Are There Fireflies In Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a popular country to visit in Asia, with thousands of people going there every year. There are hundreds of different species of animals and other wildlife in this country but are the humble yet fascinating fireflies one of them?

There are some locations in Vietnam where you can experience fireflies’ lovely and warm glow at night. In these locations, there are thousands of fireflies that come out at night and give off a romantic glow that can make you feel like you exist in your very own fairytale.

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Are There Fireflies That Live In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a stunning country to visit, as there are many different places you can see and activities you can be involved in while sightseeing in this beautiful country.

You can submerge yourself in the culture of Vietnam while on your vacation by going to all the local markets, talking to the people, and visiting culturally significant locations, of which there are many. There are also thousands of species of animals and other wildlife you can see in Vietnam.

Some people are amazed by the photos they see on the internet where thousands of fireflies giving off a romantic glow around a lake that was supposedly taken in Vietnam, but are these pictures true? Are there fireflies in Vietnam?

If these pictures of the fireflies in Vietnam are what made you want to visit Vietnam in the first place, you will be delighted to know that these pictures are true in some locations in the country. In some areas in Vietnam, you can experience this lovely soft, glowing light of fireflies.

What Is The Most Common Firefly In Vietnam?

So, fireflies are found in Vietnam, and you can recreate the pictures you have seen online with them and your family or friends, but what type of fireflies can you expect to see in Vietnam? In Asia, one specific genus of fireflies is the most common; this genus is Oculogryphus.

The Oculogryphus firefly genus contains four species, with the species type O. fulvus being found in Vietnam. These fireflies have filiform antennae and eight abdominal ventrites. The females can give off a blue-green glow from their entire bodies, giving the surrounding area a lovely delicate glow.

So, when you see fireflies glowing in Vietnam, you are only seeing the females of the species, but the males will also be flying around the females; you just won’t be able to see them easily.

Where Can You Go To See Fireflies In Vietnam?

Fireflies are delicate creatures that many can watch for hours as they give off their bio-luminescence to find and attract a mate. People have been amazed by fireflies for centuries, and they are a good reason to want to visit Vietnam, as Vietnam has many locations where you can observe them.

For many, watching the faint glow of fireflies flickering in the distance, with the quiet hum of crickets and other insects in the background, is the essence of tranquility. So, why wouldn’t you want to experience this at least once?

If this seems like something you would enjoy, you can visit multiple locations in Vietnam to experience this. Let’s go through the best locations in Vietnam to watch fireflies at night to ensure you have the best experience.

1. Bến Tre

Bến Tre is a quiet but lovely little village in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. This little village is known as the coconut capital of the country and is a place you must visit when you go to Vietnam, as it’s a true treasure.

This village has a local coconut candy factory and a Revolutionary Museum that attract thousands of visitors every year. One thing these tourists don’t seem to know about, though, is the beautiful glow of fireflies that sweeps through this village at night.

These fireflies illuminate the river’s shores and create a picturesque moment. You can charter a small boat and watch the sun go down, and the stunning glow of fireflies slowly emerge around the river. This is truly a sight to behold and should not be missed.

2. Cát Tiên National Park

Cát Tiên National Park is a lovely place to visit while in Vietnam. This is a tropical rainforest located in southern Vietnam, and it can take a few hours to travel there, depending on where you are staying in the country, but it’s well worth the trip.

This rainforest is home to thousands of wildlife species, birds, fauna, and flora that will take your breath away. Many people visit this National Park during the day, but it’s at night that the park comes alive.

At night, thousands of fireflies begin glowing, giving the forest a fairytale appearance. You will see them flickering between trees and bushes, lighting the forest with a faint but beautiful glow.

3. Mỹ Tho

Mỹ Tho is the capital city of Tein Giang province, Vietnam. There are plenty of open-air restaurants and colorful markets where you can spend your time. This city has a reasonably quiet nightlife compared to other cities in the country, making it perfect for those who want peace, quiet, and relaxation.

This is also a great location to see the fireflies at night. You can hire a local boat to take you on the river at sunset, where you will wait for the fireflies to begin their nightly routine. There are also guided tours that will include a nighttime boat ride in the river that you can consider should your budget be tight.

4. Sa Đéc

Sa Đéc is a lovely, calm, and quiet village on the Mekong River. This is a beautiful little town that has a stunning flower nursery, colonial-style buildings, and a pagoda in the middle of the town. This village has thousands of tourists visiting it every year as it’s the set location in a book called The Lover.

So, thousands of fans flock to this village to see the buildings mentioned in the book. However, this is also an excellent location to see fireflies at night. You can hire a local boat to take you out onto the river and experience the fireflies yourself.

5. Cúc Phương National Park

Another place you can experience a lovely view of fireflies in Vietnam is Cúc Phương National Park. This national park is in the Ninh Binh province of Vietnam, on the Red River Delta. This National Park is home to beautiful waterfalls, an endangered primate rescue center, thousand-year-old trees, and ancient monasteries.

This park is an excellent place for a day trip, but at night is when the fireflies come out and make the park even more exquisite. You can walk the trails at night among the faint glow of the fireflies, giving you a fairytale forest experience.

What Is The Cultural Significance Of Fireflies In Vietnam?

Fireflies have a bit of cultural significance to the Vietnamese people. Before modern science could explain the glow fireflies give off, the Vietnamese people gave this a supernatural explanation that tied into their beliefs.

The Vietnamese people once believed that the fireflies’ illuminating ability was because they were departed souls, specifically those who died due to famine or war. Now they remain on this earth to light the path for those left behind.

This is a beautiful and comforting belief, but not many Vietnamese people continue it today, with some not even knowing this part of their culture due to modern science and other people entering it.

Are Fireflies In Vietnam Endangered?

Sadly, Vietnam’s fireflies are endangered for many reasons, including light pollution from urban locations, which disrupts their breeding cycles and circadian rhythms, habitat destruction, and pesticides killing their larvae.

This biological damage is evident in Vietnam specifically, where the extinction process seems to be accelerating. In the 19th century, nearly 30 species of firefly were discovered by scientists in Vietnam, but when the firefly population statistics were published in 2021, the species count fell below 6.