Can You Bring A Curling Iron On A Plane? (through TSA)

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If you love to curl and style your hair, you will most likely want to take your curling iron on your flight. It is confusing to know whether electronic hairstyling tools are allowed and whether you should pack them in your checked or hand luggage. Find out if you can bring a curling iron on a plane.

Curling irons are allowed on planes in checked baggage and hand luggage if they have a cord. Cordless curling irons (butane-powered) are permitted in carry-on bags only and prohibited in checked luggage. All valuable electronic hair tools are best packed in carry-ons in case of damaged, stolen or lost baggage situations.

Can You Carry A Curling Iron In Checked Luggage?

The TSA allows electronics such as curling irons on the plane. For many people, a curling iron is a necessity on travels, especially if they have events, specifically preferred hairstyles, or need their hair curled for travel photos.

woman using a curling iron
Yay Woman using a curling iron

Some people want to carry curling irons from specific places as gifts for family and friends. If you want to pack your curling iron for your next flight, you will be permitted to take it in your checked luggage.

Take note that airport staff often mishandle your checked baggage during the journey when loading and offloading the bags onto the plane. Your curling iron can get damaged in the process; therefore, it is recommended to pack it in your carry-on bag.

Can You Pack A Curling Iron In Hand Luggage?

Figuring out what is and is not allowed in your carry-on can be the trickiest part because you must go through airport security checkpoints where your bags are scanned, and items that do not qualify can be confiscated.

Woman hand holds iron curler
Yay Curling Iron

You don’t have to worry about your curling iron in hand luggage because the TSA permits it. A curling iron is allowed on board in your carry-on bag if it has a cord. You could be asked to remove it from your bag to screen separately, but that is rare.

Can You Bring A Cordless Curling Iron On The Plane?

The TSA does not allow cordless curling irons that are butane-powered or have a gas cartridge on the plane in checked luggage. The irons are made to be powered by butane which is a flammable gas and highly dangerous.

Even though the curling iron will be off in the plane, the TSA still prohibits carrying butane-powered curling irons because they are risky. The tool can get turned on by accident during impact on the bags or for any other reason.

The TSA allows a cordless curling iron that is butane-powered or has a gas cartridge in hand luggage, but no gas refills and spare cartridges are permitted in carry-ons or checked baggage.

There is contradictory information surrounding butane curling irons, and some online articles will tell you that gas-powered curling iron is not allowed in planes. According to the TSA website, they are allowed in carry-on bags without spare cartridges.

Is A Hair Curling Wand Allowed On A Plane?

If you prefer using a curling wand instead of a curling iron because you want natural, beachy waves instead of ringlets, you will wonder if the wand is allowed. The TSA allows curling wands on planes in checked baggage and hand luggage.

The curling wand follows the same rules as a curling iron. It must be a corded hair tool if you want to pack it in your checked bags. Cordless hair curling wands are not allowed.

For hand luggage, cord and cordless hair wands are permitted, but gas refills are not allowed for cordless wands in checked or hand luggage.

Can You Carry A Hair Straightener On A Plane?

Many people prefer to use hair straighteners instead of curling wands. A hair straightener is an excellent option for traveling, especially if you want to alternate between curly and straight hairstyles.

A hair straightener offers you the option of both styles because you can achieve curly hair using a specific method with a flat iron. The TSA permits flat hair irons with cords in checked and hand luggage.

Cordless hair straighteners containing lithium metal or ion batteries are not allowed in checked bags. Cordless butane and gas-powered flat irons are also not allowed in checked baggage. They are allowed in carry-ons, but gas refills are prohibited in any luggage.

How To Pack A Curling Iron On A Plane?

If you carry your curling iron or hair straightener on a plane for your travels, you must pack it appropriately to prevent activation of the tool, especially if it is cordless. Below are aspects passengers should take into consideration:

  • Get a safety cover for your hair tool. The heating elements should have a safety cover that fits securely and will not come off quickly with little movement.
  • For corded curling irons and hair straighteners, ensure to fold the cord to secure it, so it does not get stuck or caught between the other items in your luggage.
  • Get a heat-resistant case or pouch for your hair tools, and ensure it fits well. Wires should not be sticking out of the case.
  • Always ensure your cordless hair tools are switched off properly before packing them.
  • Never pack your curling irons or hair straighteners into your luggage if it is still hot or even warm. Ensure that it is cooled off properly first.
  • Secure your corded hair tool in your checked luggage exceptionally carefully. Try to get a hard-shell pouch for your curling iron to prevent any damage from impact.
  • If you cannot get a hard-shell pouch, wrap your corded hair iron between soft items and secure it tightly between your luggage items so it does not slip or move around in the bag.
  • Ensure the clasp of your curling iron does not have a restriction. It should be flat and closed.
  • If you carry a flat iron to curl your hair, ensure the clasp is fully open or secured well if it is closed to prevent it from knocking or suddenly opening through the impact of the bags. That can cause your flat iron to get damaged.