Does Thailand Have Supermarkets?


Thailand is well-known as a travel destination, and thousands of tourists travel here every year, but many travelers find themselves concerned about buying food and other groceries in Thailand, as it has a reputation for food that some travelers find unconventional or unappealing. This leads many to wonder if Thailand has supermarkets to shop at.

Thailand does have supermarkets. There are several supermarket brands in Thailand, including some international brands such as Tesco, Makro, and Spar. Local supermarkets such as Tops and Big C are the most popular. These supermarkets carry local produce and items familiar to tourists.

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Does Thailand Have Supermarkets?

Thailand is a nation known for street food, traditional Thai food, and wonderful wet markets that sell fresh produce, but travelers who are more accustomed to shopping at grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets wonder if Thailand has any stores that they will be more familiar with.

Thailand does have supermarkets. Many major supermarket brands, such as Tesco and Makro, have established supermarkets in Thailand, and there are many local supermarket chains.

The local supermarket chains in Thailand have grown from simple corner stores or family-run grocery stores into large chains as this shopping model has become more popular in the country.

Large grocery stores, convenience stores, bulk retailers, and supermarkets are more common in Thailand now than ever before. Any traveler visiting the country can buy groceries and other items at these stores.

There are far more supermarkets in larger cities and towns in Thailand, as there are still many rural or less-built-up areas with no supermarkets.

If you are traveling to Thailand and want to use the convenience and familiarity that comes with supermarkets, be sure to visit some larger cities where these stores are prevalent.

What Supermarkets Are In Thailand?

Thailand has a rich and diverse food culture, and along with this comes a range of different ways to buy food and other groceries. The popularity of supermarkets in Thailand has changed how people approach buying food in this nation, making traveling to Thailand more comfortable for most tourists.

However, tourists wonder which supermarkets are available in Thailand, as they may be more familiar with some brands than others.

Many travelers are surprised to find several different supermarkets and supermarket chains in Thailand. Several international brands have established supermarkets here, and there are several local supermarket brands as well.

Some of the supermarket brands in Thailand include:

  • Tesco (Tesco Lotus) Supermarkets
  • Makro Supermarkets
  • Rimping Supermarkets
  • Tops Supermarkets
  • Big C Supermarkets
  • Maxvalu Supermarkets
  • Gourmet Market Supermarkets
  • Foodland Supermarkets
  • Spar Supermarkets

Several other brands have established supermarkets in Thailand, but many of them have closed down for various reasons.

Thailand features these supermarket chains, among others, but some are more prevalent in certain cities. Some cities, such as Bangkok, have more supermarkets, and some chains only have stores in major cities.

Along with supermarkets, Thailand also hosts a wide range of convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Jiffy, of which there are many thousands of branches all over the country.

7-eleven / Bangkok, Thailand
KthyPryn 7-eleven / Bangkok, Thailand

How Many Supermarkets Are There In Thailand?

Supermarkets are more common in Thailand than most visitors realize, but many wonder how many supermarkets there are in Thailand and how common they are throughout the nation.

There are currently more than 30 supermarket and convenience store brands operating in Thailand, some of which have thousands of different stores and some that only have a handful of stores.

There are far more supermarkets and other such stores in larger cities, but several supermarket chains have branched out into the less-populated areas of the nation as well.

If you want to be as close to supermarkets and convenience stores as possible while in Thailand, then the best option is to remain in the larger cities. Some major brands considered the best supermarkets are only available in the larger cities of Thailand.

If you visit the large cities, you will have no trouble finding and buying food and groceries from supermarkets, but if you spend time in more rural areas of the country, you will have to buy your items from smaller, local stores and markets, as supermarkets may not be available.

What Is The Cheapest Supermarket In Thailand?

If you visit Thailand and want to use supermarkets, some areas have more than one, which may lead you to seek the best-priced supermarket that still carries high-quality items and produce.

Several supermarkets fit this category in Thailand, but the best options here are usually local supermarket brands such as Big C and Tops.

Big C is well-known for its excellent range of items and very good quality, and Tops supermarkets are trusted internationally. These brands will both provide good food and groceries for affordable prices.

Outside of typical supermarkets, the best prices for basic groceries and other items is found at convenience stores. These stores are always significantly less expensive than supermarkets in Thailand.

What Is The Most Popular Supermarket In Thailand?

Thailand has dozens of supermarket chains and brands, but some are significantly more popular and widespread than others. Which supermarket is the most popular in Thailand?

The most popular supermarket chain in Thailand is also the largest. Tops supermarkets are the most popular of these stores in Thailand and have more than 140 stores throughout Thailand.

Tops supermarkets include Tops Daily, Tops Market, Tops Superkoom, and Tops Superstore outlets.

Tops Supermarket Thailand Tops Supermarket Thailand

This supermarket chain sells mostly Thai foods, big the bigger franchises are known for selling some Western standards as well. These stores are used by locals and tourists and are usually found in shopping centers or malls in Thailand.

Which Supermarket Do Locals Use In Thailand?

The supermarket brands used by the local people in any country are usually the best and the most affordable. Which supermarkets do Thai people use?

Thai people use almost all supermarkets if available, but many still prefer to use local wet markets, as they are the most affordable and stock the freshest produce.

However, there are some supermarket brands preferred by Thai people, including Rimping, Tops, Makro, Tesco, and Big C.

7-Eleven is also widely popular in Thailand, especially among local people. These convenience stores are very accessible, very affordable, and very widespread in Thailand.

However, as most people in any nation do, most Thai people use the supermarket that is closest to them, or they will find a supermarket that they can best afford to shop at.

Are The Supermarkets In Thailand Good?

Thai food can be challenging for visitors, and some travelers may be concerned that Thai supermarkets are no different. What do they sell at supermarkets in Thailand, and are they any good?

The reality is that supermarkets in Thailand are excellent. Most of them are known for their cleanliness, and they all have a very large range of products and produce to choose from.

Supermarkets in Thailand sell Thai things. They sell Thai food and items, but there are larger brands such as Tesco, Makro, Tops, and Big C that keep some Western items as well.

Thai supermarkets are generally very good, and they are all safe to shop at. Locals and tourists are welcome in these stores, and they try to cater or everyone.

Any visitor in Thailand will surely find what they are looking for in the supermarkets here. These stores sell everything you could need in your travels and are very convenient.

Food, electronic items, groceries, clothes, and almost anything else you can think of are available at these stores. Supermarkets in Thailand are very similar to the supermarkets that you may be used to in your own country but sell items that are relevant to Thailand.