Can You Bring Gum On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Gum is a common item many people take on flights to help with take-off and landing for ear pressure. In recent times, there has been some contradiction that gum is longer allowed because of improper disposal. Find out if you can bring gum on a plan as someone who might need it.

Gum is allowed on a plane in checked luggage, carry-on bags, and purses. Airport security will not question you for carrying gum. If there is an excess quantity of gum in any of your luggage that might seem suspicious, security might need to inspect further. A few packs or containers of gum are not a problem.

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Is Gum Allowed On A Plane?

Whether you travel on a national flight or intentionally to any part of the world, you can take gum on a plane. There are no limitations on how much gum you can take. Security is only likely to question you if you have several packs of gum, and it looks like you might sell them.

You can carry gum in your personal bag like a purse or backpack, in your carry-on luggage, and even in your pocket for more convenience. Gum is perfectly safe and allowed on planes and through security checkpoints.

If you carry gum in your pocket, you might want to put it in your bag before you enter the checkpoint to make things easier, or you could drop it into one of the trays separately with your cellphone and watch.

Why Do People Carry Gum On A Plane?

There are several reasons people carry gum when flying. Some people see it as a necessity, and others take it in case they need it. Below are some of those reasons:

  • It can freshen up your breath after flying for a long time and possibly sleeping on the plane
  • It can help with nausea
  • It can curb cravings for smokers
  • It helps open the Eustachian tube to adjust the ears to the change in air pressure

Most people like to chew gum during take-off and landing of the plane to avoid sore and blocked ears.

Is Gum Allowed In Checked Luggage?

Gum is allowed in carry-on bags and checked luggage. Many passengers like to pack a pack or two extra to have handy at their destination and ensure they have the flight back home again.

You will still be okay during screening if you take several packs of gum for gifts or because you love chewing gum. The only time airport security might question you or open your bags is if it looks like you are carrying stock to sell.

How To Dispose Of Gum In A Plane?

If you chew gum on a plane, you must use proper methods to dispose of it. Do not stick it under the seats or anywhere on the plane. That is unhygienic and disrespectful to the airlines and other passengers.

It is best to wrap it up in a tissue or in any food wrapper you might have. When the flight attendants pass by collecting rubbish, you can drop it into their plastic garbage bags.

It is recommended to always have an extra Ziploc bag in your purse or carry-on to dispose of anything you have without it messing inside the plane. Once that plastic is full, you can ask a flight attendant to take it and throw it away.

Is Flavored Gum Allowed In A Plane?

The TSA allows passengers to carry gum regardless of its flavors. Whether the gum is sugar-free, herbal, dental, strawberry, cherry, mint, etc., you can safely take them on a plane in your carry-on and checked luggage.

You may even want to offer the people around you on the plane gum in case they forgot to carry or might not have thought about it. Flavored gum is an excellent alternative if you enjoy something sweet but don’t want to or cannot eat on the plane.

Mint flavored gum is an excellent way to help with nausea and freshening the breath on the plane, especially if it is a long flight and you might sleep along the way.

Can You Take Nicotine Gum On A Plane?

The TSA does not restrict smoke-free nicotine products like gum and lozenges. Passengers can carry nicotine gum in their purses, carry-on bags, and checked luggage.

You are also allowed to chew nicotine gum on the plane. It is beneficial for chain smokers to get through flights without smoking cigarettes or vaping. Some stores, after security control, even sell nicotine gum to purchase before boarding.

Can You Take An Open Pack Of Gum On A Plane?

Gum is safe to take on a flight, and it doesn’t matter if the pack of gums is opened or closed. You can also take gum in containers, boxes, or individually wrapped. You can carry gum sticks, slabs, or coated pallets.

Any variety of gum is allowed on airplanes. If your container is opened and the gum is not individually wrapped, it is best to pack it in a resealable bag or reusable container. You don’t want to chew on gum that has picked up dirt and germs.

Can You Carry Other Candy On A Plane?

Most candy like gummies, hard candy, chocolate, mint, gum, etc., is allowed on a plane. Passengers can carry candy in checked luggage and carry-on bags. There are limits or restrictions on taking candy on a plane.

Any liquid, gel, pastes, etc., must follow the TSA guidelines and be less than or equal to 3.4oz or 100 ml. It will be confiscated at airport security checkpoints if it exceeds that amount. For solid edibles, the TSA is pretty relaxed.

If you have any open candy, it is best to wrap it, pack it in reusable containers or put it in a Ziplock bag to keep it safe and avoid it falling and messing everywhere. If you have items that can melt, like chocolate, try to keep them in a small cooler.