Are There Sharks In Thailand?

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Thailand is a beautiful place with plenty to do and see, but this country is particularly known for its beaches and the oceanic experiences that visitors can experience. This leads many potential visitors to Thailand to wonder if there are sharks in the waters around Thailand and how dangerous they can be.

There are sharks in Thailand. Around 64 species of sharks are native to this region, and several species of shark are commonly seen in the waters of Thailand. The sharks in Thailand pose very little threat to people and are not considered to be dangerous at all.

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Are There Sharks In Thailand?

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the wide world and is well known for its stunning tropical scenery and environments, but most people travel to this nation for the experiences that can be had in the waters of Thailand.

It is important for travelers seeking oceanic experiences in Thailand to understand that there are sharks in Thai waters. Thailand is home to multiple species of sharks, some are large and considered dangerous, and others are completely harmless.

Sharks are beautiful and majestic creatures, and the fact that they are present in the waters here is exciting for some traveling and terrifying for others.

There are sharks in Thailand, but these fish are not usually something that travelers should be concerned about.

What Species Of Sharks Are There In Thailand?

Thailand is home to dozens of different shark species, but some are far more commonly seen than others.

The most common species and types of sharks found in Thailand include:

  • White tip Reef Sharks
  • Black tip Reef Sharks
  • Gray Reef Sharks
  • Leopard Sharks
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Whale Sharks
  • Gray Bamboo Sharks
  • Nurse Sharks
  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • Bull Sharks
  • Guitar Sharks
A blacktip reefshark at Palong divesite Thailand
Yay A blacktip reefshark at Palong divesite, Thailand

Very few of these species pose a threat to humans, and many are very small are functionally harmless to people.

Sharks such as the Whale Shark are considered to be very desirable for divers, and encountering these species of shark in the wild is a very special experience.

Are Shark Attacks Common In Thailand?

There are several species of shark present in the eaters of Thailand, but there er very few species of shark in these waters that are dangerous for people.

Thailand has experienced some shark attacks, but these incidents are extremely rare and highly unlikely to occur.

Since 1900, there have only been a total of six shark attacks in Thailand. Five of these attacks were unprovoked, while one attack was provoked.

A total of five unprovoked shark attacks in the past 120 years is very low, especially considering that Thailand sees more than 10 million tourists every year, all of which visit the beaches of Thailand at some point.

These shark attacks usually involve Bull Sharks, which are among the rarest of all sharks in the region.

Where Are Sharks Found In Thailand?

There are multiple species of sharks found in the waters of Thailand and the surrounding islands. Those who want to avoid sharks may have a tough time doing so, as they are found in almost all the water around Thailand.

However, sharks rarely venture near swimming beaches and are not usually found where people are commonly in the water. The sharks in this area are usually further away from the mainland and are mainly seen by those who participate in fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Cape Shark in Ko Tao island Thailand
Yay Cape Shark in Koh Tao island, Thailand – One of the regions where it’s very likely to see sharks such as the Black tip reef shark.

This means that you are unlikely to see a shark in Thailand unless you go looking for one or if you are out in the deeper ocean for recreational purposes.

Sharks are found along all coastal regions of Thailand, as well as the surrounding islands in the area.

Are Sharks A Problem In Thailand?

While there are several species of shark found in coastal regions in and around Thailand, very few of the sharks in the area, pose a threat to people.

There are some large species of sharks in the water of this area that have been known to bite or attack people, such as Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks, but the truth is that these sharks are the rarest of all in the region.

All other species of shark in Thailand are either too small, docile, or skittish to be dangerous to people, and most sharks are not found in close proximity to people.

This means that sharks are not a problem in Thailand, and they should not be a reason to feel nervous entering the water in this region.

Are Sharks Culturally Significant In Thailand?

Sharks are not considered to be culturally significant in Thailand, and there are no cultural references to sharks in Thailand other than the fact that sharks are traditionally hunted for food by some Thai people.

Shark fins sold as seafood in Bangkok Thailand
Yay Shark fins sold as seafood in Bangkok, Thailand

Shark meat is good for eating and is considered a delicacy in many places. Sharks have been hunted and eaten by native Thai people. However, this practice has been largely quelled in recent history due to some species of shark becoming endangered and protected in Thailand and the taboo practice of hunting sharks for the black market trade.

Can Tourists See Sharks In Thailand?

Many people travel to Thailand to experience the ocean and aquatic life in the area. The beaches and waters of Thailand are world-renowned for their beauty and abundant life.

Many people who are interested in these aspects of Thailand may wonder if they can see sharks for themselves in these waters.

Tourists can see sharks in Thailand, as there are several snorkeling, boating, and scuba diving tours that are available for tourists to engage in.

These tours provide wonderful marine life sightings, including several sharks and many other aquatic creatures.

Thailand is an excellent place to visit and travel if you are interested in seeing sharks in their natural habitats, and it is a safe place to do so.

Are Sharks Protected In Thailand?

There are some species of shark in Thailand that have become endangered and protected, along with several species of rays and other aquatic animals.

Some species of hammerhead sharks are protected in Thailand, as there are shark species in these waters that are vulnerable, threatened, and altogether endangered.

There are a total of 64 species of sharks regularly seen in Thailand waters, and of those 64 species, there are 17 vulnerable species, 24 threatened species, and two endangered species.

The two species of endangered sharks in Thailand are the Scalloped Hammerhead and Great Hammerhead sharks.