Is It Safe For An American To Travel To Egypt?

credit: Peter Parker

Visiting Egypt is on the bucket list of any avid traveler, as this beautiful nation is home to incredible food, stunning sights and experiences, ancient culture, and wonderful people. However, Egypt is in a part of the world that can sometimes be dangerous, especially for Westerners. Is Egypt safe for American travelers?

It is safe for an American to travel to Egypt. Tourism is vital for the Egyptian economy, and tourists are welcomed there. So long as you use a good guide, stay in safe accommodation, and avoid the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt is very safe for tourists.

Is It Safe For An American To Travel To Egypt?

Egypt is a unique place for all travelers, but American tourists typically find a trip to Egypt more exhilarating than most, simply because the country and people are so different from what most Americans are accustomed to.

This stark difference in cultures and environment leads many American visitors to wonder if Egypt is a safe place to travel to or if they should choose another destination.

It is safe for American tourists to travel to Egypt, especially when traveling in a group, with a guide, and when visiting safe areas within the country.

Some areas within Egypt are unsafe for all tourists, such as the Sinai Peninsula, but most areas are safe for visitors. Tourism is a critical aspect of the Egyptian economy, which means that most locals welcome tourists, especially American tourists, and are very hospitable toward them.

Major cities and tourist locations are typically the safest areas for American tourists, but everyone who visits historical and cultural sites must always be aware of scammers and other charlatans who are always looking for tourists to take advantage of.

Some regions in Egypt are not safe for any travelers, and some areas are even considered active war zones, but the reality is that most American tourists are welcome almost everywhere in Egypt and can have a fantastic time so long as they stay alert and travel with a guide who knows what they are doing.

Is Egypt Friendly For American Tourists?

American travelers often consider Egypt high on their list of places to visit. Egypt is generally considered safe for American tourists, but are Egypt and the Egyptian people friendly toward American tourists?

Tourists from America are welcome in Egypt, and most Egyptians are friendly toward all tourists. Egyptian people are very conservative, but they are also friendly. This means that so long as their culture is not offended, they are very welcoming of tourists.

Egypt is generally friendly toward American tourists, especially in areas where tourism is common. There are conservative areas and rural areas that do not experience much tourism, and the people here may be less welcoming to outsiders, but all major cities and typical tourist locations are friendly to American tourists.

It is important for American tourists to remember that Egyptian people are reserved and conservative and that they take their culture and way of life very seriously. This means that tourists should try not to do anything overtly offensive. When they respect the local culture, tourists are welcomed by almost all locals.

Is It Safe For American Women To Travel To Egypt?

Egypt can be considered dangerous in certain places, and the culture in the country can leave women feeling unsafe at times. Is it safe for American women to travel to Egypt?

It is safe for American women to travel in Egypt, so long as they observe certain practices and travel safely. Women traveling in Egypt must understand the culture in Egypt and take steps to ensure that they do not unknowingly cause offense. This is the best way for female travelers to remain safe in Egypt.

Female tourists should keep a head covering or scarf with them to put on in the more conservative areas of the country, and they should never travel alone, especially at night. It is always best for American women to hire a female travel guide to help them navigate Egypt safely, and they should always stay in safe hotels and accommodations.

So long as these simple practices are observed, it is very safe for American women to travel to Egypt, and the experience can be highly enjoyable.

How Can American Tourists Stay Safe In Egypt?

Egypt is generally safe for American tourists, but there are always ways to ensure your safety when traveling in North African and Middle Eastern countries. Taking a few precautions to ensure that you are as safe as possible during your trip is the best way to ensure that nothing unsafe or unexpected occurs to allow you to get the most from your Egypt experience.

The first thing to do to ensure that your trip to Egypt is as safe as possible is to hire an English-speaking, highly experienced guide. Without a good guide to help you navigate the country well, Egypt can be very daunting and challenging.

Dressing conservatively is another good way to stay as safe as possible in Egypt. Both men and women should not wear anything that draws unnecessary attention to themselves and always keep the local culture in mind.

Another safe practice is to always stay in good hotels with good security at every entrance. Never travel alone, especially at night, and try to remain in well-lit areas if you do travel after dark. Try to avoid public transport during holidays, as they can be overcrowded and dangerous, and always keep a business card from your hotel with you in case you get lost.

By following these simple steps, any tourist can keep themselves safe when traveling in Egypt, regardless of where in the country they end up.  

Where Are The Safest Places In Egypt For American Tourists?

Almost all locations in Egypt are safe for American tourists to visit, but there are a few areas that stand out as the safest to explore.

Major cities are typically the safest for tourists, as there is plenty to do in the cities and much to explore, and the people here are usually accustomed to seeing tourists. There are several large tourist resorts in Egypt as well, and these are exceedingly safe for visitors.

Alexandria is a particularly safe and beautiful city to explore, especially along the northern coast of the city. This area is beautiful, and the locals are very forgiving of foreign cultures and customs, which makes this area very safe for American tourists.

Historical sites are also safe to visit, so long as you are aware of scammers and travel with a guide. These areas are worthwhile visiting, as Egypt has a very rich and ancient culture that no one should miss when visiting the nation.

Is It Safe For Americans To Visit The Pyramids In Egypt?

Anyone visiting Egypt should experience a trip to the pyramids and any other historical sites they can fit into the trip. These are some of the best experiences in Egypt, but are they safe for visitors?

It is safe for American tourists to visit the pyramids. This location is well protected and guarded, and the people expect tourists. However, there are many scammers and charlatans here that every tourist must be aware of.

Several individuals will try to scam tourists out of money, force them to pay them money, or intimidate them into giving them a “donation” while visiting these areas.

For this reason, having a good tour guide with you is always important during visits to the pyramids and other local historical sites in Egypt. A tour guide can keep the unsavory people away from you and help protect you from anything unsafe.

So long as you are with a group and traveling with a guide, the pyramids are an excellent experience for tourists.