Are There Lizards In Vietnam?

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Vietnam is a unique country home to thousands of different plant and animal species. There is almost no telling what the jungles of Vietnam hold, but many tourists who travel to Vietnam wonder what the wildlife is like there. Reptiles are usually abundant in tropical countries, which leads many to wonder if there are lizards in Vietnam, and if so, which species?

There are many species of lizards in Vietnam. The tropical climate in Vietnam is ideal for reptiles. More than a hundred species of lizards are present in Vietnam, including very small geckos and very large monitor lizards. The lizards in Vietnam are not considered dangerous to people.

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Are There Lizards In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a tropical southeast Asian country that boasts many habitats and ecosystems. This diverse landscape results in a diverse range of wildlife in the country, ranging from the smallest insects to the largest predators.

There are lizards in Vietnam. This region of Asia is home to thousands of species of reptiles, and Vietnam is home to more than a hundred species of lizards alone.

Lizards in Vietnam range from tiny geckos to exceedingly large crocodiles and are found in every region and area of the country.

These reptiles form a significant part of the ecosystem of Vietnam. Lizards keep the insect population of this tropical country under control, and without them. Vietnam would be intolerable. Lizards also provide food for many larger predators and balance the larger Vietnamese ecosystem.

Lizards also provide a valuable food source for the local people. Many lizard species are edible and hunted or bred in Vietnam specifically for human consumption or medicinal purposes.

Even crocodiles are farmed in Vietnam, as the blood of these large lizards contains many antimicrobial benefits.

What Lizards Are There In Vietnam?

Vietnam has ideal habitats for lizards. These reptiles enjoy hot, humid climates with plenty of smaller animals to each, and Vietnam meets all of these requirements.

For this reason, there are a great many different lizards that call Vietnam home. Hundreds of different lizard species are found in Vietnam, far too many to list here.

However, the list includes various species of geckos, skinks, agamas, monitors, legless lizards, flying lizards, iguanas, grass lizards, wall lizards, crocodiles, and many others.

Iguana in a tree at a zoo in Vietnam
Yay Iguana in a tree at a zoo in Vietnam

Some of the most common and regularly seen species of lizards found in Vietnam include the Tokay gecko, the house gecko, the crocodile lizard, the house lizard, monitor lizards, the blue crested lizard, the Cattien bent-toed lizard, the psychedelic rock gecko, and the marbled gecko.

Several other species of lizards are found everywhere in Vietnam, but many are particular to certain areas within the country that meet the specific needs of each species.

Only around 60 or so species of lizard are endemic to Vietnam, and many of these are hunted, eaten, or otherwise used by local Vietnamese people for various purposes.

How Common Are Lizards In Vietnam?

There are hundreds of different lizard species in Vietnam, as every area of this country is a perfect habitat for lizards of several varieties.

Lizards are exceedingly common in Vietnam. This is a country where lizards are provided with everything they need to grow, breed, and thrive. There is plenty of food, dwelling places, abundant water, heat, humidity, and sunlight for all lizard species.

Every city, rural area, and unpopulated area of Vietnam is an ideal location for lizards, which means that these reptiles are very common everywhere in Vietnam.

Example of a lizard in Vietnam
Yay Example of a lizard in Vietnam

Lizards are far more common in underpopulated or isolated areas, especially in jungles, than in the cities and heavily populated areas of Vietnam. However, they are still common in even the most densely populated areas.

Lizards are among the most common sights in Vietnam, regardless of where in the country you travel to.

How Many Lizards Are There In Vietnam?

There are hundreds of different lizard species in Vietnam, which are very common here, but is the exact number of lizards in Vietnam known?

Some lizards are more common in Vietnam than others, but it is impossible to determine the exact number of lizards in this country. Not every area of the country is populated, and there are several jungles where counting lizards is impossible.

Determining the number of lizards in Vietnam, regardless of the species, is impossible, as there are simply too many to find.

However, the number of some lizards is drastically higher than others, and some species have very dwindling numbers due to over-poaching.

Will Tourists See Lizards In Vietnam?

Lizards are widespread in Vietnam, and many reptiles like to occupy the same space as humans. Humans attract several insects, such as flies and cockroaches, that are very desirable for lizards, and so there are lizards found almost everywhere people are in Vietnam.

This means that tourists are highly likely to see lizards when they visit Vietnam, but the good news is that while lizards enjoy the spoils that come along with human habitation, they prefer not to come into contact with humans.

Lizards try to avoid people if possible and rarely come into close physical contact with humans.

If you visit Vietnam, you are sure to find some lizards in the streets and the various places you visit, but you are unlikely to find them in your kitchen or bedroom, especially if you stay in nicer accommodation.

Are Lizards Dangerous In Vietnam?

Lizards are everywhere in Vietnam, and many tourists wonder if lizards can be dangerous to people.

Most of the lizards you are likely to see on a typical trip to Vietnam are nothing to worry about and are completely harmless.

A few species of lizard in Vietnam can be dangerous, as some are poisonous, some have dangerous bites, and there are saltwater crocodiles present in some areas that are known to be very dangerous to people. Still, the danger from these lizards is exceedingly rare.

Very few people in Vietnam are ever harmed by lizards, and tourists should not be concerned about the lizards in this country.

Are Lizards A Problem In Vietnam?

Lizards are found everywhere you look in Vietnam, and several species are found here, but are lizards considered a problem in Vietnam?

The large numbers of lizards found in Vietnam are not considered a problem, as many of them are endemic to the nation and are part of the natural ecosystem.

The lizard population is not out of control, and it is not difficult to manage or live with.

These lizards are usually seen in a positive light, as they help to reduce the number of insects present in an area, including mosquitoes, which is a good thing for the local people.

Lizards are not a problem in Vietnam and are not usually a nuisance for locals or tourists.

Are Lizards Protected In Vietnam?

There are several species of lizards endemic to Vietnam, and many more that are part of the greater southeast Asian population of lizards, but are there any that are considered endangered or protected in Vietnam?

There are some endangered and protected species of lizard in Vietnam. Hunting, poaching, and habitat destruction have led to a decline in some species, and a few species of lizards have not been seen outside of captivity in many years.

However, most species of lizard in Vietnam are healthy and thrive in large numbers. Some are so abundant that they are used as a food source for locals who consider them a delicacy.