Do They Eat Dogs In Vietnam?

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Are you wondering if they eat dogs in Vietnam? Many Asian countries have a bad reputation for eating dog meat. However, since it’s difficult to believe everything you hear on social media, you may wonder if it is true. Do they eat dogs in Vietnam?

Yes, people consume dog meat in Vietnam. While dog meat consumption used to be common practice in Vietnam years ago, it isn’t so common anymore. Many Vietnamese people have come to view dogs more as pets than livestock, and plenty of activists are working towards stopping the dog meat trade.

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Is Dog Meat Consumed In Vietnam?

Dog meat is consumed in Vietnam, but less often than you think. Many years ago, dogs were reared and sold for meat in many parts of Vietnam. But in recent years, the dog meat industry has declined, as more people have seen dogs as pets instead of livestock.

The practice of eating dogs hasn’t completely stopped. There are still dog slaughterhouses in Vietnamese cities where dogs are killed (often brutally) and used for meat. However, dog meat is a delicacy in some regions of Vietnam, meaning there are restaurants in large cities where dog meat fetches a premium price.

The practice of consuming dog meat started many years ago. Since dogs were easy to breed and had few other purposes for people at the time, using them for their meat was a convenient option. However, more Vietnamese are becoming increasingly opposed to consuming dog meat and killing dogs for consumption.

How Popular Is Dog Meat In Vietnam?

Dog meat used to be a popular delicacy in Vietnam. It was especially common to consume dog and cat meat during war and famine when there was little other food available. However, since this is no longer the case, dog meat consumption has started declining across Vietnam.

Consuming dog meat is more popular in Northern Vietnam than in the south. Some Vietnamese people still rely on dog meat as a protein source. But many Vietnamese also oppose the consumption of dog meat. They feel the practice is cruel and unnecessary, as they have also started seeing dogs as pets and companions.

What Is Dog Meat Called In Vietnamese?

Dog meat is commonly known as “Thit Cho” in Vietnam. If you ever see a restaurant with these words in the name, it is likely a restaurant specializing in dog meat. There are still restaurants in Vietnam that serve dog meat as a delicacy, and these restaurants have many well-paying customers.

If you are opposed to eating dog meat, it’s better to avoid dishes with the words “Thit Cho” in them. Also, ask the server if there is dog meat in a dish. While the restaurant staff may not be opposed to eating dogs, they will likely give you an honest answer.

Then, you can choose another dish or restaurant if you feel the need. If you are also opposed to eating cat meat, avoid dishes and restaurants with the words “tieu ho,” which means cat meat.

Is It Legal To Eat Dog Meat In Vietnam?

At the moment, it is legal to eat dog meat in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government declared that they would ban the trade and consumption of dog meat by 2021, but this declaration has yet to be realized. Cat meat is also legal in Vietnam, despite being prohibited from 1998 to 2020.

Unfortunately, many people get rich in the dog meat industry. They are either involved in rearing, trading or slaughtering the dogs for meat consumption. Some government officials are also part of this industry and look the other way since it makes them money.

Trailer filled with live dogs destined for Vietnamese slaughterhouses. Dogs often stolen are still on the menu in north Vietnam
Yay Trailer filled with live dogs destined for Vietnamese slaughterhouses. Dogs often stolen are still on the menu in north Vietnam.

Vietnamese and foreign activists are working hard to ban the trading and use of dog meat in Vietnam. Because the industry is popular, some people have resorted to stealing dog pets and selling them on the black market. This is even more concerning, as people now risk having their pets stolen and killed for meat.

Since the dog meat trade has become a social problem, many citizens have become more involved in putting an end to it. Hopefully, this means that dog meat will become illegal in Vietnam soon.

Do People Have Pet Dogs In Vietnam?

One of the reasons the dog meat industry has come under more scrutiny recently is that more Vietnamese have adopted dogs as pets. Many Vietnamese choose dogs as loyal companions, meaning they have started to view killing dogs for their meat as brutal and unnecessary.

Dog in a cage in Vietnam. In Vietnam dogs are often used for consumption
Yay Dog in a cage in Vietnam. In Vietnam dogs are often used for consumption.

While some still rely on dog meat for survival, these people are the minority. Most people in cities consume dog meat because they consider it a delicacy or because they like the taste.

However, more and more people are considering dogs as pets instead of livestock, meaning that the dog meat industry is facing more backlash.

Why Do People Eat Dog Meat In Vietnam?

Dog meat used to be a common protein in most of Vietnam. Dogs were easy to care for and breed; they had multiple offspring at a time and had little use other than their meat value. Therefore, many people reared and ate dogs as part of their regular diet.

But as the agricultural sector changed and the importation of meat became more popular, the need to consume dog meat has declined. Most Vietnamese who eat dog meat today do so because they like the taste or because they consider it a delicacy.

Dog meat is a delicacy in Northern Vietnam, where many dishes are made using dog meat specifically. But the consumption of dog meat is declining the more people oppose it.

Are Dogs Stolen For Meat In Vietnam?

One of Vietnam’s biggest problems with the dog meat industry is that people have started stealing dogs to trade on the black market for their meat. Many dogs are stolen off the streets for sale on the black market.

However, the more pressing concern is that people have also started stealing pet dogs for the meat trade. Some dogs on the black market and at slaughterhouses are seen still wearing their collars.

The stealing of pets has also led to increased violence, as pet owners attack and assault those who try to steal their dogs. In addition, the stealing of pet dogs for the meat trade has caused the practice of eating dogs to become a greater social concern than before.

This is why so many Vietnamese have joined the fight to ban the practice entirely.

How Many Dogs Are Eaten In Vietnam?

While the consumption of dog meat in Vietnam has declined, there are still millions of dogs killed each year for their meat. In 2013, an estimated 3 million dogs were slaughtered for the meat market in Vietnam. Vietnam has the second-largest number of dog killings yearly, outnumbered only by China.

Many dogs used for meat in Vietnam are illegally imported from Thailand, where the trade of dogs for meat is completely prohibited. This means that dogs are stolen and reared in Thailand, then smuggled to Vietnam to be sold in the meat markets.

The more resistance there is to eating dogs, the fewer dogs will be killed for the market. However, at the moment, there are still millions of dogs dying each year to satisfy the demand for dog meat on the market. Aside from being killed, the dogs live in appalling conditions before being slaughtered.