Can You Bring Pens On A Plane?

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While preparing for a flight, you must be more mindful of what items you put in your luggage to avoid hassle with airport security. So, if you always tend to have a pen or two on hand, you may wonder if you should leave them at home instead.

You can carry pens on board an airplane without encountering any difficulties with airport security. Whatever pens you bring can be transported in carry-on bags and checked-in luggage. Tactical pens are not allowed in carry-on bags, but you can travel with them in checked-in baggage.

Are Pens Allowed On A Plane?

If you love to write in a journal, doodle, or make notes, you can breathe a sigh of relief; you are allowed to bring a pen onto an airplane in your carry-on bag. Whether you have a short or long-haul flight ahead of you, having things that keep you occupied is crucial.

While preparing for your flight, you can pack as many pens as your heart desires. These can be stored in your checked-in luggage, which will be out of reach for the duration of your flight, or they can go into your carry-on bag, which will be with you the entire time.

All types of pens are allowed on board, from the more common ballpoint pen to the most elaborate fountain pen you can imagine. You can also bring other drawing materials like markers and pencils. However, there is just one exception: a tactical pen.

Can You Bring Tactical Pens On A Plane?

Tactical pens are not permitted in your carry-on bag because they are considered a weapon. You can, however, pack them safely in your checked-in luggage where they will be out of reach.

A tactical pen looks and writes exactly like an ordinary pen. The difference is that these pens are made from extremely tough materials. The indestructible nature of a tactical pen makes it an effective self-defense weapon that can do some harm to your opponent.

You can cause an injury with a tactical pen, which is why they are not allowed in your carry-on bag. This rule is intended for your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers. You can transport your tactical pen in your checked-in luggage, which will be out of reach during the flight.

Will Pens Leak Ink During A Flight?

Certain pens could be prone to leaking during the flight due to the significant changes in air pressure. Even though you can bring as many pens as you like, you may want to be more mindful of the type of pens you pack and how you pack them.

You might have heard tales of pens leaking ink all over someone’s luggage or bursting in an unsuspecting passenger’s pocket. While most commonly used pens are a low risk for this, you may need to take precautions if you fly with a fountain or rollerball pen.

A fountain pen works slightly differently from the ballpoint most of us are used to. The ink in fountain pens is much more watery than the viscous ink in ordinary pens. This ink is stored in a reservoir inside the handle and flows down onto a metal nib.

A rollerball pen combines features of the more common ballpoint pen and the fountain pen. Like the fountain pen, it uses more watery ink. Thinner ink makes for a smoother writing experience, but it is also more sensitive to air pressure changes.

The watery ink and mechanical differences make fountain and rollerball pens more likely to leak during a flight than common ballpoints. A significant change in air pressure in the pen’s ink reservoir could cause the container to break and leak ink during a flight.

How Do You Prevent Pens From Leaking?

If you must travel with your fountain or rollerball pen despite the risk of leakages, you may want to take some precautions.

The most effective way to protect against leaks is to ensure you have filled your pen with ink before boarding your flight. The less air there is in the pen’s reservoir, the lower the likelihood of any air pressure changes affecting it.

If you are still feeling worried, you can seal your fountain or rollerball pens and ink in a ziplock bag. You can even use two bags to be extra safe! Should the worst happen, the plastic will still protect all your luggage from ink damage.

Can You Bring Pen Ink On A Plane?

You can bring bottles of ink or ink refills on an airplane with you. They can be packed into your checked-in luggage or carry-on bag, whichever you prefer.

Remember that ink is a liquid, so it must adhere to the TSA rules. This rule states that you can bring 3.4 ounces of individual liquids in your carry-on bags. If your container of ink is more than 3.4 ounces, it must be transported in the cargo hold.

Remember to double-check that the lids are closed tightly, no matter where you store your ink during transport, whether in your carry-on or checked-in luggage. It is also advisable to seal them in plastic bags. These precautions will limit any damage should the ink bottles leak during the flight.

Can You Bring Gel Pens On A Plane?

While some travelers love to journal or doodle on a plane, others love to spend their time drawing or coloring. Gel pens are very often a traveler’s medium of choice on long flights as they offer vibrant colors and are easy to carry.

Gel pens can be carried in your carry-on luggage or, if you aren’t feeling particularly creative, in your checked-in luggage. Always remember the TSA’s rule regarding the amount of liquids you can carry, but gel pens usually only contain 1 – 2ml of gel per pen, so they should be easy enough to carry with you.

Why Do Airports Have Strict Security Rules?

Security is strict at airports for everyone’s safety. This need for security led to the formation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This administration established the rules we adhere to today when using airlines.

Airport security can be strict, and it’s not always straightforward knowing what you can take on board with you. Ordinary things like cooking spray, insect repellent, and even some candles are prohibited or have certain precautions! It is normal to feel uncertain about this when preparing for your flight.

How Do You Know What You Can Bring On A Plane?

If you have doubts about an object you want to bring onto a plane, you can search for it in the TSA’s database, which is available on their website.

The TSA has created an extensive database that is free and easy to use. It will tell you if something is allowed on board, if it is forbidden or if there are special precautions you should take. It will even specify whether it can go in carry-on bags, checked-in luggage, or both.

While this database is beneficial and convenient, remember that the final call is ultimately up to the airline you use and the TSA agents on duty. If you have a particularly complex item, you can always phone their customer care service for clarity.