Do Airlines Allow Cats On Board?

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Traveling is stressful on its own, but it can feel even worse if you have to figure out how to bring a pet with you. If you need to travel with your cat, do not feel overwhelmed. There is a way to do it. There are some important hoops to jump through and some steps to take, but it is possible. Let’s learn how to travel with a cat on an airline.

Airlines do allow cats on board, but there are strict regulations to follow, and there is usually an extra fee to pay for bringing a cat with you. Special permission must be obtained from the airline, and the cat must be transported within a travel kennel that adheres to airline regulations.

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Do Airlines Allow Cats On Board?

Traveling with a cat may seem stressful at first, but the truth is that most airlines will allow you to bring a cat on board, especially domestic airlines.

There are very strict regulations regarding the pets that can be brought on an airline, and every airline has its own policy in this regard, but there is always a way to bring a cat onto some airline if you know how.

It is critical to contact your preferred airline beforehand and check if you can bring a cat on the plane and how to do so. Some airlines will allow a cat to be brought onboard with the passenger, some airlines only allow cats to be transported in specific cargo areas, some only permit cats on certain flights, and some do not allow animals on board at all.

It is always important to check with your airline how to bring your cat, and you should expect to pay a fee to bring your cat along with you, but most airlines do allow cats on board in some way.

There are regulations to follow, but as long as you obtain permission beforehand, you can bring a cat onboard an airplane.

Can You Bring A Cat With You On A Plane?

Some travelers are concerned that their cats will be relegated to eh cargo hold of a plane, and if they need to travel with their cat on an airline, they find themselves wondering if they can bring their cat along with them into the cabin of the plane.

You can bring your cat with you in the cabin of a plane, depending on the flight and depending on the policies of the individual airline.

Some airlines do not allow cats on board, but many do permit you to bring a cat onboard in the cabin with you if you pay an extra fee to do so, and so long as the animal is always kept within its carrying crate and well-controlled.

Every airline has its own rules regarding flying with pets, and so long as you obtain special permission and follow all the rules outlined by the airline, you will be able to bring a cat with you in the cabin of the aircraft.

Can You Bring A Cat As Carry-On?

Most airlines will permit you to take a cat as a carry-on, but there are some strict regulations to adhere to when doing so.

You must first obtain special permission from the airline to bring your cat with you as a carry-on, regardless of the airline that you are traveling with and regardless of where the flight is going. This ensures that the cabin crew is ready for both you and your pet and can accommodate all of your requirements.

Cats must be at a minimum 10 weeks old for domestic travel on airlines and at least 16 weeks old for international flights. To bring the cat along as a carry-on, it must be in a travel kennel.

Only one cat per travel kennel is permitted unless there are two cats of the same breed that can fit well within the kennel for the flight. The kennel must be able to securely stored under the seat in front of you and must be entirely leakproof, as well as well-ventilated.

No cats that are too big to fit into such a travel kennel are permitted as a carry-on for any flight.

Cats in travel kennels will count as a carry-on luggage item, and there will likely be an additional fee for bringing your can on the plane with you.

So long as you adhere to all of these regulations and any others that are stated by your preferred airline, you can bring a cat as a carry-on.

Can You Bring A Cat Through TSA Checkpoints?

We have established that you can bring a cat with you on an airline under special circumstances, but can you bring a cat through TSA checkpoints?

You can bring cats and other pets through TSA checkpoints, but the travel kennel that the cat is transported in must be individually screened.

The cat must be removed from the travel kennel during the checkpoint screening and must be kept well under control by the owner until the screening process is over.

All pets must be controlled with a leash when they are outside of the travel kennel, except when they are taken through metal detectors, in which case the leash must be removed and replaced on the other side of the detector.

Special permission from your airline must be presented to the TSA security agent if you have such documentation, and travelers must adhere to all instructions provided by TSA agents regarding their cat.

So long as you follow the guidelines from the TSA, you will be able to bring your cat through TSA checkpoints.

Can You Bring A Cat Through Airport Security?

Airport security is different everywhere, and every airport has its own policy regarding pets of any kind. This means that it is impossible to state what your experience will be like when traveling with a cat, but most airport security checkpoints are equipped to handle travelers who bring cats with them.

The regulations here are usually similar to those of TSA checkpoints. Travelers must remove the cat from the travel kennel, keep the cat well controlled, and allow security personnel to screen the cat and its travel kennel separately.

Always check the airport security policy regarding pets before you travel, and be sure that you are allowed to bring the cat with you wherever you are going. Otherwise, you will need to make other arrangements for your cat.

Are There Extra Fees For Flying With A Cat?

Traveling with a cat is likely to cost you extra fees, regardless of how you choose to travel with your pet.

Most airlines will charge an extra fee of around $125 or more. Even if you bring your cat as a carry-on, you will likely be charged an extra fee for bringing your cat along with you.

Every airline has its own pet policies, and the prices may be different on different airlines, but you can usually expect some form of extra fee for flying with your cat.

Can Any Cat Be Brought On A Plane?

Any cat that is small enough to fit within a travel kennel that can fit comfortably under the airplane seat directly in front of you on an airplane can be brought on the plane, provided special permission is obtained first.

Any cat that is too large to be transported in this way will not be allowed on an airline unless it is transported as special cargo and not brought with you as a carry-on.