Do They Celebrate Halloween In Vietnam?

credit: Nguyen Huu Cau Photo Club

Would you like to celebrate Halloween in Vietnam? Vietnam has many festivals and celebrations throughout the year, many of which tourists love participating in. But if you are a fan of Halloween, you might wonder if this is a festival celebrated in Vietnam.

Halloween isn’t an official festival in Vietnam. However, many young people have started celebrating Halloween recently. They will dress up, unwind, and attend parties. Children don’t go trick-or-treating, but many clubs and hotels throw parties for adults where they can also trick-or-treat.

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Is Halloween Celebrated In Vietnam?

Halloween isn’t an official festival in Vietnam. But that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating it, nonetheless. In Vietnam, Halloween is mostly celebrated by young working people who dress up in costumes and attend parties at clubs, bars, or hotels.

Children don’t often go trick-or-treating for Halloween in Vietnam since it isn’t an official festival everyone participates in.

Instead, the bars and clubs hosting Halloween parties will have some form of trick-or-treating for those who attend. Halloween isn’t a family festival in Vietnam as in other Western countries. Hence, life mostly goes on as usual on this day.

Where Can You Find Halloween Parties In Vietnam?

The best place to find a Halloween party in Vietnam is in the bigger cities. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi have some of the biggest Halloween festivals. Still, there are other cities where you can find parties and celebrations too. If you want to find a Halloween party, join the city’s Facebook group for foreigners.

They’re sure to post details about the city’s Halloween parties and other fun celebrations throughout the town. You can also likely find information about Halloween parties at the city’s information center. Finally, be on the lookout for advertisements in cafés and bars across the city.

Can Kids Go Trick-Or-Treating In Vietnam?

There are likely some areas where kids go trick-or-treating or parents take their kids out. However, trick-or-treating isn’t as popular in Vietnam on Halloween as it is in America and other western countries. So instead, kids may make some Halloween decorations at school, or their teachers may have trick-or-treating at school.

But children don’t go door to door asking for candy in Vietnam on Halloween. Since Halloween isn’t an official festival in Vietnam, only some celebrate or even recognize it. This is why children don’t really go trick-or-treating and why Halloween is mainly celebrated by the young, working generation.

How Do People Celebrate Halloween In Vietnam?

Although not everyone celebrates Halloween in Vietnam, it doesn’t mean that you cannot see evidence of this festival throughout the bigger cities in the country. Many cafés have Halloween-themed drinks and baked goods during this time. You can also see orange and black decorations in many shops and eateries.

Jacko lanterns are also popular in bigger cities, and there may also be a pumpkin carving contest in some cities if you’re lucky. Furthermore, many clubs, bars, and hotels host elaborate Halloween parties where everyone dresses up in costumes and parties. So, you’re bound to see interesting costumes on Halloween throughout the city.

Is There A Similar Festival To Halloween In Vietnam?

While Halloween isn’t celebrated by everyone in Vietnam, there is another festival with similar origins, that is. Vietnam’s ghost month is celebrated during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It is believed that the hungry ghosts from the afterlife visited their relatives during this time in Vietnam.

Families prepare food and offerings for their ancestors during ghost month. The food is meant to help their ancestors find peace in the afterlife. Ghost month is a festival celebrated by almost everyone in Vietnam. Families often gather for celebrations and offering at this time.

But ghost month is not the same as Halloween since people don’t dress up, attend parties, or give out candy to children. So, if you hear Vietnamese people mentioning ghost month or the hungry ghost festival (Vu Lan), understand that it is not Halloween they are referring to.

When Is Halloween Celebrated In Vietnam?

Halloween celebrations often take place during the last weekend of October or whatever weekend is closest to Halloween day, which occurs on the 31st of October. There isn’t much celebration on the day of Halloween if it doesn’t fall on a weekend. However, many cafés and restaurants may serve Halloween-themed food and drinks on the day.

On the last weekend of October, you may see many Halloween parties throughout the city, and many people dress up for the occasion. But on the 31st of October, there won’t be any special celebrations unless it falls on the weekend.

Can You Buy Pumpkins In Vietnam For Halloween?

Jack o lanterns, or carved pumpkins, are a quintessential trademark of Halloween in America. American tourists in Vietnam for Halloween may want to buy pumpkins to carve or decorate their stores or apartments for Halloween.

Fortunately, if you live in a bigger city, you’ll likely find pumpkins made just for that during Halloween. You can find pumpkins in grocery stores or local fruit and vegetable markets.

While many people do pumpkin carving in Vietnam for Halloween, it’s important to check that you are allowed to put your pumpkins outside. Some areas forbid it since the pumpkins attract animals.

What Decorations Do They Have For Halloween In Vietnam?

There are many decorations placed out for Halloween in Vietnam. Some decorations include carved pumpkins, orange and black paper figures, flags, and streamers. You’ll often see these decorations in shops and cafés across the city. Some people also decorate their homes during Halloween, but the practice isn’t as common.

Most decorations are definitely in cities. For example, if you attend a Halloween party at a club or bar, you will see plenty of Halloween decorations in and around the club. Some people also decorate their cars or scooters for Halloween, and the color theme is usually orange and black for the occasion.

Are There Halloween Parties In Vietnam?

There are plenty of Halloween parties in Vietnam. Most of these parties occur in big cities where many tourists live, but you may be surprised to find some interesting celebrations in more rural areas too. Big hotels often host elaborate Halloween parties with live performers and DJs.

Local bars and clubs also have Halloween parties. Hanoi and Saigon are especially known for their amazing Halloween parties, and many tourists head to these cities from across the country to participate in the Halloween celebrations.

If you’re in a big city in Vietnam, chances are there are multiple Halloween parties happening. So this is the perfect opportunity for bar hopping and exploring Vietnam like never before.

Where In Vietnam Can You Celebrate Halloween?

You can celebrate Halloween almost everywhere in Vietnam. Although this festival isn’t celebrated by everyone, most Vietnamese people are tolerant of foreigners and respect their culture and traditions. Therefore, if you want to dress up and decorate your shop or home, you can do so, regardless of where you are in Vietnam.

If you live in one of the bigger cities and want to attend a Halloween party, there are a few specific places to check out. In Hanoi, Pho Hang Ma and West Lake Park host some of the best Halloween parties.

In Saigon, head to Pho Tay district, Nguyen Hue Street, Le Thi Rieng Park, Dam Sen Cultural Park, Van Thanh Park, or Phu My Hung urban area for the best Halloween parties.