Can You Bring Flowers On A Plane?

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When you’ve been away from a loved one or family member for extended periods like a business trip or vacation, you may want to surprise them with flowers. You need to know the regulations on carrying flowers on a plane.

US customs require flowers to be declared before entry into the US. Following TSA guidelines, passengers can carry fresh flowers on a plane, provided they are not carried in any liquid and wrapped in foil or plastic. You may also have them boxed and placed in the overhead carriage.

Can You Bring Flowers In A Carry On Bag?

Under TSA guidelines, passengers must follow the 3:1:1 rule, which categorically states that passengers be allowed to carry liquid in travel-size containers no bigger than 3, 4 ounces, or 100 milliliters.

Therefore before boarding your flight back home, dispose of any liquid in your flower containers. You can also carry fresh flowers on your lap during the flight.

However, be vigilant; the flowers may irritate passengers with allergies. You may need to carry your flowers in a box and store them in the overhead baggage compartment.

Can You Bring Flowers In Checked Luggage?

Although passengers are allowed flowers in checked luggage, many prefer not to check in the flowers because they may be too fragile to survive the long flights.

You can bring flowers in checked baggage if you have them adequately boxed and preserved for freshness during the flight.

Can You Bring Flowers On A Domestic Flight?

When flying between US states, knowing you can carry flowers on the flight is helpful. However, as a passenger, you must follow the TSA rules about not transporting the flowers in liquid.

It is also worthwhile knowing when traveling to Hawaii, authorities restrict certain flowers from entering the state. Your airline or travel agent should provide you with more detailed information on which flowers you can travel with.

Can You Carry Flowers On An International Flight?

Most countries outside the United States are weary about travelers bringing flowers, seeds, and plants into the country. One reason is that the flowers may carry pests or diseases that may negatively impact the native environment.

The customs officials may confiscate the flowers at the entry points. Therefore all travelers should be aware of what flowers are allowed entry into the country before setting off on their journey.

You may also require prior permission from customs officials on which flowers you can bring on the plane. On arrival at your destination and before you exit the airport, you must declare your flowers.

Can You Bring Flowers Into The EU?

Passengers from the United States into any EU country should have permission ahead of traveling on whether they may bring flowers into the country. There are a few extra precautions to be aware of when traveling with flowers.

  • Travelers from the US into any EU country must have a phytosanitary certificate that proclaims the flowers are free from pests or diseases.
  • Travelers also cannot transport flowers in loose soil.

There are no restrictions for those travelers traveling within the EU. The only limitations you need to be aware of when traveling with flowers is that they must be grown within the EU and free of pests and diseases.

Can You Bring Fake Flowers On A Plane?

Some people prefer fake flowers over real variety. And if you are thinking of bringing them on the plane, then know that there are no restrictions to bringing fake flowers on the plane.

Typically, fake flowers are constructed of plastic, silk fabric, foam, or paper; therefore, they are safe to take onto any flight.

Can I Bring Orchids On A Plane?

We all love orchids, those exotic, beautiful flowers. However, you should be aware of any regulations or restrictions on bringing orchids on a plane.

Most varieties of exotic flowers are allowed on a plane provided you receive permission before boarding your flight. The United States Department of Agriculture is behind the regulation of the transport of plants and flowers into the US.

The USDA allows for the transport of orchids without a permit for personal use. However, you need a phytosanitary certificate from the country of origin before you bring your orchids on the plane.

You can carry up to 12 orchids on a plane, provided they are free of soil remnants and you declare them at the US customs offices.

How Can I Carry Flowers On A Plane?

When transporting flowers on a plane, the packaging is essential to preserve and protect the flowers from damage. There are a few steps for you to follow ahead of your flight.

  • Before you board your flight, place your cut flower stems into a water-filled vase with a flower preservative.
  • Drain the water before you package the flowers.
  • Use solid and sturdy cardboard or plastic box to place your flowers in. Most flower shops carry these boxes in stock, so you can get one from them.
  • You also need to check the airlines’ regulations on the size and length of the box.
  • You can wrap the cut ends of the flowers in damp paper towels. And also, wrap them in plastic or a Ziploc bag to prevent water leaks.
  • For extra protection, add some stuffing like Styrofoam beads or bubble wrap to prevent damage around the flowers.
  • Secure the open ends of the box with tape. However, do not add too much tape because you may have to open the box when you reach the customs checkpoints.

How Can I Carry Orchids On A Plane?

Orchids are beautiful exotic flowers, and often travelers wish to bring them back home. Although you can bring orchids on a plane, you need extra care to protect the delicate blooms.

Extra care is needed with orchids because they are temperature sensitive. And the shift in temperatures inside a plane may damage the flowers. Orchids are also sensitive to fuel gases, so it may be a good idea to store your orchids in the overhead baggage compartment instead of sending them through into checked-in luggage.

You need a few additional steps to transport orchids on a plane, as listed below.

  • You need to remove all the soil around the orchid’s roots.
  • Place the orchid into a clay pot and fill it with crumpled newspaper, cotton batting, or paper shreds.
  • You should also add a stake that props the orchid up. The stake protects the orchid from tipping over, especially if it’s heavy with flowers or has large leaves.
  • Wrap the pot in florist wrapping paper, tissue paper, or cotton batting.
  • When this is done, you can drop the wrapped orchid into a box and tape it shut. You may use a regular cardboard box, a foam fruit box, or a polystyrene box.