Can You Bring Teabags On A Plane? (through TSA)

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After a long-haul flight, you may find the only way you can relax is to enjoy a refreshing, soothing glass of herbal tea. But you are unsure whether you can bring your favorite teabags on the flight.

You can bring teabags in your carry-on and checked-in luggage, provided they are not solid or liquid. In this case, you must follow TSA regulations of 3:1:1. All herbal teabags must be declared before entry into the country. There are many herbal teabags you can bring on a plane and some that are prohibited.

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Can You Bring Teabags In Your Carry-On Bag?

The TSA permits travelers to bring teabags on a plane in their carry-on luggage. The TSA also does not stipulate the number of teabags you may bring in your carry-on bag.

If your teabags are either in a liquid or gel state, they are not permitted in your carry-on bags. Travelers must check these food items into the cargo hold. All food items less than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) are permitted in your carry-on bags. Any item more than the required amount must be packed into the checked-in luggage.

Airport authorities instruct travelers to keep their teabags in clear resealable, plastic containers that are easily accessible. This facilitates the screening process and avoids long queues at the check-in points.

Can You Bring Teabags In Your Checked-In Bags?

Airport regulations permit travelers to carry teabags in their checked-in luggage. And many travelers will be happy to know there is no regulation on the quantity or weight restrictions on the teabags you can carry in your checked-in luggage.

Can You Bring Teabags On International Flights?

Travelers are permitted to carry teabags on international flights. However, in some countries, airport regulations may list what tea varieties are permitted. It would be best to verify with airport authorities or your travel agent before you board your flight.

International flights also do not stipulate the number of teabags you can bring. Passengers should check the weight requirements for each airline before packing their bags.

Travelers may find it helpful to retain their teabags in their original sealed packaging with proof of purchase. If airport officials request travelers to declare the teabags, passengers must have the necessary documentation.

Passengers on international flights returning to the United States must be aware that teabags containing coca, barberry, or citrus leaves are restricted.

Can You Bring Teabags Into The UK And Europe?

Travelers to the UK or Europe can bring teabags on the plane. And there are no weight limitations on the number of teabags passengers can bring on the plane when traveling to the UK.

However, passengers traveling to Europe from non-EU countries are permitted to carry 4.409 pounds (2 kg) of teabags.

Do You Have To Pay Customs Duties For Teabags?

In most countries, travelers are permitted to bring in teabags without payment of customs duties. However, at all times, it’s best to confirm with the relevant authorities whether there are customs duties on teabags when travelers book their tickets.

Australia does not permit certain types of tea and has a set of rules on the quantities of teabags allowed into the country.

To avoid any trouble with the customs officials, travelers should declare all teabags on entry into the country.

What Teabags Are You Permitted To Bring On A Plane?

Agricultural products are a hazard since they may carry pests or diseases. Therefore the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has provided a list of herbal teabags travelers are permitted to bring into the country.

This is on the provision that all teabags are commercially wrapped and prepared for steeping, boiling, or microwaving liquid. Here is a brief list of teabags travelers into the US are permitted.

  • Hibiscus tea bags
  • Ginseng or goldenseal teabags
  • Teabags that contain any part of the citrus fruit (leaves, bark, or flowers)
  • Teabags that contain the bark of the Prunus tree (apricots, peaches, plums)
  • Masala chai, provided the ingredients are ground and correctly packaged. Travelers should note that they cannot bring these products into Hawaii and Puerto Rico.