe or confiscating them if unsafe.

Not all countries have the same restrictions and laws, so you should do your homework before you take edible mushrooms on your international trip, as they might be confiscated at a foreign airport.

Can You Bring Edible Mushrooms On An International Flight To The US?

Suppose you are on an international flight due to land on US soil and have packed some edible mushrooms in your luggage. What is the ruling for bringing mushrooms into the country? The US Department of Agriculture states the following regarding international travelers:

  • “Travelers entering the United States must declare all agricultural products on their US Customs forms. US agricultural inspectors will examine your items to be sure they meet entry requirements and do not harbor harmful foreign pests or diseases. US inspectors have the authority to make a final determination about whether your products can enter the country. We recommend that you keep receipts and original packaging of agricultural products as proof of their country of origin.”
  • “As long as you declare all the agricultural products you are bringing with you, you will not face any penalties—even if an inspector determines that they cannot enter the country.”

The US Department of Agriculture lists mushrooms as “generally authorized non-propagative plant products” that don’t need to meet USDA requirements when entering the US and are generally admissible from all countries.

According to Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services, dried mushrooms can enter the US if they are “free of soil, insects, disease, and contamination from other plant material.” When entering the US, or any other country, it’s best to be 100% honest about what you have in your luggage.

Fill in all relevant customs forms honestly, and you won’t get fined for having something “illegal” in your bags. If you fail to mention certain items, and the authorities find them, you will have to bear the brunt of your decision.