Can You Bring A Basketball On A Plane? (through TSA)

credit: yay

If you are a keen basketball player and like to take your own ball on trips, you might wonder if airlines allow you to fly with it. It is a bulky item and can be inconvenient, so can you bring a basketball on a plane?

The TSA permits passengers to carry basketballs and other sports equipment on a plane in checked luggage and carry-on bags. It must fit the hand luggage dimensions for the overhead cabin or under the seat. Deflate the basketball if necessary and expect possible secondary screening at checkpoints.

Can You Pack A Basketball On A Plane In Checked Luggage?

The TSA allows passengers to carry sports equipment like basketballs on a plane in checked luggage. You are not limited to only one ball; you can pack two or three if needed. The size of the ball is not an issue if it fits into your suitcase appropriately.

If your checked bag cannot close because your basketball is too big, you can slightly or fully deflate the ball and then pack it. That would save you space and ensure your ball doesn’t pop with airport baggage staff’s rough handling of checked bags.

Can You Take A Basketball In Your Hand Luggage?

A basketball is permitted in hand luggage, and if you have more than one ball that fits into your carry-on bag, you can take it all. A basketball does not need to be deflated unless it is too big for your carry-on suitcase.

Using a duffel bag as hand luggage instead of a suitcase-type bag is an excellent option for carrying large items like basketballs. Mini basketballs are also allowed in checked and hand baggage.

Always ensure that the bag you put your basketball in fits the dimensions of the overhead cabin and does not exceed the weight allowance for carry-on luggage.

Does A Basketball Need To Be Packed In Your Bag?

A basketball does not have to be packed into a bag unless you already have hand luggage. Passengers are typically allowed one personal item like a purse, laptop bag, hat, etc. It would make sense to carry a basketball in addition to hand luggage as a personal item.

The security agents might have a problem with that, and the final decision is always up to them. If they disagree with you having your basketball in addition to hand luggage, they will confiscate it or make you pay an additional fee.

The best option is to place your basketball inside your carry-on bag and keep it safe. You may have to remove it for secondary screening at security checkpoints, but it shouldn’t cause any issues unless you have suspicious items hidden inside the ball.

Will A Basketball Pop On A Plane?

The biggest question many people carrying basketballs on a plane have is, will the ball pop on the plane? Due to the altitude pressure, there is always a possibility that your basketball can pop in flight.

However, it is unlikely because basketballs can take a lot of air pressure inside before they burst. If you don’t want to risk your ball bursting on the flight, slightly or fully deflate it before you pack it for your flight.

Can You Take A Ball Pump On A Plane?

Passengers who take basketballs on a plane also wonder if ball pumps are allowed, especially if you deflate the ball to pack it. Ball pumps are permitted in checked and hand luggage but may require secondary screening at checkpoints.

The ball pump needle is not considered a dangerous item, but you can detach it and pack it separately, so you don’t have a long item that looks like a baton during screening with a sharp or pointy edge that may call for concern.