Can You Visit The Cullen House?

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The Twilight Saga was a series of popular vampire romance novels by Stephenie Meyer. The books became even more popular when they were made into movies starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The Twilight books brought a new twist to the vampire genre. Who can forget the stunning Cullen house? All twilight fans are asking whether they can visit the Cullen house.

Unfortunately, you cannot visit the house since it is a private residence in Portland, Oregon. The impressive tri-level mansion was the house in which Edward Cullen introduced Bella Swan to his family in the 2008 film. This architectural beauty is far from fantasy, though!

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Where Is The Cullen House Located?

This house is known for the scene in which Edward Cullen takes Bella Swan to meet his family. In the first Twilight movie, the house was supposedly located in Forks. The actual location of the house is in Portland, Oregon. Woods surround the house, and it has a very sophisticated look that is hard to miss. All of us were in awe when we saw the beautiful house.

Who Is The Owner Of The Famous Cullen House?

The Cullen house belongs to John Hoke and is known as the Hoke House. He is a director of footwear design at Nike. It was brand new when the movie was filmed there. The house was constructed in 2006, and construction was completed in 2007.

The movie came out in 2008. Great timing, though! However, it is private property and, unfortunately, not an Airbnb like Bella Swan’s house. You won’t be able to reenact the “Hold on tight, spider monkey” scene! But, hey, you can always dream and relive it in your heart. You can drive past the house and take a picture. At least you will have your piece of the Cullen house.

How Can The Cullen House Be Described?

The Cullen house is first seen in Twilight when Edward invites Bella Swan to meet his family. It is a large, elegant, rectangular house and well-proportioned. It Is painted a faded white. The impressive part of the house is that the southern wall of the house is entirely made of glass, with a beautiful view of the Calawah river.

In the movies, the house is modern and very open. In the movie, it is equipped with a steel shutter to protect the Cullens from any attacks. Edward describes the house as follows: “it’s the one place we don’t have to hide.” This is kind of ironic since part of the house is glass!

The well-known book “The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide” describes the house as over 100 years old. Esme restored the house. The house is three stories tall, and it has a deep porch that wraps around the front part of the house and is painted white.

The inside of the first story is open and filled with natural light, with few internal walls, a wide central staircase to the left, and a raised area with a grand piano in the center to the right. The kitchen and dining room are very modern. It’s also rarely used! Behind the stairs, the office of C.E.E Inc. (the Cullens’ private company) is located. This is where they manage all of their business dealings.

On the second floor, the room of Rosalie and Emmett is at the top of the staircase. Moving around clockwise, you will find Jasper’s study and Alice and Jasper’s room with an attached closet larger than the room itself. Next, you will find Carlisle’s office, with an area inside Esme’s study, including Carlisle’s library.

On the third floor, you will find Carlisle and Esme’s room at the top of the staircase. Edward’s room faces south. The rest of the third floor is called the library. The exciting part is that it is used for technically illegal activity, such as forging birth certificates and hacking into computer systems to maintain the numerous identities needed to live unnoticed in human society.

The beautiful Cullen house sits on an acre of land and is surrounded by a gorgeously green landscape. The house has six bedrooms, including six bathrooms. Truly an unforgettable piece of architecture.

Are There Other Popular Twilight Locations Fans Can Visit?

The Cullen house is among the most famous houses to visit in the Twilight Saga. Its beauty and breathtaking architecture are hard to miss! But are there other popular locations to visit that are featured in the Twilight Saga? The answer is a resounding yes! Below is a list of 4 other popular Twilight locations you can visit.

1. Bella Swan’s House

Visiting Bella Swan’s residence is probably one of the most exciting experiences as a Twilight fan, apart from going to Forks. While the movie takes place in Forks, WA, the first Twilight movie was filmed in Oregon.

This means that many of the buildings on this list won’t be in the well-known small and wet town. No need to get discouraged! Bella Swan’s house is a location fans can visit and stay at. Bella’s house is an Airbnb that leans into Twilight entirely. What makes this location so exciting? The whole house is decorated in replicas from the Twilight movie, from the roof to the basement.

The humble living room looks exactly like the house Charlie Swan lived in. This includes Bella’s film-accurate room decor and near-precise bedspread. The quilt that her mom gave her is also in her room. If you are a hardcore Twilight fan, you must put this location on your bucket list.

2. Bella Italia Restaurant

Yes, this restaurant is as authentic as it gets! After Bella goes to Port Angeles with her friends, Jessica and Angela, she separates from them. Unfortunately, she finds herself being hunted by human men. As all of you know, Edward arrives just in time to save her, and they head to the Bella Italia restaurant.

While it is also in the movie, the restaurant Bella and Edward would have gone to in Port Angeles is an authentic restaurant where you can enjoy a meal. If you are lucky enough to plan a trip and visit Port Angeles, you can go to this spot and order some mushroom ravioli with Coke!

3. Forks Café

The Forks Cafe is one of Bella and Charlie’s favorite spots. For years, Charlie has been ordering the same meal! Everyone was excited to see Bella again and still remembered her order. An interesting fact – this is also the location where Stephanie Meyer makes her first cameo appearance.

These scenes were filmed at the Carver Café in Damascus, OR. It’s an old-fashioned, all-American diner filled with subtle touches from the first movie. Even though Bella’s classic garden burger is not on the menu, there are still a lot of other burger options that fans can enjoy as they sit in the same corner Charlie and Bella visited!

4. La Jolla Indian Reservation

If you’re a fan of the “New Moon” movie, check out the La Jolla Indian Reservation. The reservation offers plenty of scenic views, including beaches and rock formations that are perfect for photography. This location was used during several scenes in the movie, including those where Bella and Edward drove in their cars.