Can You Bring Mascara On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Are you wondering if you can bring mascara on a plane? Although you may feel tired after a long flight, you don’t always want to look like it. Therefore, you may want to bring your make-up to make yourself presentable on the plane. However, can you bring mascara on a plane?

According to the TSA guidelines, you can bring mascara in your checked baggage and hand luggage. However, since mascara is a liquid, it must adhere to the 3-1-1 TSA rules when packed in your hand luggage. Place the mascara in a transparent Ziplock bag to prevent it from spilling.

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Can You Bring Mascara In Your Checked Luggage?

Passengers may bring mascara in their checked baggage when flying. When traveling with mascara in your checked baggage, there aren’t any restrictions on how much mascara you can bring. However, your checked bag must adhere to the airline’s weight limitations.

Pack your mascara in an airtight bag to prevent it from spilling onto your other items while traveling. Although rare, the mascara bottle can burst while on a flight, which may cause it to stain your other belongings. Therefore, keep it wrapped up and placed out of harm’s way when flying.

Can You Bring Mascara In Your Hand Luggage?

In addition to flying with mascara in your checked baggage, the TSA also allows passengers to bring mascara in their hand luggage. However, there are restrictions on how much mascara a passenger may bring in their hand luggage.

Furthermore, passengers should ensure that the mascara is packed correctly and in a spillproof container to avoid it from leaking and causing a mess on the flight. Passengers may be asked to remove their mascara while going through security. However, if you package your mascara correctly, the chances of it being confiscated are slim.

How Much Mascara Can You Bring On A Plane?

As mentioned, there isn’t a restriction on how much mascara you can bring on a plane in your checked baggage. When it comes to your hand luggage, however, the TSA does have some additional requirements. First, since mascara is considered a liquid, it must adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rules of flying.

The TSA has specific guidelines passengers must adhere to when flying with liquid items. The liquid items must be in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters). The containers must also be placed in a sealable, quart-sized bag. Finally, passengers may only bring one quart-sized bag in their hand luggage.

Fortunately, mascara rarely comes in tubes larger than 3.4 ounces. So, you likely won’t have to decant the mascara into a smaller bottle while traveling. Although each passenger may only bring one bag of liquids, anyone may travel with mascara. So, if yours is already full, you could ask your male companion to bring the mascara in his bag.

How Do You Package Mascara To Bring It On A Plane?

Your primary consideration when traveling with mascara is to ensure that it doesn’t leak or spill on your other items. Because the mascara will stain and ruin your clothes, it’s best to package it securely.

While there are specific guidelines for packing mascara in your hand luggage, it is recommended that you pack it in an additional bag to separate it from your other liquid items. This will ensure that the mascara doesn’t cause a mess in your liquids bag.

When putting mascara in your checked bags, it is also recommended to place them in an airtight bag away from white clothes or valuable items. Leave it at home if you’re worried about your mascara causing a spill on your clothes. Mascara is readily available, and you’ll undoubtedly find it where you are going.