Can You Bring Perfume On A Plane? (through TSA)

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One of the belongings a person wants to take on a plane is their luscious fragrance, whether a man or woman – some feel lost without it. The question is if they can take it with them on a plane, and are there any rules to traveling with it?

Anyone can travel with their perfume on a plane. The TSA has a 3:1:1 rule for transporting perfume in hand luggage. This rating means that the max volume of 3.4 oz needs to be in a quart-sized see-through bag and only one bag per person. Bigger perfume bottles are allowed in a checked bag.

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Are You Allowed To Bring Perfume On A Plane?

The good news is that passengers may travel with perfume in their hand luggage or pack it in their checked bag. There are, however, rules and regulations that apply to the size of the perfume or cologne bottle and the way the traveler needs to pack it.

Airlines worldwide have standard rules to take perfume on a plane, and additional regulations apply when traveling internationally.

Can You Bring Your Perfume Through TSA?

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will accept perfume in a carry-on bag, but only if the traveler follows the 3:1:1 rule. This rule stipulates that:

  • 3 – a maximum of a 3.4 oz bottle
  • 1 – in a one quartz see-through bag
  • 1 – and only one of these bags per passenger

Usually, these quart-sized bags can contain the passenger’s shampoo, conditioners, and other liquid toiletries.

Some travelers are confused by the naming of “quart-sized bag.” A quart-sized bag the airlines are referring to is any bag that is see-through, close tightly, and has measurements of around 7 inches by 9 inches. The bag can either be a zip lock bag of this size or a toiletry bag.

Can You Bring Perfume On A Plane In Your Hand Luggage?

A traveler can bring perfume in their hand luggage as long as they follow the TSA 3:1:1 rule as previously mentioned. Perfume is more secure in a carry-on bag than in a checked bag; thus, most travelers prefer this method to keep their perfume safe.

The traveler should wrap the bottle (especially if it is glass) and then place it in the quart-sized bag for extra protection. A better alternative would be to buy travel-sized, refill spray bottles to use for their perfume while traveling.

Can You Pack Perfume In Your Checked Bag?

Someone who wants to travel with their perfume or cologne in their checked bag may do so without many strict guidelines. However, because baggage personnel throw and move checked bags around quite often, they should think about how they pack them.

Wrapping the bottles in bubble wrap, or if it is only one bottle, pack it strategically between the clothing in the suitcase, so it is safe against harsh handling. The traveler should also be aware of the risk that it might get stolen and instead opt for the hand luggage option.

How Many Perfume Bottles Can You Bring On A Plane?

The amount of perfume or cologne a traveler can have in their carry-on bag will be as much as a one-quart-sized bag can take.

Suppose they are packing a cologne bottle, no more than 3.4 oz in size. Suppose they transferred it to smaller bottles, no more than 18 oz per person. The 18 oz should fill the single-quart-sized bag; thus, the traveler can take more in one go and still keep within the margins of the TSA guidelines.

How To Package Perfume For A Flight?

Travelers can pack their perfume in different ways. The first way would be to wrap the glass bottle (3.4 oz or less) in bubble wrap and place it in a single quart-sized bag in their carry-on luggage.

The second method would be to transfer the perfume to smaller bottles to fit more into the desired size bag (up to 16oz) in their carry-on luggage.

The third option would be to pack as many perfume bottles in their checked bag as they wish, but they should be vigilant about how they approach the packing. They can pack them in refill bottles and should only pack 3 or 4 (as more would lead to tax duties).

If they have to take bigger bottles and more than one, it would be best to wrap the bottles thoroughly and place them between their clothing. This method will keep perfume bottles as safe as possible while the bag travels through the motions of getting on and off the plane.

How Can I Bring More Perfume On A Flight?

There are ways to take more perfume on a plane. The traveler needs to stick to the 3:1:1 rule but can fill re-usable aerosol bottles with the perfume and pack one quart-sized bag full (this could fill up to 18 oz perfume).

Another way would be to buy duty-free perfume at the airport. These are more expensive than others, but if they want to take more perfume on their trip, this method allows them to take bigger bottles than the 3.4 oz in their carry-on.

They should buy this on their last flight as the duty-free option can only work when they are through the check-ins already. Suppose they have a layover; they should buy it from there instead and keep the receipt to show they bought it within a 48-hour timeframe.

Reasons You May Not Bring Perfume On A Plane?

According to the TSA, a traveler will not be allowed to bring perfume on a plane in their carry-on bag if they do not apply the 3:1:1 rule.

A bottle of cologne bigger than 3.4 oz qualifies as a hazard because the liquid is flammable and exceeds the quantity the airline accepts on a plane. The total flammable liquids in a traveler’s checked bag can go up to 70 oz.

May You Wear Perfume On A Plane?

Suppose someone wants to wear perfume on the plane, they are allowed to, and there are no rules against it. They should not spray it on the plane but before they board.

If they have a rich scented perfume or cologne, they should tone it down for the flight to be considerate to those with asthma, a sensitive nose, or allergies.

There is no ban against using perfume on a plane, but a traveler should apply it in the bathroom instead and wait a while before going out so the scent can go through circulation and tone it down a little.

Citrus smells are calming and help with anxiety and headaches, which can help all passengers on the flight. A traveler who wants to wear perfume should opt for these types of scents when traveling by plane.

Do You Have To Pay Tax To Take Perfume On A Flight?

Tax will only apply to those traveling with more perfume than for individual use and only on international flights. The traveler should have a receipt to show the products’ worth to ensure they do not pay more tax than necessary.

Products over $200, $800, and $1600 qualify for tax. For scents with no alcohol content, a 20% tax rate applies, and a 75% tax rate for fragrances with alcohol content.

Can You Take Perfume On A Plane UK, Canada, and Australia?

A traveler flying from or to the UK, Canada, or Australia can follow the exact rules as the TSA stipulates. The rule goes for all airlines and all continents for international flights. This system helps travelers to know the rules and stick to them, making bag checks more effortless and faster.