Can You Bring Pre-Workout On A Plane? (through TSA)

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Do you travel and still ensure that you still do your workouts wherever you are, but you’re unable to exercise to your full potential because you don’t have your pre-workout? If you have another planned trip, you might question if you can take a pre-workout on the plane.

Pre-workout, creatine and other workout supplements are allowed on a plane in checked luggage and hand luggage. The TSA recommends packing powder substances like pre-workout exceeding 12 0z or 350 ml in checked baggage. If packed in carry-on bags, they must be removed for additional screening.

Can You Take Pre-Workout In Your Hand Luggage?

Pre-workout is not only allowed in checked baggage, but passengers can also carry it in hand luggage. Pre-workouts, like other powder-like substances, have some guidelines when taken in carry-on bags.

Any powder substance, including pre-workout, is allowed in unlimited quantities in checked bags> The TSA recommends passengers avoid packing more than 12 oz or 350 ml quantities of powder in carry-on bags.

If you pack 12 oz or more or pre-workout in your hand luggage, it will most likely be allowed through security checkpoints, but TSA agents require you to remove it from your bag and place it in another tray for additional screening.

Packing powder substances under 12 oz can remain in your bag, but if it obstructs the screening process of other items in your bag, TSA personnel may ask you to remove them. They also have the final say if they are suspicious of your product and can confiscate it if needed.

Can You Take Pre-Workout Drinks On A Plane?

If you wanted to mix your pre-workout before flying, you might want to put a pause on that thought. Passengers are allowed to take drinks already in liquid form in checked baggage, and there is no limit on the quantity.

If you were thinking about carrying the drink in your carry-on bag, it wouldn’t be a good idea unless it is equal to or less than 3.4 oz/100 ml, and you can pace it in a quart-sized bag following the 3-1-1 rule by the TSA.

Can You Take Creatine On A Plane?

Creatine is another great workout supplement to help enhance your workouts and heal your muscles. Passengers can take creatine on a plane in checked luggage in any size containers and any number of containers without restrictions.

Creatine in powder form is treated as any powder substance for hand luggage. Packaging more than 12 oz or 350 ml will be permitted but must be removed at security checkpoints for additional screening.

Large containers of bags of powder can obstruct the view of screening other products in the bag, and therefore you are required to remove it from your carry-on. It is also why TSA recommends packing powders in your checked luggage instead.

Can You Carry Protein Powder On A Plane?

Protein powder is also allowed on planes. Whether you use protein powder as a workout or dietary supplement, you can pack it in your checked luggage for your flight. You will be permitted to carry a full-sized large container of protein powder if it fits in your bag, without restriction.

If you plan to take your protein powder in hand luggage, it would be best to take only a small quantity to avoid delays and inconveniences. Powder substances above 12 oz or 350 ml must undergo additional and separate screening at checkpoints.

Another hiccup you might face when carrying powders in your carry-on – specifically larger amounts – is that if the TSA agents at checkpoints can find a resolution about your powder substance and have any suspicions, they are permitted to confiscate it.

Can You Carry Mass Gain Powder On A Plane?

Workout mass gain powder is similar to protein powder in how it works for packing for a flight. Passengers can carry mass gain powder without restriction in checked luggage and take more than one large product container.

A mass gain powder is treated as a powder substance for a carry-on bag, and while you are allowed to pack your mass gainer in hand luggage, it is recommended that you try and keep it under 12 oz. Quantities above 12 can create some obstacles on the journey.

You will be requested to remove it from your carry-on for separate and additional screening at security checkpoints, and TSA agents might need to open your containers or bags or mass gainer to do a thorough check.

If they have doubts about your workout supplements and cannot find a solution, they are permitted to stop you from taking the product.

Can You Take Workout Supplement Pills On A Plane?

Workout supplements pills like testosterone capsules, creatine or pre-workout capsules, etc., are permitted on a plane unless you have something illegal. It is best to keep your supplement pills in their original packaging.

Passengers can take workout supplement pills in checked luggage or hand luggage, but if the TSA agents suspect any of your items to be doubtful, they can confiscate and discard it. Keeping the pills in original sealed packaging can avoid issues.

If your pills are in their foil trays, they could set off the metal detector at screening checkpoints. If that occurs, TSA personnel will want to open your bag and check what is causing it. Once they know, they will most likely let you pass without problems.

Can You Drink Pre-Workout On A Plane?

If you take your pre-workout on a plane and want to consume it before landing because you have a workout session soon after, you can drink your supplement on the flight. Unless your drink is less than 3.4 oz or 100 ml, you are not permitted to take a premixed pre-workout.

You can take the measured amount of pre-workout powder in a tiny bag or container in your carry-on or personal bag. While on the plane, simply ask a flight attendant for some water or juice, add your pre-workout powder, mix, and drink.

You can take empty bottles of water or protein shakers on the plane to mix your pre-workout to make it easier and avoid a mess with the tiny water cups that airlines provide.

Can You Fly With Pre-Workout Internationally?

Pre-workout is permitted on domestic flights within the United States. It is also allowed internationally in and out of the States. Before you travel, contact your airline or do some research on whether pre-workout is allowed or not.

You also want to check with your destination if they permit pre-workout into the country. Most places shouldn’t have an issue with the product unless you have something suspicious in your bags or mixed in the pre-workout powder.

The US does not have a problem with allowing pre-workout from foreign countries. It is best to pack your workout supplement products in checked luggage, but ensure that you stick to the powder substance limits if you pack them in your carry-on luggage.

How Should You Pack Pre-Workout For A Flight?

Since there is no problem with carrying pre-workout on a plane, you can take your product in its original packaging. You are also allowed to take the full-sized container in your checked luggage.

If you want to pack your pre-workout in your carry-on, avoid taking more than 12 oz of powder. A convenient method to maximize space is by dividing your pre-workout into equal-sized containers of Ziploc bags before packing them into your suitcases.