Can You Bring A Dab Pen On A Plane? (through TSA)

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You’ve packed your bags, and everything you need for your trip is ready to go. It’s time to load up on drinks and snacks, and you forgot one crucial thing: your dab pen! The Cannabis industry is full of luxury smoking equipment, including THC dab pens. Can you bring a dab pen with you on a plane?

According to the TSA, electronic smoking devices, including vaping devices, dab pens, and electronic cigarettes, are allowed in your carry-on bags. You need to take measures to prevent the activation of the heating element when transporting. Since dab pens are small devices with small batteries, they are acceptable to place in your carry-on.

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Is A Dab Pen Allowed On A Plane?

Whether you are allowed to bring your dab pen on a plane will largely depend on what the dab pen contains.

Airports fall under federal jurisdiction, and the whole point of dab pens is to release vaporized marijuana, which is still seen as highly illegal on a federal level.

So, this means that it is illegal to take your dab pen on a plane if it contains an illegal substance, even if marijuana is legal in the state you are flying to or from.

Can You Take A Dab Pen In Your Carry On?

The TSA states that you can take a dab pen in your carry-on, even though you must ensure the heating element will not be activated.

Moreover, each lithium-ion battery should not exceed a Watt-hour rating above 100Wh. And lithium metal batteries should not exceed a lithium content of 2 grams.

Can You Take A Dab Pen In Your Checked Luggage?

All electronic devices, including dab pens, are not allowed to be packed into your checked bags. This is mainly because they can become a fire hazard, placing the cabin crew and the passengers’ safety in danger during the flight.

If you’re looking for helpful tips for packing your dab pen safely, the FAA can provide you with excellent safety tips.

Can You Take An Empty Dab Pen On A Plane?

If the dab pen you want to take on a plane is empty, you need to check the regulations, as the regulations will differ if you want to take your dab pen in your carry-on.

Usually, you may never pack your empty dab pen in your checked luggage and only in your carry-on.

Can You Fly With A Dab Pen With A Medical Marijuana Card?

It makes no difference whether you have a medical marijuana card or not.

Because airplanes and airports are under federal jurisdictions, there will be no exemptions for marijuana in a dab pen grown outside of the state where the exemption is issued.

However, the only exception is marijuana that is FDA-approved, such as Epidiolex, which is legal to take on a plane in a dab pen.

What Will Happen If The TSA Finds Marijuana In A Dab Pen?

It may be a surprise that TSA officers are never actively looking for marijuana. They are faced with more severe threats and will focus on ensuring the safety of the cabin crew and the passengers.

The TSA states on their website: “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, and if an illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

This means that even if the TSA agents are not looking for marijuana on passengers, they have the right and duty to report the matter to law enforcement if any is found inside the dab pen.

What Are Some Tips For Flying With A Dab Pen?

Flying with dab pens (dry herb vaporizers) is acceptable as long as they do not contain cannabis residue. Before you pack yours in your carry-on, make use of the following tips:

  • Clean your dab pen and test if there is any residue. Check the outer surface, the mouthpiece, air path, and herb chamber.
  • If you travel with spare batteries, they should never be loose, and keep them in plastic battery cases to avoid accidents.
  • If your dab pen uses external batteries, take a battery charger with you.
  • If you’re flying a short distance, consider traveling with a simple device, such as a disposable dab pen.

How Can You Pack Your Dab Pen Before Boarding A Plane?

Taking your dab pen device in your carry-on luggage is always a better option. Although there could be differences in TSA rules when it comes to different airlines, especially in the U.S, it would be best to check your airline’s specific rules before flying.

If you are flying internationally, it would be best to check the local vaping laws before your departure. Some counties have placed a ban on all vaping devices altogether.

Knowing how to pack your dab pen correctly before boarding a plane will make sure the process goes quickly and as smoothly as possible:

  • Remove any labels or packaging clearly stating that the dab pen is a cannabis or THC product. You can place your dab pen in a sealable plastic container or zip-lock bag.
  • Pack spare batteries in a secured bag, such as a zip-lock bag.
  • Always separate the battery from the cartridge to avoid accidental activation.

Will Your Dab Pen Set Off A Metal Detector?

If your dab pen contains metal, it will likely set off the airport’s metal detector if you leave it in your pocket and go through security.

As long as you have your vaping equipment, including your dab pen, inside your carry-on luggage and you know you have left the THC at home, you should have no worries when going through any security checkpoints at the airport.

However, you should be aware that you may need to give a detailed description of your dab pen. Most people, especially the TSA agents, have come across vapes and vaping equipment countless times. as long as your dab pen is pretty standard, you should have no problems.

However, you should always be prepared to give a good answer to any questions they might ask. You should also have a way to prove that your dab pen is what you say it is.

Think about how your equipment looks to your everyday TSA agent, and try to be as calm as possible when answering questions.