Can You Visit The Salvatore House?

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Suppose you’ve ever watched a captivating TV show and wondered about the buildings used in the show. In that case, you’re certainly not alone in that respect. Some shows exhibit gorgeous buildings and homes, and one can’t help but wonder if it would be possible to visit them in real life and if the buildings even exist.

Whether you can visit the Salvatore House depends on which “Salvatore House” you are referring to. The original Salvatore House is a building called Glenridge Hall that was demolished in 2015. This building was replicated in a studio. The new Salvatore House is Kent Rock Manor and can be visited.

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The Salvatore House has an interesting history in the Vampire Diaries universe. As with the Salvatore House, the actual buildings used in the series’ filming have a particularly interesting story. Although your chances of visiting the original Salvatore House are slim, there are other possibilities.

Can You Visit The Salvatore House?

There is a certain degree of confusion over the filming locations of Vampire Diaries and the existence of the fictional town of “Mystic Falls.” As with most TV series and movies, Vampire Diaries and its subsequent spinoffs have been filmed in different locations throughout the US.

The original pilot episode of Vampire Diaries was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. After the success of the pilot episode, the rest of the series was filmed – predominantly – in Covington, Georgia. During filming, multiple locations in Covington became known as specific Vampire Diaries locations making up the fictional town of “Mystical Falls.”

Vampire Diaries and its spinoffs have consequently been filmed in various locations, from real buildings in Georgia to replicas of building interiors created in film studios in Decatur.

There have been several buildings used as the Salvatore House over the years. Each of the buildings featured wooded surroundings, a courtyard driveway, and a similar characterful grandeur befitting the theme of the TV series. While there are some architectural similarities between the houses, there is a significant geographical distance between each house.

In the pilot episode of Vampire Diaries, the building used for the Salvatore House is known as Foxglove Farm. It is located in Langley, British Columbia. This building has been used for several other films and TV shows. It has often been visited by fans of Vampire Diaries.

The second building to be used as the Salvatore House is known as Glenridge Hall. Glenridge Hall is/was located in Sandy Springs. Its site is 598 Abernathy Road, Northeast Atlanta, Georgia.

Later, during the filming of Vampire Diaries, significant sections of Glenridge Hall were replicated in the series’ sound studios in Decatur. It made sense to create this replica of the building due to how the interior spaces of the building were used so frequently during filming.

This enabled filming to continue, irrespective of what was happening with the original Glenridge Hall building.

Salvatore House being demolished
Editorial Team Salvatore House being demolished

By the time Glenridge Hall was completely demolished in 2015, the crew had stopped using the original building. They relied instead on recycled footage from the building’s exterior and new footage of the replicated interior on set.

In the latest seasons of the Vampire Diaries spinoff, Legacies, another building has been used as the Salvatore Boarding School For The Young And Gifted. The new filming venue is Kent Rock Manor, located in Loganville.

Foxglove Farm As Salvatore House

Foxglove Farm is the location of the original Salvatore House during the series’ pilot episode. This building is located at 6771 224th street in Langley, British Columbia. The building is known not only for its use in the original pilot episode of Vampire Diaries. This building has also been used in various other series and movies.

Once Foxglove Farm was discovered as the filming location of the original Vampire Diaries episode, it was visited by countless fans.

This estate has been in use for a long time as a luxurious equestrian property. It boasts all the features of an opulent country home with elegant buildings and stunning gardens. This property is also host to a beautiful private lake, fountain, atrium, and an enchanting gatehouse.

Foxglove Farm has been used in several series and movies. These include Riverdale, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, Bates Motel, Arrow, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, The Age Of Adaline, and the Netflix series Away.

This picturesque location is used in many filming items primarily because it is close to Vancouver. Vancouver has a thriving film industry where various productions are shot, and there are plenty of beautiful locations in the area where filming can occur.

This stunning building is particularly popular due to its endless charm and overall aesthetic appeal. The building is naturally beautiful and presents endless opportunities to take advantage of its inherent beauty when using it as a film set.

Glenridge Hall As Salvatore House

Glenridge Hall is possibly the best-known location used for Salvatore House in the filming of Vampire Diaries. This building has a particularly interesting history, but it must be noted that it has been demolished and can no longer be visited.

Salvatore House
Editorial Team Salvatore House

Glenridge Hall, located at 598 Abernathy Road, Northeast Atlanta, Georgia, in Sandy Springs, is a stunning 140 000 square foot mansion built in 1929. The house was originally built for Thomas K Glenn. Since then, it was renovated by his granddaughter Frances and her husband, Joseph.

Salvatore House interior
Editorial Team Salvatore House interior

Unfortunately, the building was demolished in 2015. The owner at the time discovered that it would be too expensive to get the building up to code. She subsequently sold it to developers, and the land has since become a commercial property.

Kent Rock Manor As Salvatore House

Anybody watching the new Vampire Diaries spinoff called Legacies will notice that the new Salvatore House is completely different from the original. That is because the previous building used as the Salvatore House, Glenridge Hall, has been demolished.

The new building is located in Loganville and is known as Kent Rock Manor. This sprawling mansion, in addition to being used as the filming location for Salvatore House, is used as an event venue for various events, including weddings.

Kent Rock Manor is situated on over 50 acres of pristine land. This property produced over a million dollars in revenue from the film industry between 2021 and 2022. The main building features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and three half-bathrooms.

In addition, Kent Rock Manor is home to a nearly 6000 square meter gymnasium, a baseball field featuring a dugout and an announcer box, and a stocked pond of around two and a half acres.

In addition, there is a second home on the property of around 1730 square feet. There is no shortage of parking on this property, so events of almost any size can be enjoyed here.

The interior of the building is simply stunning. Some of its notable features include vaulted ceilings, coffered ceilings, arched doorways, and a large gourmet kitchen. The main suite of this home consists of its own sitting room in addition to a fireplace and jetted bath.

Other interesting house features include an elevator, an indoor pool with a sauna and steam shower, a bar, a tasting room, a wine cellar, and garaging for 12 cars. There is an additional one-bedroom carriage house, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool featuring multiple waterfalls, a cozy hot tub, and a private cave.


Three real buildings have been used as the Salvatore House over the years. In addition, an exact replica of the Salvatore House was created in a studio in Decatur. Two of the buildings used as the Salvatore House are still standing today and can be visited. One of the houses was demolished in 2015.