How To Call Brazil From USA?

credit: Peter Parker

There could be several reasons someone would need to call Brazil from the USA: friends, family, or business. The process is straightforward, and there are multiple ways to go about it, too! However, those unfamiliar may incur high costs, so let’s cover everything necessary to call from the USA to Brazil.

Calling Brazil from the US requires callers to enter the US exit code (011), Brazil country code (55), area code, mobile indicator(9), and the recipient’s 8-digit number. Users can also use VoIP software like WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, and Discord, but the caller and recipient must both have them.

How Does Someone In The USA Call Someone In Brazil?

Making a call from the USA to Brazil requires someone to enter a series of numbers systematically. Inputting them incorrectly will prevent the call from occurring. Those numbers are:

  1. US exit code – The US exit code is 011. It’s important because it indicates to the system that the user intends to call an international location outside the US.
  • Country code – Brazil’s country code is 55. This is the same code someone enters when putting their international number on a document. For instance, the US is +1, the UK is +44, Japan is +81, and South Africa is +27.
  • Area code – The area code is a two-digit number unique to every city or area. For instance, the code for São Paulo is 11, Rio de Janeiro is 21, and Palmas is 63. Find all of Brazil’s area codes here.
  • Mobile indicator (optional) – If the caller wants to call a mobile phone in Brazil, they must enter 9. If they intend to phone a landline, then skip this step.
  • Enter the recipient’s number – The last step is to enter the number who will receive the call.

After following all the steps, the final number should look like something like this:

  • 011-55-11-9-123 456 78 (mobile)
  • 011-55-11-123 456 78 (landline)

How Can Someone Make Calls From US To Brazil Cheaper?

Making international calls over the Internet is exponentially more affordable than going through a local mobile service provider. Apps with VoIP features like Wifi, Discord, WhatsApp, Facetime, and Skype.


Wifii is a fantastic alternative for international calls because it eliminates data fees and does not consume talking minutes. People who don’t have Wifi access at home might consider going to a local restaurant, coffee house, or even a library for free Wifi.


Discord is a popular software that many online communities use to connect and hang out. It has text chat, voice chat, and video chat.

It’s possible to share files (Max 8 Mb) by dragging them into the call, making sharing photos, documents, or other essential things effortless.

Discord is free to use and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.


WhatsApp is a popular platform for exchanging texts, sharing photos, and video and voice calls. It’s also the most popular communication software in Brazil, with 93% of Brazilians chatting over WhatsApp daily.

Calling someone over WhatsApp is free as long as both people use it. Someone who uses WhatsApp to call a regular mobile or landline will still incur fees. Whoever plans to initiate the call should ask the receiver if they have WhatsApp and call them on WhatsApp.  

Users who make calls to Brazil over WhatsApp must remember to add the plus sign (+) before the country code.

WhatsApp does not incur data fees, nor does it consume talking minutes. Users only need internet access. WhatApp is free to download and available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and KaiOS.


Apple or iOS users will likely be familiar with Facetime. It’s a free VoIP software that comes with any Apple product. New users or those unfamiliar with the feature should look for an icon with a white video camera inside a green square.

Remember that Facetime is an Apply-only software, meaning it will only work if someone wants to call another Apple device. Users who wish to phone from iOS to Android might consider using WhatsApp, Skype, or Discord instead.


Skype is another great app for making calls to Brazil. It allows users to share important files, send text messages, and make video calls. Since Skype is the property of Microsoft, users can log in using their Microsoft details or choose to create a dedicated Skype account.

Skype is free to download and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox, and Alexa.

How Much Does It Cost To Call From The USA To Brazil?

People who have never made an international call will likely have the shock of their lives. A lengthy call to Brazil can quickly become unrealistic as the minutes and seconds tick away.

When it comes to the actual cost, it can vary substantially according to the time of day and the type of phone service. Users who call from a landline typically pay $0.20 and $0.40 per minute, while those calling from a mobile pay $0.40 and $0.60 per minute.

Surprisingly, some carriers may charge $0.01 per minute, with exorbitant carriers charging as much as $3.00 per minute! There can also be a setup fee of 5 C per call. For this reason, it’s paramount that users choose the right plan before they make any international calls.  

A host of websites online, like WhistleOut, do all the work and compare the major US plans for international calls. It’s certainly easier than going store-to-store or visiting each one online.

Of course, remember that people always have software like WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, and Discord available. Voice and video calls are free and available on most major platforms. The only catch with these programs is that both users must use them for the call to be free.


Users may have additional questions regarding calling Brazil. Here are a few common ones.

How Does Someone Call A 0800 Number From US To Brazil?

US residents who wish to call a toll-free number in Brazil need to:

  1. Enter the US exit code 011
  2. Input Brazil’s country code, 55
  3. Enter the toll-free number

Be warned that the toll-free feature only applies if the caller is on Brazilian soil. As such, the caller can incur heavy costs.

Can A US Traveler In Brazil Call The US With A US Phone?

US travelers who wish to call the US from Brazil using their Android or iPhone will find their phone service (like AT&T) does not work abroad.

Instead, they should use VoIP software like Google Voice to make calls.